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Weekly Nielsen ratings for CNN cable television network.

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CNN Weekly Ratings

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CNN Top Programs

1Anderson Cooper 360°759,00010
2The Lead with Jake Tapper676,00016
3Erin Burnett Outfront668,00016
4The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer3662,0009
5Inside Politics1654,00014
6CNN Newsroom1609,00019
7At This Hour1594,00019
8Don Lemon Tonight1537,0009
9CNN Tonight1530,00026
10New Day391,00011
11CNN Newsroom Live313,00015
12Early Start227,00017

Comments (47)

  1. Lesco BrandonLesco Brandon
    Oct 20, 2021 02:19 GMT


  2. JoeJoe
    Aug 22, 2021 14:27 GMT

    Thanks CNN for continually bashing Trump for 4 years and pulling out all the stops to get Biden elected… Now look at what is occurring at our southern border, the cost of oil, inflation climbing, no challenge for China and the immense cost incurred globally from Covid, and now the complete inept,incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan.
    We now have a feckless political hack opportunist, running the free world.
    What a shameful representation of free press you have portrayed with your last 4 years of doubtful drivel on the evils of Trump . All of the staff and leadership at CNN are part to blame for this ridiculous mess we are now in. You are not reporting news, you are driving worthless propaganda in the name of socialism and one party rule! Thankfully your ratings reflect the American public’s view of your ineptness!

  3. IndependentIndependent
    Nov 3, 2021 19:15 GMT

    I don't know how long this will last, but Virginia winning really told us something. The leftist agenda has gone too far. CNN's headlines are getting beyond ridiculous, and are just opinionated, not factual. Their news is incredibly biased, hides what's actually happening with Biden, and leaves Americans living in a social bubble. "Dog whistle racism' played a part in Youngkin's win, Covid-19 vaccine or her marriage: the impossible choice she had to make ." The list goes on and on. CNN is focusing on social news, instead of what's actually happening in the US. The economy is failing, inflation is rising, heating cost is expected to double this winter, the 4 trillion infrastructure bill hasn't voted on yet, and democrats want new people to replace them for 2022 and 2024. I am sorry, but Trump was right. This is straight propaganda and fake news.

  4. JoeJoe
    Sep 21, 2021 14:36 GMT

    What a complete sham this news outlet is. All you degenerates did for 4 years of Trump's presidency was populate propaganda about false fabricated information to try and dupe the public into believing he was a horrible president. Now, look at you and your band of bumbling idiots... Why are you not propagating that Biden should be IMPEACHED!!! The conversation he had with the Afghanistan president blatantly telling him to lie for him... Oh but you derelicts promote spending $30 mil of our tax dollars on the fabricated Mueller report that provided NO factual data!! Why can't you promote IMPEACHING Biden for leaving $85 Bil in military equipment and intentionally murdering our civilians and military personal in a botched exit when the plans were laid out for him! This clown show of a government, can't figure out how to spend less than it makes. The problem, you just keep showing how 1 of 5 people support this administration... Don't you know that's 80% of the people don't!! Stop trying to force your agenda. Impeach this clown, you people tried to impeach Trump for less! Let's not even talk about the illegal immigration.. Too much to impeach Biden on and you can't write a single article. Why don't you do yourself a favor and hire Journalists and not propagandists.

    1. NigelNigel
      Sep 26, 2021 10:25 GMT

      100 % True
      Jeff Toobin Materbates On Live T.v
      Brian Stelter Gets Told His News Is Fake , By His Own Guest
      Chris & Don Both Have Sex Assault Allegations
      They Were In Love With The Creepy Porn Lawyer.
      Cnn Is All Messed Up

  5. DannyDanny
    Feb 3, 2022 07:39 GMT

    You are finished! James O'Keefe is your DADDY! Joe Rogan owns your ratings! You lie to the American public and you lose. FAKE NEWS

  6. TedTed
    Oct 20, 2021 14:53 GMT

    The bottom line is that people aren't stupid. They know when you're lying and when you're telling the truth. CNN is a steaming evil pile of horse manure wrapped in hypocrisy and lies. Cuomo, Cooper, and Lemon are all shams and time will put them and this awful fake news organization in its place.

  7. TheodoreTheodore
    Oct 23, 2021 03:10 GMT

    That CNN town hall event shows exactly why CNN rating are in the tank, not one question about Afghanistan! That's all we needed to know that this event was scripted , and even after Biden getting all these scripted questions well ahead of time he still looked like a cognitive mess. When will people wake up an enact the 25th amendment. This is cruel and inhuman to put a man that is obviously not capable to put together coherent sentence's.
    my only concern is look who would be president then, the walking hyena!

    this administration is a mess

  8. OzzyOzzy
    Apr 14, 2021 02:19 GMT

    CNN Director Charlie Chester was exposed today on a trending video ,speaking candidly
    On the fact that their mission for the last 2years was to make sure Trump wasn't re-elected.
    Fabricating the facts where need be. Not a surprise , but now he has libeled himself, admitting to creating Propaganda to sway public opinion.
    This is the most disgusting admission of journalistic blasphemy I have ever seen.
    Turners CNN had a middle of the road 24 hour NEWS and information channel, that used to be the first place you'd go on cable to get the days summary.
    CNN today as far as American Journalism standards ,are now on more of a scale to Mad Magazine.

    1. Mr. DMr. D
      Apr 26, 2021 13:05 GMT

      Since the first Golf War I used to watch CNN constantly, until Obama took office and I started to doubt their accuracy. I must admit that even 2 years ago I watched some of their reporting to find out that they became more and more the Democratic Party Proporgana cable TV station. Today, I will prefer watching the North Korea State run TV than watching CNN, and I do not understand a word in Korean.
      Never Again - CNN

  9. ButchButch
    Jul 22, 2021 12:57 GMT

    CNN town hall with President Obiden, was a completely incoherent weak example of how CNN placates and nurses this President along ,protecting this old man continually!
    Where are the questions on Gas prices doubling , food prices up 10%, Airline prices up 30-40? No questions on how the US will hold China accountable for creating the Wuhan COVID Virus, then hiding it ? How about granting Putin the Norstream Pipeline while canceling pipelines here in the US?
    How about questions about Hunter and his completely shady deals he still is doing ,or
    paying Dad and Dr Jill’s bills before we the tax payers started paying them in January?
    How about 2 million illegals coming over the southern border this year?
    How about Iran ? How about police leaving every major democratic run city ?
    WTF , how about some of that constant vitriol they laid on Trump for 4years?
    Enough with the State Run Media BS ! Start lashing back on this incompetent weak kneed
    Administration, that is flipping this country into a Hell Hole disguised as a Democracy?
    Stop treating him like Mr Rogers , and treat him like you treated Trump!! Bet your ratings would go Up !

    1. Trumplican!Trumplican!
      Aug 19, 2021 21:43 GMT

      Not that Faux News did the same thing with Dictator CHump.

  10. npcnnnpcnn
    Jun 15, 2021 21:50 GMT

    imagine pretending this is news

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