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Staten Island Hustle Ratings

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Staten Island Hustle Nielsen RatingsStaten Island Hustle Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Staten Island Hustle cable television show on CNBC.

Staten Island Hustle Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Staten Island Hustle show on CNBC

Staten Island Hustle Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Apr 20184969,00066142,000+106%

CNBC Top Programs

RankNameR-ChgCov. %AudienceA-Chg
1Squawk on the Street0.3304,0004.4
2Fast Money Halftime Report0.3300,0000.33
3The Exchange0.3278,0005.12
4Squawk Alley20.3274,0002.84
5Closing Bell0.3272,0003.89
6Power Lunch20.3260,0008.45
7Mad Money0.2234,0004.49
8American Greed0.2225,000
9Fast Money10.2224,0003.23
10Options Action10.2153,0007.83
11CNBC Special Report0.1130,0002.99
12Squawk Box20.1126,00013.1
13Worldwide Exchange10.044,00016.98
14Street Signs10.042,0002.33

Comments (14)

  1. Bill RhinesmithBill Rhinesmith
    Sep 16, 2020 04:41 GMT

    I rely on CNBC to keep me informed about Market and market moving information. All the commentators are entertaining and guests are, for the most part, relevant and interesting. I've been watching the show throughout my trading day since 2010. Based on this show, I've subscribed to CNBC.COM as a Pro subscriber. My only criticism would be that, during this 2020 election system, they back off on the Liberal commentary - skewed to far to the left - and I'd rather stay focused on business anyway.

  2. Joel PatrickJoel Patrick
    Jul 14, 2020 21:04 GMT

    CNBC has no one who can match or stand up business matters against Stuart Varney, Maria Bartirimo, Charles Payne, or Lou Dobbs. Liz Claman isn't all that good on Fox News, and Cavuto leaves MUCH to be desired, and analyst Charlie Gasparino is at the bottom of the heap.

  3. Kristi KwonKristi Kwon
    May 28, 2020 22:32 GMT

    I love CNBC and everyone on it. Well maybe not Joe Kernen so much, but he provides entertainment value. Everyone on the network is very intelligent and engaging, and mostly objective (except Joe). I have it on all day long now that I'm home most of the time and have time to focus on investing.

    1. MemeMeme
      Jul 18, 2020 21:38 GMT

      Joe is the smartest guy in that panel....hes no sally pants...

  4. Tony JohnsonTony Johnson
    May 6, 2020 12:21 GMT

    I am amazed that Joe Kernan still has a job. Of all the people you have at CNBC how does he keep his job? Jack Welsh is dead.....get rid of him.

  5. DavidDavid
    Feb 13, 2020 17:02 GMT

    Do these ratings include 11:00pm EST programming? I watch Brian Williams, as do many of my friends, at that time. I thought his show would be in the top ten?

    1. RobRob
      Mar 19, 2020 21:40 GMT

      Eleventh Hour with Brian Williams is on MSNBC, not CNBC.

  6. Sean hummeritySean hummerity
    Nov 21, 2019 12:56 GMT

    If they’d get rid of Joe Kernen on CNBC, I’d watch. Next is James Cramer. They are so abrasive and toxic that I stopped watching. I stopped watching FOX News when they became propaganda and an echo chamber for republicans so much so that they insult any thinking person.

    1. Tony JohnsonTony Johnson
      May 6, 2020 12:30 GMT

      omg i agree totally, BRAVO!

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