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Weekly cable television network and program ratingsWeekly cable television network and program ratings

In the United States, cable television ratings is a national audience measurement system that projects the size and popularity of cable television programming. This activity is carried out by a company called Nielsen Media Research hence commonly known as Nielsen ratings.

Nielsen creates a random but representative sample audience of about 25,000 households across America to track what programs are being watched and by whom. By means of a meter attached to each television set of the participants, the media firm is able to get records of which channel is being watched at all times of the day, as individual buttons additionally record which person in a particular home is watching a given program, ensuring demographic tracking. The collected data is sent to the Nielsen computer center for crunching and analysis after which the final rating results are made available to the cable networks, advertisers, and the media.

Networks: Top 20

Sep 12, 2021
1Fox News Channel1,378,00011
4Home & Garden Television1600,000
6Hallmark Channel1473,0006
7INSP TV1457,0001
8Investigation Discovery446,0001
9Food Network430,0001
10History Channel3419,00018
11USA Network1385,0001
12Turner Network Television3381,00011
13TV Land2342,0005
15Lifetime Television1331,0006
17Game Show Network325,0004
18TBS Network2317,0006
19Hallmark Movies & Mysteries5309,0008
20Discovery Channel2283,0008

Programs: Top 20

August 2021
1Tucker Carlson Tonight3,302,0009
2The Five13,106,00023
4The Ingraham Angle12,394,00016
5Special Report with Bret Baier12,186,00022
6The Rachel Maddow Show22,063,00010
7Fox News Primetime1,957,00017
8Your World with Neil Cavuto121,696,00047
11The Story with Martha MacCallum81,632,00040
12America Reports41,587,00031
13The Faulkner Focus11,559,00022
14America's Newsroom21,538,00015
15The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell61,370,0009
16Deadline: White House31,258,0003
17The Beat with Ari Melber21,251,000
18All In with Chris Hayes71,220,00011
19Fox & Friends21,215,0008
20The ReidOut with Joy Reid21,106,0006

All ratings data are live + same-day as provided by The Nielsen Company.

Comments (63)

  1. Marilyn ChernackMarilyn Chernack
    Jun 25, 2021 15:48 GMT

    I'm Canadian and our news programs on CBC, CTV and Global are just as rotten as American news shows like MSNBC and CNN.

    I will only watch FOX NEWS CHANNEL. I have given up on leftist Canada.

    1. EllisEllis
      Sep 5, 2021 19:32 GMT

      Can you get OAN ot Newsmax? Fox is steadily moving to the left and we are getting fed up with them. If it wasn't for Tucker, Jesse, Gutfeld and a few others, I would never watch them.

  2. Not SureNot Sure
    Aug 22, 2021 20:30 GMT

    Before today I was worried that someone other than President Biden was running the country now after what he did in Afghanistan I’m really worried he really is running the country

    1. 3dye3dye
      Aug 24, 2021 18:03 GMT

      wdym, the cable news channels that can't even reach 1 million viewers insisted that "president" got 80 million votes! there's two types of people in the US: the cringe fringe blueanon dorks that somehow still believe corporate media while simultaneously pretending to hate "the rich", and everyone else.

  3. PetePete
    May 1, 2021 00:50 GMT

    HAY!!!!!!anybody out there think that if Joe Biden instead of Trump was president when the coronavirus hit us we would have a vaccine in nine months

    Thank God we had a businessman at the time ,,,you know a guy who actually ran something ,not a politician who never signed the front of a check

    1. KimKim
      May 1, 2021 03:20 GMT

      Bring Trump back! Dictator Biden is showing his colors. He’s doing what he said he’d do and it’s not for Americans!

  4. badMotherDongerbadMotherDonger
    Dec 19, 2020 17:58 GMT

    I hope they all go down in flames for what they did to the American people.

    1. WPWP
      Dec 21, 2020 07:04 GMT

      I second this motion


  5. JohnnyJohnny
    Nov 6, 2020 02:10 GMT

    How many people watched Election night on Newsmax ?

    1. Wanda WallaceWanda Wallace
      Mar 30, 2021 15:51 GMT

      I did! So disappointed in Fox.

  6. Larry mcduffieLarry mcduffie
    Aug 16, 2021 11:58 GMT

    Cancel,you,commies I will never believe your numbers.

  7. Gary RhodesGary Rhodes
    Aug 13, 2021 00:58 GMT

    The powers that be want us divided and fighting each other, rather than seeing the real villains. Divide and conquer has been a strategy well used over time. Divided by race, sex, income, nationality, race, religion, political party or anything else we can fight each other about.
    All mainstream media are controlled by the same forces.
    Fox is full time "Democrats bad, Republicans good".
    The others are "Republicans bad, Democrats good".
    Give up on the propaganda and get your news from sites you feel good about.
    Try the X22 report for a daily news update and see how that feels to you.

  8. Jay TeeJay Tee
    Mar 23, 2020 00:04 GMT

    Do you have ratings numbers on impact wrestling on axs tv tuesdays at 7pm central time?

    1. EmilyEmily
      Sep 22, 2020 02:22 GMT

      Ask Mitch Salem on

  9. America in flamesAmerica in flames
    Jul 28, 2021 17:28 GMT

    You right wingers are exactly what’s wrong with this country. Fed a steady diet of lies has rotted your brains. You tried to steal an election and got k Ickes, try again and watch what happens, we will not stand for your BS. Fox and the right wing news outlets don’t even report news it entertainment. Sad sad sad how f*cking stupid gop voters are.

    1. MAGA MikeMAGA Mike
      Aug 15, 2021 23:57 GMT

      Yep….we watched Biden destroy the best economy, lie to the American people, unilaterally break laws and treat the Constitution like a piece of USED TOILET PAPER. All within 8 months he’s destroyed our Country. How are your gas prices dumbass? We went from energy independent to whores all in 8 months. We went from a secure southern border to a disaster all in 8 months.

      What you have sir is a serious case of Bolitus disease- that's when the nerve in your eyeball gets crossed up with the one in your asshole and wind up with really shitty outlook on life.

      Do us a favor….move to Russia or China. 🖕

  10. Eric FischerEric Fischer
    Mar 24, 2021 17:19 GMT

    What's the demo these numbers represent...HH? A18+? P2+?

    1. EmilyEmily
      Mar 24, 2021 18:22 GMT

      The demo is P2+

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