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Kennedy Nielsen RatingsKennedy Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Kennedy cable television show on Fox Business Network.

Kennedy Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Kennedy show on Fox Business Network

Kennedy Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Jun 2021759,000-10%7570,000+3%+678%
May 20217610,000-9%7668,000-13%+580%
Apr 20217311,000-31%7578,000-16%+609%
Mar 20216816,000+14%7493,000+9%+481%
Feb 20217114,000-36%7485,000-30%+507%
Dec 20207521,750-1%80122,250-1%+462%
Nov 20207222,000+10%72123,000-5%+459%
Oct 20206120,000-17%62129,000-7%+545%
Mar 20206924,000+4%71139,000+9%+479%
Feb 20206523,000+5%72128,000+20%+457%
Nov 20196522,000+10%70107,000+386%
Oct 20196720,00073107,000+435%

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Comments (4)

  1. Tony PorterTony Porter
    Nov 16, 2020 15:35 GMT

    I used to watch Kennedy religiously until she had the gall to harass Mayor Giuliani.
    Now I do not even turn on any FOX related news or business.
    I am completely done with FOX.

  2. Michael BMichael B
    Jul 9, 2021 00:46 GMT

    She reminds me of a frustrated teenager. She is a disgrace to FOX news and full of kiddish stupidity. Get her OFF Fox!!!!+

  3. John RobertsJohn Roberts
    Nov 25, 2020 01:58 GMT

    Like Kennedy but putting her up against Tucker is silly. Similar audiences

  4. SheriSheri
    Dec 7, 2020 21:37 GMT

    LOVE the Kennedy Show. My favorite show on your network. It’s the best hour of my day.

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