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Anderson Cooper 360° Ratings

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Anderson Cooper 360° Nielsen RatingsAnderson Cooper 360° Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Anderson Cooper 360° cable television show on CNN.

Anderson Cooper 360° Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Anderson Cooper 360° show on CNN

Anderson Cooper 360° Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
May 202217180,00025759,000-10%+322%
Apr 202223846,000-17%
Mar 202215279,000221,015,000+24%+264%
Feb 202223816,000+9%
Jan 202217169,000-2%23750,000-5%+344%
Nov 202118173,000+8%24786,000+3%+354%
Oct 202118160,000-26%25766,000-20%+379%
Sep 202116216,000+6%22958,000+9%+344%
Aug 202117204,000-4%25881,000-7%+332%
Jul 202112212,000+1%23947,000+4%+347%
Jun 202112210,000-12%23908,000-9%+332%
May 202110238,000-28%23998,000-18%+319%
Apr 20219329,000211,223,000+272%

CNN Top Programs

1Anderson Cooper 360°759,00010
2The Lead with Jake Tapper676,00016
3Erin Burnett Outfront668,00016
4The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer3662,0009
5Inside Politics1654,00014
6CNN Newsroom1609,00019
7At This Hour1594,00019
8Don Lemon Tonight1537,0009
9CNN Tonight1530,00026
10New Day391,00011
11CNN Newsroom Live313,00015
12Early Start227,00017

Comments (4)

  1. JimmieJimmie
    Jun 26, 2021 12:23 GMT

    Anderson Cooper is beyond horrible. Being part of the “Vanderbilt” family , he was raised privileged, liberally educated at Yale, with a silver spoon in his mouth.
    Yet we’re supposed to believe his “unbiased “reporting , and trust his understanding of the American Experience? This guy doesn’t know a thing about a hard days work or going without, yet he is supposedly a compassionate voice and mouth piece for the oppressed
    I have no respect for this weak kneed liberal New York puke, who speaks for no one west of Manhattan.

    1. Well started!Well started!
      Oct 25, 2021 23:55 GMT

      Well started!

  2. CannaKingCACannaKingCA
    Sep 24, 2021 04:28 GMT

    Anderson Cooper is FAKE NEWS !

    All of CNN is FAKE NEWS propaganda !!

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