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Options Action Nielsen RatingsOptions Action Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Options Action cable television show on CNBC.

Options Action Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Options Action show on CNBC

Options Action Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Jul 20216021,000-16%69128,000-3%+510%
Jun 20216025,000-22%66132,000-18%+428%
May 20215932,000-33%63160,000-9%+400%
Apr 20215348,000+12%62176,000-9%+267%
Mar 20216243,00062194,000+3%+351%
Feb 20216243,000+17%63188,000+7%+337%
Dec 20206336,800+15%74175,500+7%+377%
Nov 20206532,000+3%70164,000+13%+413%
Oct 20205331,000-6%59145,000-8%+368%
Sep 20205233,000+22%59158,000+3%+379%
Aug 20205427,000-40%60153,000-8%+467%
Jul 20205145,00058166,000+269%

CNBC Top Programs

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2Fast Money Halftime Report258,000
4The Exchange1221,0003
5Closing Bell208,0006
6Power Lunch207,0005
7The News with Shepard Smith181,0008
8Mad Money178,0008
9Fast Money166,0009
10Squawk Box131,0004
11Options Action128,0003
12Worldwide Exchange55,00012

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