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Countdown to Closing Bell Ratings

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Countdown to Closing Bell Nielsen RatingsCountdown to Closing Bell Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Countdown to Closing Bell cable television show on Fox Business Network.

Countdown to Closing Bell Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Countdown to Closing Bell show on Fox Business Network

Countdown to Closing Bell Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Jun 20197614,000-12.5%68137,000+3.01%+879%
May 20197316,000+0%65133,000-8.9%+731%
Apr 20196816,000+0%62146,000+0%+813%
Mar 20197316,000-15.79%64146,000-23.56%+813%
Feb 20196819,000-20.83%57191,000-4.98%+905%
Jan 20196924,000+9.09%54201,000-2.9%+738%
Dec 20187522,000+29.41%55207,000-7.17%+841%
Nov 20186917,000-19.05%52223,000+14.95%+1212%
Sep 20187321,000+10.53%53194,000+6.01%+824%
Aug 20186719,000-24%52183,000-8.04%+863%
Jul 20186425,000+4.17%52199,000+3.11%+696%
Jun 20187024,00054193,000+704%

Fox Business Network Top Programs

RankNameR-ChgCov. %AudienceA-Chg
1Lou Dobbs Tonight0.3279,0004.1
2Varney & Company0.3261,0003.98
3The Evening Edit0.2223,0008.25
4After the Bell0.2211,0006.57
5Cavuto: Coast to Coast20.2202,00014.12
6The Claman Countdown10.2198,0002.59
7Making Money with Charles Payne10.2192,0004.92
8Mornings with Maria0.1117,0006.36
9Maria Bartiromo's Wall Street0.181,00017.39
10WSJ at Large with Gerry Baker0.160,0009.09
11Barron's Roundtable0.049,00068.97

Comments (2)

  1. sam furersam furer
    Nov 8, 2018 04:13 GMT

    Trish Regan should be Fox cable and get red of the phonies from the Bush era.

    She speaks from the heart and does not let her guest throw all the BS around.

    Trish,Martha,Dave Asman and Marie are worth listening to.



    1. Jim GassmannJim Gassmann
      Jun 4, 2020 12:08 GMT

      I agree that Trish Regan should still be on FBN. I will never pay for Fox Nation until Nancy Grace is on the payroll. Trish is very smart and told it like is. Nancy Grace has no business being on television.

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