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Cartoon Network weekly ratingsCartoon Network weekly ratings

Weekly Nielsen ratings for Cartoon Network cable television network.

Cartoon Network Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network Weekly Ratings

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Comments (33)

  1. BryceBryce
    Jan 13, 2022 03:05 GMT

    THEIR ratings went up some...

  2. Jonathan MeyerJonathan Meyer
    Jan 9, 2022 21:38 GMT

    Care Bears: Unlock the Magic's TV-Y7 rating will be changed to TV-Y on Cartoonito starting Monday, March 21st.

  3. BryceBryce
    Nov 7, 2021 12:48 GMT

    Cartoon networks plan to make a preschool block is hurting their ratings.

  4. DavidDavid
    Sep 28, 2021 00:29 GMT

    Gumball, Craig of the Creek, and Teen Titans Go are like the only watchable shows right now on CN. Victor and Valentino is decent, but the characters feel stale and boring. No idea why they wanted to add "Cartoonito" (a compilation of boring preschool shows) and not add some classic CN shows like Ed edd eddy, OG ben 10, Chowder. They should just make a separate channel for the preschool shows instead of taking up space

    1. BryceBryce
      Sep 28, 2021 03:01 GMT

      Exactly! That makes more sense!

  5. JimJim
    Sep 19, 2021 12:06 GMT

    That preschool block will be the end of them.

    1. BryceBryce
      Sep 20, 2021 20:57 GMT

      Thats so true

  6. Helga PhugleyHelga Phugley
    Oct 18, 2021 19:15 GMT

    Looking at the ratings, it seems clear now that the abrupt switch to toddler's programming has been a ratings disaster of biblical proportions. If I'm reading correctly, it looks like about a 30% plunge in just the first week alone. And about a 50% precipitous decline overall. I just wonder how long they can keep this up? Perhaps with the involvement of a multi-national, billionaire player like HBO Max, they just really don't care anymore. Regardless, it's still a real shame for all of the network's loyal viewers--many of them adults--to be thrown to the curbside like yesterday's trash. I just hope that whoever was responsible for this terrible decision will eventually be held accountable. Shame on them.

    1. LuisLuis
      Oct 20, 2021 03:53 GMT

      The guy who is responsible of this mess of Cartoonito block and ACME Night is Tom Ascheim the current CEO of Cartoon Network. Tom Ascheim once was the general manager and the founder of Noggin on 1999 and The N block everynight on Noggin on 2002 and he was the CEO of Freeform formerly ABC Family before he came to Cartoon Network and make it even worse than Christina Miller. Tom Ascheim is good guy but not capable to run Cartoon Network and Im going to tell you why. Because according on his resume he work on Noggin that was a preschool channel, The N that was Live Action block on every night at Noggin and since Tom Ascheim work for Nickelodeon from 1990 to 2007, thats 17 years of experience on Nickelodeon. Then he was the CEO of Sesame Workshop from 2012 to 2013. Also he works on Sesame Street and Elmo shows before. Then on 2013 he was hired as the CEO of ABC Family but on 2016 he rebrand ABC Family to Freeform but he did a good job of airing the classics Disney Movies and few classics series shows and even the 700s club a classic religion show. Since that channel used to be a religion channel in 1979. But since he came to Cartoon Network on July 1, 2020, the first thing he said that he is going to bring Cartoonito block on Cartoon Network to air preschool shows on Cartoon Network in the mornings and when the media ask Tom Ascheim why and the answer was that he is going to dominate the world by airing preschool shows and Live Action Shows and Movies on Cartoon Network. Because he thinks that the success of Noggin and the N on Nickelodeon from 1999 to 2007 is going to have the same success by putting his previous experiences on Nickelodeon to Cartoon Network when Cartoon Network is a different channel and its not supposed to compete with Nickelodeon and Disney Channel at all. Cartoon Network is supposed to be the best place of cartoons not being like Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. Now Cartoon Network has the lowest ratings ever thanks to him that he ruin the channel again along with Christina Miller with the massive marathons of Teen Titans Go! and The Amazing World of Gumball and the god awful reboots of the Powerpuff girls, Ben 10 and The Thundercats Roar.

  7. Helga PhugleyHelga Phugley
    Dec 9, 2021 19:57 GMT

    So I noticed that Cartoon Network's daytime ratings actually dropped below 100,000 in November. That's roughly the population of Wichita Falls, TX! Congratulations, Mr. Ascheim! It would appear that you have almost single-handedly destroyed a cable network. That is indeed a rare accomplishment. By the way, I'm so looking forward to you being fired. It really can't come soon enough.

  8. SebastianSebastian
    May 28, 2021 20:42 GMT

    I honestly cant believe how bad cartoon network has become.

    1. BryceBryce
      Jun 5, 2021 20:11 GMT

      Same.they are terrible.i wish they would air regular show and shows from the 2010s.thst would boost up there ratings.

  9. Jonathan MeyerJonathan Meyer
    Nov 10, 2021 01:12 GMT

    If children ages 2-6 watch Care Bears: Unlock the Magic on Cartoon Network, its original rating might be changed to TV-Y like other Cartoonito programs.

  10. JFS2005JFS2005
    Nov 7, 2021 19:46 GMT

    Good news for the channel, (only in Latin America), WarnerMedia LatinAmerica has confirmed that cartoonito will not be on the cartoon network, but will be a new independent channel, the bad news, that this new channel will replace Boomerang LA after 20 years of transmission

    1. Jonathan MeyerJonathan Meyer
      Nov 8, 2021 20:43 GMT


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