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The Profit Nielsen RatingsThe Profit Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for The Profit cable television show on CNBC.

The Profit Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for The Profit show on CNBC

The Profit Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Mar 20207519,000+35.71%7957,000-6.56%+200%
Feb 20207714,000-88.14%7761,000-77.82%+336%
Nov 201943118,000+81.54%46275,000+75.16%+133%
Oct 20194965,000+47.73%63157,000+53.92%+142%
Sep 20196244,000-41.33%85102,000-38.92%+132%
Jun 20194875,000-1.32%60167,000-0.6%+123%
May 20194776,000-54.22%57168,000-47.99%+121%
Mar 201933166,000+286.05%45323,000+229.59%+95%
Jan 20195543,000-71.52%7698,000-70.92%+128%
Dec 201843151,000+480.77%49337,000+355.41%+123%
Nov 20186426,000-83.85%7474,000-78.55%+185%
Sep 201841161,00046345,000+114%

CNBC Top Programs

1Fast Money Halftime Report305,0003
1Squawk on the Street1305,0007
3The Exchange270,0002
5Closing Bell1253,000
6Power Lunch1252,0002
7Mad Money2218,0004
8Fast Money2212,0003
9The News with Shepard Smith1205,00012
10Options Action1160,0009
11Squawk Box1138,0008
12Worldwide Exchange151,00016

Comments (69)

  1. donatelladonatella
    Jun 8, 2021 00:50 GMT

    joe Kernan needs to move over to Fox. he does nothing but interrupt the other two participants and he is beyond a Trump lapdog!

    1. DaveDave
      Jun 9, 2021 17:56 GMT

      Hey you need to move into fox house because Joe kernel is the best like it or not watching him for 25 years

  2. Ape petty officerApe petty officer
    Jun 6, 2021 06:58 GMT

    Naked short yeah

  3. JohnJohn
    Mar 3, 2021 13:51 GMT

    Andrew Ross Sorkin should leave the show. This used to be a business show, not a platform for liberal only views. His biased political agenda is sickening.

    1. DaveDave
      Jun 9, 2021 17:58 GMT

      Well said he should go. Take a walk .

  4. Mark HendgesMark Hendges
    May 19, 2021 00:04 GMT

    I’ve become a regular viewer of The News with Shepherd Smith. It is the best composite news program around. If anything newsworthy occurs during the day it shows up on this program. Just incidentally, Shep’s demeanor sometimes gives me a chuckle. Not a bad thing these days.

    1. SsSs
      Jun 11, 2021 13:31 GMT

      Very stupid

  5. MarkMark
    Apr 24, 2021 15:07 GMT

    Joe Kernen is the worst anchor of any show on CNBC. Kernen is a trump lapdog and spreads trump lies.

    1. DaveDave
      Jun 9, 2021 18:00 GMT

      Sorry totally disagree it’s free press you want him to be licking dems ass he won’t do it Joe is the Best .

  6. DeShawnDeShawn
    May 17, 2021 20:33 GMT

    I watch Fast Money pretty often. Melissa Lee is whip smart and the rotating panel of traders provide good analysis of the markets. Tim Seymour talks in circles sometimes, but for the most part, these are people who run money and know how to explain things to the audience. I have watched the tail end of Closing Bell a few times, but those three are awful. Same with Mad Money — Jim Cramer is a nut.

    1. DaveDave
      Jun 9, 2021 18:02 GMT

      Totally agree a master crook manipulator he is trading meme stocks all the time trashing them to . He is CROOK .

  7. GregGreg
    Nov 17, 2020 02:02 GMT

    CNBC has gone way left.
    Mr Cramer did his very best politicizing every business topic during the election against President Trump. Plus he truly spreads fear over Covid and professes his superiority in intelligence about the topic. Carl & David have been rolling their eyes and have tried to reel him in to no avail....Their show now brings no real business value as the commentary is just Cramer rants and there is no credible stock analysis. Cramer should go into pushing Penny stocks , I think he’d be good at that.
    BTW , Shep is awful.

    1. DaveDave
      Jun 9, 2021 18:04 GMT

      Well said he manipulates the market at every opportunity Punk that’s what he is always seeking to be popular.

  8. RicRic
    Feb 20, 2021 15:09 GMT

    I used to watch Cramer every day. But no more. He used to be non-partisan and neutral. If I wanted a referendum on current politics there are many channels and places I can turn to and I don’t ..... it’s a divided country. I am disappointed in Cramer. He has now turned into a prejudicial man doubt sold out to supplement his losing portfolio and stock pics. I am done with him. Good luck Jim with your prejudicial views.

  9. ScottScott
    Mar 19, 2021 02:09 GMT

    I loved squawk on the street a week ago when Cramer was gone, I switched over to Fox when he came back, his rants, his squealing high pitched voice, and his liberal opinions of the world drive me crazy! He is the definition of a Vaudeville act!

    1. FredFred
      Jun 11, 2021 16:08 GMT

      Cramer is a clown

  10. BryceBryce
    Feb 7, 2021 01:34 GMT

    CNBC has gone crazy with its anti-white globo-homo agenda. The network might as well be called the FED show given that they spend their time debating how much more money needs to be printed. These people and their viewers are idiots.

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