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The News with Shepard Smith Ratings

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The News with Shepard Smith Nielsen RatingsThe News with Shepard Smith Nielsen Ratings

The News with Shepard Smith is a nightly newscast providing deep, non-partisan coverage and perspective on the day’s most important stories. The fact-based show, which airs Monday-Friday on CNBC at 7pm ET, features on-the-ground reporting from around the globe as it goes beyond the headlines to give viewers a sharp context into the world around them in real-time. The News does not include analysis or opinion but boasts of expert journalists, reporters, and newsmakers. The hourlong news program is punctuated by compelling images and thought-provoking expert guests, all pulled together by the host’s trademark devotion to speed and accuracy.

The News is hosted by David Shepard Smith Jr., an American broadcast journalist for NBC News and CNBC, where he serves as chief general news anchor. However, Shepard Smith is best known for his 23-year career at Fox News Channel, which he joined at its 1996 inception and served as chief anchor and managing editor of its breaking news division. Smith hosted several programs in his tenure at Fox News, including Fox Report, Studio B with Shepard Smith, and Shepard Smith Reporting. Prior to joining Fox, he had worked as a reporter at WKMG-TV in Orlando, WSVN in Miami, WBBH-TV in Fort Myers, and WJHG-TV in Panama City Beach, Florida.

The News with Shepard Smith Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for The News with Shepard Smith show on CNBC

Shepard Smith Ratings: The News with Shepard Smith premiered on September 30, 2020 to a total audience of 373,000. Although that figure appears meager compared with its counterparts on the top three cable news networks, it is twice as many viewers as the Shark Tank reruns that it replaced. Responding to criticism about his low ratings, Smith has said: “I don’t know where we’re supposed to be. We’ve had no discussions about ratings with our staff. None of our senior leadership team has ever sat down and talked about [it]. What we have to do is build a great newscast . . . and then eventually people will come to that or they won’t.”

The News with Shepard Smith Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Sep 20215732,000-3%59199,000+8%+522%
Aug 20215833,000+18%62184,000+2%+458%
Jul 20215528,000-24%56181,000-8%+546%
Jun 20215437,00055197,000-4%+432%
May 20215437,000-20%56205,000-12%+454%
Apr 20215546,000-19%55234,000-21%+409%
Mar 20215457,000+8%48296,000+1%+419%
Feb 20215753,000-3%52294,000+7%+455%
Dec 20205854,500-8%58275,000+1%+405%
Nov 20205659,000+13%60273,000+1%+363%
Oct 20204752,00047269,000+417%

CNBC Top Programs

1Squawk on the Street1273,00010
2Fast Money Halftime Report1272,0007
3The Profit258,000
4The Exchange1245,00012
6Closing Bell1224,00016
7Power Lunch2223,00014
8The News with Shepard Smith199,0008
9Mad Money3176,0009
10Fast Money1167,0006
11Options Action141,00013
12Squawk Box2140,0008
13Worldwide Exchange163,0003
14Street Signs49,000

Comments (131)

  1. HaroldHarold
    Oct 15, 2021 00:30 GMT

    Saw Shep at a remote in person . He was mean and nasty to the folks that traveled to see him . He even told a lady that picked up a sweater that fell off a table to hand it to him to leave it alone and stay away....what a pompous ass punk.

  2. Tina WoodstoneTina Woodstone
    Oct 13, 2021 23:34 GMT

    Love the news with Shepard Smith fast and easy to know all the news around the world!

  3. SteveSteve
    May 22, 2021 20:08 GMT

    Another TDS d-bag. "Trump Deranged Sodomite."

    1. Sarah WautersSarah Wauters
      Jun 24, 2021 16:04 GMT

      What is your problem with homosexuality? Someone who is gay has the same ability as anyone else to tell the news. I really appreciate the lack of bias on Shep Smith's show. I am tired of both Fox and MSNBC and prefer just the facts. Recognizing the truth about Trump is just part of the news, whether good or bad. Saying that Trump lied is not biased, it is factually provable that he has lied about the outcome of the election, and this has been proved over and over by Republican election officials.

      Try being compassionate toward others - as Christ asked us to do. He told us not to judge - there is only one that can judge us - and that is God. Those who judge others presume to do that which only God can do - and you are presumptuous in calling names against others. Watch it! Lest you be judged by God.

  4. Wilson EdwardsWilson Edwards
    Sep 13, 2021 18:29 GMT

    Whoever hired SS, Jr. should be fired. He should go back to being a third rate newscaster in Ft. Myers, FL. Next to Al Sharpton, he's the worst news anchor on television.

  5. MjMj
    Mar 11, 2021 00:42 GMT

    I just can’t stand his whiny biased news. He is the opposite of the truth, just the facts without bias. All he has that the network news doesn’t is his constant whining. Please replace this loser.

    1. lisa belangerlisa belanger
      Apr 2, 2021 15:43 GMT

      i did not watch him on fox and i will never
      watch him on nbc he is obnoxious he wants us to
      accept him for his homosexuliaty i do not care
      who he sleeps with i just don.t want him on my tv
      so shep sorry you will never get that job on nbc nightime
      news or replace the famous you know lester i do not watch him either

  6. Al RothsteinAl Rothstein
    Apr 6, 2021 10:58 GMT

    Typical NBC News liberal slanted news. Add Smith’s drama and the show is not watchable. We watch Cramer and then change the channel.

    1. Steve PowerSteve Power
      Apr 22, 2021 12:52 GMT

      CNBC is paying this pompous, arrogant, and left-wing jerk $10,000,000 a year! Of all the local and much more talented news anchors across America (they would love this kind of salary) who could present the news much better they hire this loser!

  7. Jeremy GoinsJeremy Goins
    Mar 10, 2021 12:19 GMT

    I've tried to watch this, however Shep is indeed bias against Trump and the right in general and it leaks out every single night. This is a left leaning broadcast, and it uses 'facts' from only one point of view. I removed it from my DVR to do my part to drive the ratings down. Very disappointed how this broadcast turned out.

    1. GordonGordon
      Mar 18, 2021 16:33 GMT

      He is completely unwatchable. He is so biased.

  8. JWJW
    Feb 16, 2021 13:58 GMT

    Really was hoping The News was going to be a truly sober-faced presentation of fact-based international news stories. Sad to say Shep turned out to be too much of a drama queen for our tastes. We're back to watching PBS and BBC.

    1. tom smalltom small
      Sep 27, 2021 16:50 GMT

      PBS and BBC ate both leftist news shows and will lie to get the facts. Just look at the reporter who lied to the Princess Diana only to get her out of hiding from people then get killed due to the lies of a BBC reporter. sick marxists

    Jun 28, 2021 23:54 GMT

    Shepard Smith hypes himself as an unbiased newscaster who doesn't engage in opinionated reporting. Quite the contrary, Smith and his buddy, Chris Wallace, are blatantly anti-Trumpets who tailor their reporting to mirror the DNC's talking points. In sum, he's an obnoxious whiny shill.

  10. CaseyCasey
    Sep 9, 2021 23:30 GMT

    The News with Shepard Smith is on a mission to be a game show announcer. The News with Shepard Smith is at its best when Shep is on Vacation. Kelly Evans should be given this show since she does serious news reading.

    1. Bill GreeneBill Greene
      Sep 13, 2021 18:42 GMT

      Totally agree Shephard Smith is more suited to be a game show host, or perhaps hostess. He would have been ideal for the old T.V. show "Queen For A Day". Or better yet....."The Gong Show" and have HIM removed from the stage.

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