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Weekly cable television network and program ratingsWeekly cable television network and program ratings

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Fox News Channel1st1,784,00019
Fox Sports 149th6124,00012
Fox Sports 2106th314,00040
Fuse Channel113th26,00025
FX Channel27th3225,00010
FX Movie Channel71st462,00015
FXX Channel47th1138,000
FYI Channel81st144,0002
GAC Family89th337,00016
Game Show Network21st1286,0001
Golf Channel79th846,00026
Hallmark Channel2nd1862,0007
Hallmark Drama70th265,0008
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries9th1423,0005
HBO Prime66th79,0002
Headline News25th241,00014
History Channel14th3367,00011
Home & Garden Television6th1520,0001
IFC Television64th85,0004
INSP TV8th1446,000
Investigation Discovery10th1418,0002
Justice Central111th10,00025
Lifetime Movie Network42nd1154,0002
Lifetime Television18th3304,00013
Logo Television90th436,00010
Max Prime110th211,000
MLB Network101st220,00013
Motor Trend TV52nd2119,0006
MTV Classic
National Geographic37th6171,00013
National Geographic Wild54th4116,0004
NBA TV84th841,00021
NBC Sports Network73rd760,00036
Newsmax TV43rd6148,00018
NFL Network38th6169,00012
Nick at Nite
Nick Jr.41st1162,0005
Olympic Channel116th15,00017
Oprah Winfrey Network48th129,0002
Ovation Television82nd342,0009
Oxygen Media Television29th206,0003
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Comments (66)

  1. joseph ducotejoseph ducote
    May 8, 2021 09:25 GMT

    Although opinions vary, sometime in a significant manner, it is easy to recognize that there are no journalism attributes shown on any of the news channels except some FOX shows. It does not take a genius to see the obvious. CNN,MSNBS chose to play dis-informed politics at every corner. The media with the exception FOX are all so obviously in the tank for the democrats, they do not even try and conceal it. It is sickening to watch. I recall there was a time when CNN attempted to be non-bias. They had a show named Crossfire back in the 1980's. It was around the Clinton years when I noticed a paradigm shift to the left for CNN. They and their cousins MSNBC and others stooped to new lows to ensure that Trump was not re-elected. Look how they covered the "peaceful riots" last summer. Freakin buildings were burning in the background as the CNN reporter described a peaceful protest. Such idiots, and they really do think that the folks are stupid. This is why their ratings will continue to drop.

    1. Suzanne O PayneSuzanne O Payne
      May 12, 2021 22:44 GMT

      Hats off to you Joseph! Never heard it said any better! Thank you!

  2. Jean Elizabeth TerryJean Elizabeth Terry
    May 18, 2021 00:34 GMT

    I'm liking Newsmax more and more. It would be good if you could watch OAN on cable. I watch Tucker Carlson faithfully. I really like Greg on Newsmax and a few others. I can't imagine watching CNN or MSNBC. Every time I would switch to see what they were reported in the last years they were misrepresenting President Trump and very disrespectful. They make me cringe.

    1. KBKB
      Jun 17, 2021 08:20 GMT

      I agree. I've switched over to Newsmax, and love Greg Kelly, Chris Salsado, and Stinchfield, Diamond & Silk, and others. But like you, I ever miss Tucker, and also like Jessie Watters, Steve Hilton, Judge Jeannine, and sometimes Hannity and Laura. But Fox has gotten TOO liberal. REally dislike the Trump haters they keep bringing in for their "panels" (Juan Williams & Donna Brazil for instance--but I think they are finally gone now). Yeah, if I wanted that I'd watch the Communist News Network (CNN)
      Hate that the Murdoch brothers are liberal and are starting to destroy it. $20 million was given by one brother to defeat President Trump and other GOP candidates in 2020. RINO Paul Ryan is on the company board. He is a never-Trumper and is actively working to get rid of MAGA. I can't stand him.
      I would watch Newsmax 24/7 if they didn't have the nighttime WWII documentaries and other stuff like that as filler...
      Unfortunately, I can't get OAN on my cable channel.

  3. Carol steinmarkCarol steinmark
    Jul 2, 2021 20:07 GMT

    I never watch CNN ,MSNBC,or thre regular news like abc,cbs,or nbc, they tell lies and don’t report anything but Democratic stuff. I used to be a fan of Hallmark now I stopped watching that after season 8 finale.

    1. JMRJMR
      Aug 2, 2021 02:43 GMT

      You sound pathetic at best. Delusional at worst.

  4. KendallKendall
    Mar 11, 2021 17:10 GMT

    I've quit watching any of the networks for news except for the local news. I got tired of the lies.
    When every news outlet says "baseless" claims of election fraud just days after the election, I knew they had been given a script to follow.
    I canceled my cable tv and I don't miss it. Doubt if I ever go back.

    1. Freedom From ConservativesFreedom From Conservatives
      Nov 14, 2021 19:00 GMT

      ...and stack yet another idiot, low-information voter on the pile of American ignorance.

      Funny how every person who screams "fake news" is always a trump voter.

  5. CraigCraig
    Mar 24, 2021 21:32 GMT

    There is little to no truth in cable network news anymore, nor has there, been in many years. People are switching to alternative methods of news where they can make comparisons and decisions on which are reliable or not. But even in the alternative news world deep staters are injecting lies and misinformation. It takes a lot of work to be informed these days.

    1. JMRJMR
      Mar 29, 2021 13:06 GMT

      Are you a right-wing, Trump cult lunatic?

  6. WPWP
    Dec 21, 2020 07:10 GMT

    After Fox called Arizona and continuously brought on air that #NeverTrumper from their "decision desk" to justify it, I was fuming!
    3 days later I was a full time daytime Newsmax viewer
    P.S. For those of you wondering why this is happening search "Paul Ryan Fox News"

    1. Diane BonnerDiane Bonner
      Feb 11, 2021 23:41 GMT

      Right there with you. I’m waiting for Cavuto to crash. I’d love to see him gone.

  7. FreeLawFreeLaw
    Aug 3, 2021 01:39 GMT

    Anyone who continues to watch "News" channels (CNN, MSNBC, NPR, NBC, ABC CBS) that believed their audience needed to be constantly reminded to not inject bleach, requires a bump in their thorazine to quiet the voices in their head(s). Ridiculous. "Mostly peaceful" riots, 50 former intelligence officials claim Hunter's laptop is Russian disinformation, Bail funds for antifa (fascists) ... etc, etc. ALL snapchat brains, like this JMR troll.

    It will take generations to undo the damage of this ideocracy inculcated by the MSM, narci-Tech, and the Bolshevik democrats.
    Fox, OANN, and some NewsMax. Block the others with parental controls!

    1. RickRick
      Oct 12, 2021 16:59 GMT

      Man, if you think Democrats are communists, you are the one who needs to broaden your news sources. The Democratic Party is the CENTER of the nation right now. Our values, our morales and our adherence to the Rule of Law is what Americans want.

      Republicans are extremist right-wingers, more like fascists than an actual American political party. You have thrown away the constitution for trump and now you all swear allegiance to that gas bag instead of to the country that our soldiers fought & died for.


  8. Patrick M WalshPatrick M Walsh
    Jul 25, 2021 00:44 GMT

    I like Newsmax the best. I won’t watch ANY of the rest. OANN is good too.

  9. StarFaceStarFace
    Sep 22, 2021 15:07 GMT

    R.I.P Family Guy on [adult swim].
    April 20, 2003 - September 18, 2021.

  10. BridgetBridget
    Jul 27, 2021 21:46 GMT

    I really like OAN News, then NewsMax. Fox fired Lou Dobbs probably because he blew the whistle on RINOS, and Global Corps, Etc, I got turned off to NewsMax a bit, when they stopped Newt Gingrich from telling the audience how George Soros was/is behind Caravans, Funding Marxist Prosecutors, Judges, School Admin, Etc., Candidate across America in Small, local Elections. Some think they, like other Networks, are afraid of Soros.⁉️
    OAN needs to be carried by more Cable Companies but since Comcast & Viacom, for instance, are Alt Leftwing Globalist Corps, not sure if this will happen.

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