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Closing Bell Ratings

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Closing Bell Nielsen RatingsClosing Bell Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Closing Bell cable television show on CNBC.

Closing Bell Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Closing Bell show on CNBC

Closing Bell Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Dec 20205663,100+12.68%56294,400+5.52%+367%
Nov 20205856,000+16.67%58279,000+6.08%+398%
Oct 20204948,000-21.31%49263,000-7.07%+448%
Sep 20204961,000+1.67%47283,000+4.04%+364%
Aug 20205060,000-7.69%48272,000-3.89%+353%
Jul 20204765,000-23.53%46283,000-18.21%+335%
Jun 20204585,000+6.25%46346,000+2.98%+307%
May 20204580,000-16.67%44336,000-13.4%+320%
Apr 20204996,000+68.42%48388,000+37.59%+304%
Mar 20205457,000+39.02%51282,000+25.89%+395%
Feb 20205441,000+5.13%55224,000+12%+446%
Nov 20195439,00055200,000+413%

CNBC Top Programs

1Squawk on the Street329,900
2Fast Money Halftime Report323,2001
3The Exchange1300,5004
4Squawk Alley1299,8001
5Closing Bell294,4006
6Power Lunch291,6006
7The News with Shepard Smith275,0001
8Mad Money240,0006
9Fast Money232,50010
10Options Action175,5007
11Squawk Box145,1003
12Worldwide Exchange53,5001
13Street Signs46,44419

Comments (37)

  1. RicRic
    Feb 20, 2021 15:09 GMT

    I used to watch Cramer every day. But no more. He used to be non-partisan and neutral. If I wanted a referendum on current politics there are many channels and places I can turn to and I don’t ..... it’s a divided country. I am disappointed in Cramer. He has now turned into a prejudicial man doubt sold out to supplement his losing portfolio and stock pics. I am done with him. Good luck Jim with your prejudicial views.

  2. victorvictor
    Feb 21, 2021 15:51 GMT

    cnbc is a FED defender.
    cnbc ignores what is really happening in the financial world
    ever since 2008, all the so-called growth in the economy & GDP has been because of money printing

  3. VitoVito
    Feb 12, 2021 13:38 GMT

    I watched CNBC every day for over 15 years; however, for the past few years, the channel has only one side talking points; Squawk Box had a balance of commentary, but not anymore. Cramer, Andrew Ross Sorkin's analysis is only one side of the political topics. I am done with the CNBC and Squawk Box for now.

    1. RichRich
      Feb 20, 2021 15:05 GMT

      I use to love Cramer .. every day for years. He was suppose to be a non partisan voice. But not for the last few months. Every day he had to criticize Trump. I can turn to politics and the division in our country no matter where I go. I didn’t want it here. And Cramer pretends to be neutral. No doubt he sold out to supplement his own portfolio and stock picking loses. He contradicts himself with losing predictions and ridiculous rants every day. Faber and Carl are great but as long as Cramer is there -....No more for me. And definitely no more Mad Money. He is a guy I could have probably enjoyed hanging with.. but now he is acting like a prejudiced man. Good luck with that Jim.

  4. BryceBryce
    Feb 7, 2021 01:34 GMT

    CNBC has gone crazy with its anti-white globo-homo agenda. The network might as well be called the FED show given that they spend their time debating how much more money needs to be printed. These people and their viewers are idiots.

  5. GregGreg
    Nov 17, 2020 02:02 GMT

    CNBC has gone way left.
    Mr Cramer did his very best politicizing every business topic during the election against President Trump. Plus he truly spreads fear over Covid and professes his superiority in intelligence about the topic. Carl & David have been rolling their eyes and have tried to reel him in to no avail....Their show now brings no real business value as the commentary is just Cramer rants and there is no credible stock analysis. Cramer should go into pushing Penny stocks , I think he’d be good at that.
    BTW , Shep is awful.

  6. StromStrom
    Dec 29, 2020 10:02 GMT

    Shep is great. Worldwide Exchange is great since Brian Sullivan took over. Cramer should be taken off the morning show as he adds no real investing advice and far too much fanboy for any CEO who will talk to him. Too much switching around of good hosts.

  7. NoahNoah
    Jan 3, 2021 15:40 GMT

    News, education and entertainment without being boring - try that for size - enjoyed it as the only newsworthy station especially in the last year - Jim Cramer is a gem!

  8. BrianBrian
    Dec 23, 2020 19:15 GMT

    Tyler constantly puts his foot in his mouth,
    Commenting on how nice the houses look in a reporter backdrop , right after a segment on not enough money in the stimulus for apartment buildings. Such a pill.

  9. Craig JohnsonCraig Johnson
    Dec 1, 2020 15:58 GMT

    Stuart Varney said everyone would "unload their stocks" if Biden was elected. CNBC (Cramer) said a Biden win and split government would give the market a bump. As long as you are right I don't care what side of the political spectrum people believe you are on! Squawk on the street is gold, keep up the good work.

    1. W PW P
      Dec 21, 2020 06:55 GMT

      The only thing that helped prevent what Varney said from happening was the announcement of 2 Chinese virus vaccines, conveniently announced after the election as payback from big pharma because President Trump forced them to stop overcharging American consumers for prescription drugs. As a viewer of a financial cable channel, I would think you'd be more aware of a detail like that effecting the market

  10. LeeLee
    Nov 6, 2020 12:14 GMT

    I enjoyed watching Worldwide Exchange. But it is too early for us in California to watch it live. Anyone know why it is off the air the last couple of days?

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