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Weekly cable television network and program ratingsWeekly cable television network and program ratings

In the United States, cable television ratings is a national audience measurement system that projects the size and popularity of cable television programming. This activity is carried out by a company called Nielsen Media Research hence commonly known as Nielsen ratings.

Nielsen creates a random but representative sample audience of about 25,000 households across America to track what programs are being watched and by whom. By means of a meter attached to each television set of the participants, the media firm is able to get records of which channel is being watched at all times of the day, as individual buttons additionally record which person in a particular home is watching a given program, ensuring demographic tracking. The collected data is sent to the Nielsen computer center for crunching and analysis after which the final rating results are made available to the cable networks, advertisers, and the media.

Networks: Top 20

Apr 11, 2021
1Fox News Channel1,195,000
4Home & Garden Television649,000
6Investigation Discovery1474,0004
6Hallmark Channel2474,0002
8Food Network1456,0004
9History Channel1429,0008
10INSP TV3405,0001
11TBS Network5402,00030
12TV Land2384,0003
13Turner Network Television3378,0002
13Lifetime Television1378,0007
15USA Network4373,00011
17Hallmark Movies & Mysteries1339,0009
18A&E Network1329,0002
19Discovery Channel1315,00010
20Game Show Network1304,0001

Programs: Top 20

March 2021
1Tucker Carlson Tonight13,225,0005
2The Rachel Maddow Show12,945,00017
4The Five2,778,0002
5The Ingraham Angle32,238,0002
6The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell12,019,00021
7Special Report with Bret Baier52,006,0002
8All In with Chris Hayes21,851,00019
9Fox News Primetime71,779,000
10Deadline: White House31,668,00027
11The 11th Hour with Brian Williams1,624,00021
12The ReidOut with Joy Reid31,622,00022
13The Beat with Ari Melber31,582,00023
15America's Newsroom51,372,0003
16Fox News @ Night191,320,0008
17The Faulkner Focus51,312,0005
18Your World with Neil Cavuto141,304,0003
19America Reports91,276,0003
20The Lead with Jake Tapper21,193,00024

All ratings data are live + same-day as provided by The Nielsen Company.

Comments (62)

  1. KendallKendall
    Mar 11, 2021 17:10 GMT

    I've quit watching any of the networks for news except for the local news. I got tired of the lies.
    When every news outlet says "baseless" claims of election fraud just days after the election, I knew they had been given a script to follow.
    I canceled my cable tv and I don't miss it. Doubt if I ever go back.

    1. JMRJMR
      Mar 18, 2021 18:50 GMT

      You're right. They SHOULD have said "ABSOLUTELY baseless claims" of election fraud. Cable news has ZERO responsibility to air partisan, unfounded, evidence-free, conspiracy theories because Trump cult members who were/are upset that he got his @ss handed to him in the election are upset and want to rig a do-over election. ZERO.

  2. SteveSteve
    Feb 27, 2021 19:54 GMT

    Nice to see the NBA and NFL channels crashing....
    This anti American prevailing attitudes from both of these " American Pastimes"
    Along with the constant social justice message from the leagues have ruined the circus.
    No thanks from a die hard fan of almost 60 viewing years.

    1. Sad observerSad observer
      Mar 29, 2021 16:15 GMT

      A little Sarcasm;

      The false virtue signaling coming
      from the billionaire de facto Plantation Crackers running the NBA and NFL has gone way over the top. They are desperate to placate racist , narcissist , morons like LeBron James and his ilk . People whose self self righteous victimhood narratives are only rivaled by their almost none existent self awareness.

      The Crackers have SARCASTICALLY turned the games into a thinly veiled satirical circus of false virtue signaling. Former fans see through this and the drop in viewership shows just what a turnoff this all is .

      Token “give back” programs touted
      by the players and the crackers are so small as to be meaningless . These are seen as the public relations jokes that they are. Players earn tens of millions while owners and media exploit hundreds of millions. In relation to these revenues, the window dressing , PR programs amount to a drop in the bucket.

      While those give back PR commercials are running , everyone else is counting their money.

  3. MaryMary
    Jan 26, 2021 17:25 GMT

    I was so happy to see that Morning Joe with that hate filled Mika Brezinski and her possible murdering husband is almost dead last in the ratings. Good job Mika & Joe great hating.

    1. joejoe
      Feb 24, 2021 12:30 GMT

      what is hateful is your post. shameful

  4. GeneGene
    Apr 19, 2021 20:36 GMT

    Newsmax is 52 on the list. Their shows are on the top 50 programs list though.
    Stitchfield, Greg Kelly and others.
    Chris Wallace is one of the biggest POS on TV

  5. NathanNathan
    Feb 13, 2021 13:20 GMT

    Where is Chris Wallace on this list and when will Fox fire him? He is definitely poison to their ratings.

    1. JMRJMR
      Mar 18, 2021 18:58 GMT

      Why? Because he doesn't sell right-wing lies and propaganda freely enough? He sure didn't stop Trump in the first presidential debate last year. He just gave Trump ALL the rope. And by god, Trump hanged himself. Trump did not recover in the campaign after that.

  6. CraigCraig
    Mar 24, 2021 21:32 GMT

    There is little to no truth in cable network news anymore, nor has there, been in many years. People are switching to alternative methods of news where they can make comparisons and decisions on which are reliable or not. But even in the alternative news world deep staters are injecting lies and misinformation. It takes a lot of work to be informed these days.

    1. JMRJMR
      Mar 29, 2021 13:06 GMT

      Are you a right-wing, Trump cult lunatic?

  7. SisterSister
    Feb 12, 2021 04:17 GMT

    Why isn't one american news in your ratings? I heard their number one in ratings now. I feel they are more transparent than the other news stations. They love America. And they realize that if everybody wants to come here the way it's been run has got some good things going for it.

    1. Wilma TackettWilma Tackett
      Feb 14, 2021 20:18 GMT

      Since when are ratings reliable? OAN is by far the fastest growing news station and should have been recognized. Newsmax is also gaining popularity.

  8. WPWP
    Dec 21, 2020 07:10 GMT

    After Fox called Arizona and continuously brought on air that #NeverTrumper from their "decision desk" to justify it, I was fuming!
    3 days later I was a full time daytime Newsmax viewer
    P.S. For those of you wondering why this is happening search "Paul Ryan Fox News"

    1. Diane BonnerDiane Bonner
      Feb 11, 2021 23:41 GMT

      Right there with you. I’m waiting for Cavuto to crash. I’d love to see him gone.

  9. badMotherDongerbadMotherDonger
    Dec 19, 2020 17:58 GMT

    I hope they all go down in flames for what they did to the American people.

    1. WPWP
      Dec 21, 2020 07:04 GMT

      I second this motion


  10. JohnnyJohnny
    Nov 6, 2020 02:10 GMT

    How many people watched Election night on Newsmax ?

    1. Wanda WallaceWanda Wallace
      Mar 30, 2021 15:51 GMT

      I did! So disappointed in Fox.

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