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Weekly cable television network and program ratingsWeekly cable television network and program ratings

In the United States, cable television ratings is a national audience measurement system that projects the size and popularity of cable television programming. This activity is carried out by a company called Nielsen Media Research hence commonly known as Nielsen ratings.

Nielsen creates a random but representative sample audience of about 25,000 households across America to track what programs are being watched and by whom. By means of a meter attached to each television set of the participants, the media firm is able to get records of which channel is being watched at all times of the day, as individual buttons additionally record which person in a particular home is watching a given program, ensuring demographic tracking. The collected data is sent to the Nielsen computer center for crunching and analysis after which the final rating results are made available to the cable networks, advertisers, and the media.

Networks: Top 20

Nov 21, 2021
1Fox News Channel1,784,00019
2Hallmark Channel1862,0007
6Home & Garden Television1520,0001
7Food Network1451,0002
8INSP TV1446,000
9Hallmark Movies & Mysteries1423,0005
10Investigation Discovery1418,0002
11TV Land398,0002
12TBS Network380,0005
13Turner Network Television3373,00010
14History Channel3367,00011
15Paramount Network1353,000
16USA Network3338,0005
18Lifetime Television3304,00013
20A&E Network295,0003

Programs: Top 20

November 2021
1Tucker Carlson Tonight13,667,00019
2The Five13,512,00013
4Special Report with Bret Baier2,768,00020
5The Ingraham Angle2,657,00021
6Fox News Primetime12,401,00015
9The Rachel Maddow Show31,981,0005
10America's Newsroom1,885,00011
11America Reports11,875,00018
12The Story with Martha MacCallum11,870,00019
13The Faulkner Focus21,864,00010
14Your World with Neil Cavuto1,847,00018
15Fox & Friends31,441,00015
16The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell11,308,0001
17Deadline: White House1,269,000
18All In with Chris Hayes21,215,0004
19The Beat with Ari Melber1,208,0003
20Fox News @ Night11,193,00020

All ratings data are live + same-day as provided by The Nielsen Company.

Comments (91)

  1. Lesco BrandonLesco Brandon
    Oct 20, 2021 02:16 GMT


    1. Billy bobBilly bob
      Oct 22, 2021 15:35 GMT


  2. Marilyn ChernackMarilyn Chernack
    Jun 25, 2021 15:48 GMT

    I'm Canadian and our news programs on CBC, CTV and Global are just as rotten as American news shows like MSNBC and CNN.

    I will only watch FOX NEWS CHANNEL. I have given up on leftist Canada.

    1. EllisEllis
      Sep 5, 2021 19:32 GMT

      Can you get OAN ot Newsmax? Fox is steadily moving to the left and we are getting fed up with them. If it wasn't for Tucker, Jesse, Gutfeld and a few others, I would never watch them.

  3. Not SureNot Sure
    Aug 22, 2021 20:30 GMT

    Before today I was worried that someone other than President Biden was running the country now after what he did in Afghanistan I’m really worried he really is running the country

    1. 3dye3dye
      Aug 24, 2021 18:03 GMT

      wdym, the cable news channels that can't even reach 1 million viewers insisted that "president" got 80 million votes! there's two types of people in the US: the cringe fringe blueanon dorks that somehow still believe corporate media while simultaneously pretending to hate "the rich", and everyone else.

    Nov 9, 2021 08:34 GMT


  5. LoLLoL
    Oct 30, 2021 02:20 GMT

    The Hallmark channel is more popular than CNN. This fact made my day

  6. PetePete
    May 1, 2021 00:50 GMT

    HAY!!!!!!anybody out there think that if Joe Biden instead of Trump was president when the coronavirus hit us we would have a vaccine in nine months

    Thank God we had a businessman at the time ,,,you know a guy who actually ran something ,not a politician who never signed the front of a check

    1. KimKim
      May 1, 2021 03:20 GMT

      Bring Trump back! Dictator Biden is showing his colors. He’s doing what he said he’d do and it’s not for Americans!

  7. shamanshaman
    Nov 9, 2021 21:39 GMT

    these rankings exemplify the fact that most people still watching corporate media are absolute boomers. cable tv is like an empty vessel artificially propped up by dirty advertiser money, only giving it the ILLUSION of legitimacy

  8. AmyAmy
    Sep 26, 2021 00:41 GMT

    Stopped watching Fox before the 2020 election and switched to Newsmax. Fox’s ratings make me sick- wish they’d dip more - especially after banning Rudy. This entire country is becoming a socialist Mecca thanks to Back-of-the-head Biden. What a fkn loser- but at least we truly see that Hunter learned it all from his dear ol dad. Praying for change at the mid terms. And no more dead troops.

    1. JMRJMR
      Sep 27, 2021 11:24 GMT

      Newsmax is fictional, right-wing, crap. Lies and conspiracy theories geared towards gullible Trump cult member morons. Downright disgusting.

  9. badMotherDongerbadMotherDonger
    Dec 19, 2020 17:58 GMT

    I hope they all go down in flames for what they did to the American people.

    1. WPWP
      Dec 21, 2020 07:04 GMT

      I second this motion


  10. JohnnyJohnny
    Nov 6, 2020 02:10 GMT

    How many people watched Election night on Newsmax ?

    1. Wanda WallaceWanda Wallace
      Mar 30, 2021 15:51 GMT

      I did! So disappointed in Fox.

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