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Weekly cable television network and program ratingsWeekly cable television network and program ratings

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A&E Network16th1364,0002
Adult Swim
AMC Channel28th3243,0003
American Heroes Channel76th69,0005
Animal Planet26th1252,0008
AXS TV98th625,00025
Baby First TV99th124,00014
BBC America54th137,0008
beIN Sport119th15,00025
beIN Sport Español111th110,00017
BET Her99th124,00014
Big Ten Network90th641,00041
Black Entertainment TV38th2212,0007
Bravo Television40th204,00010
Cartoon Network35th3227,00016
Cine Latino
CNN en Español113th29,00018
Comedy Central32nd6229,0004
Comedy TV120th3,000200
Cooking Channel66th196,00010
Country Music Television53rd6142,0006
Destination America87th648,0009
Discovery Channel21st2323,0001
Discovery en Español96th30,0003
Discovery Familia105th420,00043
Discovery Family Channel102nd223,00015
Discovery Life Channel104th421,000
Disney Channel36th5223,0007
Disney Junior27th3247,00018
Disney XD76th169,0008
DIY Network60th6126,0001
E! Channel49th9153,00024
EL Rey Network
ESN Lifestyles
ESPN 245th23160,00090
ESPN College Sports108th16,000
ESPN Deportes111th2710,00079
Family Entertainment Television64th101,00011
Food Network6th2523,00014
Fox Business Network62nd3105,00013
Fox Deportes109th1011,00056
Fox News Channel1st21,325,0005
Fox Sports 157th12132,00065
Fox Sports 2105th720,000100
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Comments (31)

  1. MaryMary
    Jan 26, 2021 17:25 GMT

    I was so happy to see that Morning Joe with that hate filled Mika Brezinski and her possible murdering husband is almost dead last in the ratings. Good job Mika & Joe great hating.

    1. joejoe
      Feb 24, 2021 12:30 GMT

      what is hateful is your post. shameful

  2. NathanNathan
    Feb 13, 2021 13:20 GMT

    Where is Chris Wallace on this list and when will Fox fire him? He is definitely poison to their ratings.

  3. SisterSister
    Feb 12, 2021 04:17 GMT

    Why isn't one american news in your ratings? I heard their number one in ratings now. I feel they are more transparent than the other news stations. They love America. And they realize that if everybody wants to come here the way it's been run has got some good things going for it.

    1. Wilma TackettWilma Tackett
      Feb 14, 2021 20:18 GMT

      Since when are ratings reliable? OAN is by far the fastest growing news station and should have been recognized. Newsmax is also gaining popularity.

  4. Ali GAli G
    Feb 5, 2021 15:42 GMT

    How I can access daily Nielsen data on a particular TV show? Is there any contact email for this website? I cannot find anything here.

    1. EmilyEmily
      Feb 6, 2021 13:44 GMT

      We don't have access to the daily ratings at this time. Hopefully, that will change soon. In the meantime, you can try

  5. WPWP
    Dec 21, 2020 07:10 GMT

    After Fox called Arizona and continuously brought on air that #NeverTrumper from their "decision desk" to justify it, I was fuming!
    3 days later I was a full time daytime Newsmax viewer
    P.S. For those of you wondering why this is happening search "Paul Ryan Fox News"

    1. Diane BonnerDiane Bonner
      Feb 11, 2021 23:41 GMT

      Right there with you. I’m waiting for Cavuto to crash. I’d love to see him gone.

  6. badMotherDongerbadMotherDonger
    Dec 19, 2020 17:58 GMT

    I hope they all go down in flames for what they did to the American people.

    1. WPWP
      Dec 21, 2020 07:04 GMT

      I second this motion


  7. JohnnyJohnny
    Nov 6, 2020 02:10 GMT

    How many people watched Election night on Newsmax ?

    1. DianeDiane
      Feb 11, 2021 23:42 GMT

      I wish I had. I didn’t realize how dark Fox had gone.

  8. 368316368316
    Aug 24, 2020 09:13 GMT

    Donnie Luh MON coming in a blazing 31st? Go get em LUH-mon.....

    1. RobertRobert
      Sep 9, 2020 15:16 GMT

      Nobody watches CNN for actual News anymore, just a Democrat propaganda machine!

  9. Jay TeeJay Tee
    Mar 23, 2020 00:04 GMT

    Do you have ratings numbers on impact wrestling on axs tv tuesdays at 7pm central time?

    1. Emily BryantEmily Bryant
      Sep 22, 2020 02:22 GMT

      Ask Mitch Salem on

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