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CNN weekly ratingsCNN weekly ratings

Weekly Nielsen ratings for CNN cable television network.

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CNN Weekly Ratings

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CNN Top Programs

1Cuomo Prime Time954,0003
2Anderson Cooper 360°947,0004
3Erin Burnett Outfront1830,0003
4The Lead with Jake Tapper4795,00045
5The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer2741,00014
6Inside Politics725,0007
7CNN Newsroom2721,0001
8At This Hour1694,00044
9Don Lemon Tonight2646,0002
10New Day450,0004
11CNN Newsroom Live276,0007
12Early Start260,0003

Comments (20)

  1. ButchButch
    Jul 22, 2021 12:57 GMT

    CNN town hall with President Obiden, was a completely incoherent weak example of how CNN placates and nurses this President along ,protecting this old man continually!
    Where are the questions on Gas prices doubling , food prices up 10%, Airline prices up 30-40? No questions on how the US will hold China accountable for creating the Wuhan COVID Virus, then hiding it ? How about granting Putin the Norstream Pipeline while canceling pipelines here in the US?
    How about questions about Hunter and his completely shady deals he still is doing ,or
    paying Dad and Dr Jill’s bills before we the tax payers started paying them in January?
    How about 2 million illegals coming over the southern border this year?
    How about Iran ? How about police leaving every major democratic run city ?
    WTF , how about some of that constant vitriol they laid on Trump for 4years?
    Enough with the State Run Media BS ! Start lashing back on this incompetent weak kneed
    Administration, that is flipping this country into a Hell Hole disguised as a Democracy?
    Stop treating him like Mr Rogers , and treat him like you treated Trump!! Bet your ratings would go Up !

  2. npcnnnpcnn
    Jun 15, 2021 21:50 GMT

    imagine pretending this is news

  3. OzzyOzzy
    Apr 14, 2021 02:19 GMT

    CNN Director Charlie Chester was exposed today on a trending video ,speaking candidly
    On the fact that their mission for the last 2years was to make sure Trump wasn't re-elected.
    Fabricating the facts where need be. Not a surprise , but now he has libeled himself, admitting to creating Propaganda to sway public opinion.
    This is the most disgusting admission of journalistic blasphemy I have ever seen.
    Turners CNN had a middle of the road 24 hour NEWS and information channel, that used to be the first place you'd go on cable to get the days summary.
    CNN today as far as American Journalism standards ,are now on more of a scale to Mad Magazine.

    1. Mr. DMr. D
      Apr 26, 2021 13:05 GMT

      Since the first Golf War I used to watch CNN constantly, until Obama took office and I started to doubt their accuracy. I must admit that even 2 years ago I watched some of their reporting to find out that they became more and more the Democratic Party Proporgana cable TV station. Today, I will prefer watching the North Korea State run TV than watching CNN, and I do not understand a word in Korean.
      Never Again - CNN

  4. SteveSteve
    Mar 4, 2021 15:26 GMT

    Look at these glaring " A change percentage #s . In any business this would mean heads should roll. Way to go Mr Zucker ...
    Now that Trump is gone what are you gonna talk about? Joe Bidens completely inept communication with the American Public? No press conferences, no tweets, no energy.
    Or how about that dynamic campaign, can't wait to see Joe out stumping for Reps 2022.
    Very comforting...
    Maybe doing a deep dive into his families international deals and how Joe and Jill and family got rich??? Or is that just not needed?

    1. kevin squirrelkevin squirrel
      Mar 8, 2021 09:07 GMT

      aint that the truth expecually with coumos brother in ny in real hot water, shows you why fox news is better!

  5. SullaSulla
    Jul 8, 2020 23:09 GMT

    If it wasn't for airports...the ratings wouldn't be half of the number they are posting. CNN is bleeding to death whether they admit it or not. The building in Atlanta is for sale and they laid off most of the staff. It is a damned shame as to what became of a once proud network back when Ted ran it.

  6. Charles W YoungCharles W Young
    Aug 6, 2020 00:14 GMT

    I use to watch CNN all the time. Since the 2016 election and Trump's last 3 and a half years in office all they report about is Trump. What got me the most upset was how time and time again the report a "BOMBSHELL" only to turn out as a dud. Remember the tale our parents taught us about the boy who cried wolcf? CNN has actually surpassed that old tale. You have lost me CNN, you've burnt me too many times now. Bye!

  7. LuzLuz
    Jun 17, 2020 08:07 GMT

    For the life of me, I can not comprehend how they still have an audience at all. This network, and especially that hate-monger Lemon, have got to GO!!

    1. Zippo55Zippo55
      Jul 21, 2021 17:24 GMT

      Luz I understand your first reaction is to have people like Don Lemon silenced. But I do not want people of his ilk spitting their political and social poison in the shadows or plotting their revolution in anonymity. I do not believe in media censorship of any kind. Remember this is how he speaks while under the rules of government and employer censorship. He (and others like him) should be allowed to freely express his deepest darkest thoughts so he can publicly expose himself for the low IQ "useful idiot" that he is.

  8. DaveDave
    Jun 9, 2020 19:16 GMT

    A few years ago CNN was more honest with their reporting. Now they're almost as bad as the radically left disinformation dungeon MSNBC. They don't report real news, they show certain parts of a story and try and persuade viewers.

    1. MichelleMichelle
      Feb 3, 2021 09:15 GMT

      Echo chambers can be very safe spaces,
      How in the world is CNN at the ratings top? I'm convinced the FNC viewers have switched CNN because we want to see the double standard of hypocrisy with our very own eyes. I don't know how people can take Don Le'Moan serious. He uses more adjectives in his monologs than should be allowed.

      As for the people that do watch CNN or MSDNC, they are the reason we still have instructions on shampoo bottles, or velcro shoes. Just sayin...

    Mar 11, 2021 03:08 GMT


    1. solomonsolomon
      Jul 10, 2021 08:38 GMT

      Well, 4 out of 5 girls now are raped on the way to the border and 3 times the illegal drugs are getting through so many more people in the US will OD. I've lived through 11 presidents and can guarantee you that Trump did more good for people in 3 years than any of those others did in 8...including the lowest unemployment rate for black Americans. I don't really understand why you're for little girls getting raped, more people on drugs, higher costs for everything, much more crime, fewer police, and all the other stuff that came with Biden. And don't say, "OH I'M NOT FOR THAT". No you are. What did you think would happen when Biden said I'm opening the borders and stopping the wall? 600 thousand mostly white boys died 150 years ago because Democrats refused to give up human bondage. They were just as racist in 1964 when they didn't want to give blacks equal rights and it took a super majority of elephants to get it passed. And the racist eugenics based Planned Parenthood that targets black neighborhoods makes sure that 13 percent of the population accounts for 40 percent of babies killed before birth...all propped up by the donkeys. So yea, you just admitted you are not only for all that other, but a racist, especially since Biden's biggest accomplishment in over 40 years was putting a bill forward that locked up thousands of blacks for petty drug crimes, yet everyone that's known Trump for a long time says he's one of the least racist people they know...probably why he did more than any to help blacks. I don't really get why someone would be not only for all the crazy stuff but also a racist. That's exactly what a vote for Biden said.

  10. MikeMike
    Jan 27, 2021 16:35 GMT

    Love most of CNN, but, the weekend version of New Day is unwatchable. Christie Paul may be a nice lady, but she is not a skilled interviewer and is horrible. There are so many other options at cnn to replace her with. Thanks goodness that MSNBC has started a weekend morning program.

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