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Fox News Channel weekly ratingsFox News Channel weekly ratings

Weekly Nielsen ratings for Fox News Channel cable television network.

Fox News Channel Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Fox News Channel

Fox News Channel Weekly Ratings

DateTotal DayPrime TimePT Gain

Fox News Channel Top Programs

1The Five3,494,0005
2Tucker Carlson Tonight3,389,0006
3Jesse Watters Primetime2,924,0006
5Special Report with Bret Baier2,598,0004
6The Ingraham Angle2,251,0007
9America's Newsroom1,874,0003
10The Faulkner Focus1,812,0005
11Your World with Neil Cavuto1,671,0007
12The Story with Martha MacCallum1,636,0008
13America Reports1,625,0008
14Fox & Friends1,419,0002
15Fox News @ Night1,015,00015
16Fox News Live658,00020
17Fox & Friends First550,0006

Comments (378)

  1. US VetUS Vet
    May 2, 2021 14:58 GMT

    Fox needs to kick that weak kneed Chris Wallace square in the ass and out the front door.
    Maria Bartiromo needs to fill spot that Sunday Morning "Fox News Sunday" .
    She is a tough ,rational ,common sense reporter that will ask the questions ,that Chris Wallace doesn't have the COURAGE to ask.
    Then move that program to the time slot to go right against NBC "Meet the dePressed"
    and CBS " Face the Nation" . Please Please Challenge that Sunday morning liberal one sided blather coming on National and Cable News .

    1. TammyTammy
      Aug 9, 2021 15:38 GMT

      Bartiromo was amazing yesterday. She is an excellent, fearless interviewer, goes to the heart of the matter. I wish she was on every day.

  2. Mike DMike D
    Jun 6, 2021 15:16 GMT

    Chris Wallace is a disgrace, Fox News should replace him immediately. He is obviously bitter and hold a grudge against President Trump because, President Trump refused to be intimidated and put Chris Wallace in his place and refuse to let Wallace take pot shots at him in that debate. Now Wallace is showing his true colors and following the playbook of the far left media. Fox News should do as a lot of viewers have already done and say goodbye to Chris Wallace and replace him with a new rising star with fresh new ideas and perspectives.

    1. AMSAMS
      Jun 6, 2021 18:22 GMT

      6/6/2021 watching Gilligans Island instead of 2pm Wallace rerun! 10 am it’s Maria
      Wallace not welcome in my home!

  3. NathanNathan
    Mar 29, 2021 11:04 GMT

    I only watch Tucker, Hannity Ingraham & the Five and keep wondering why Wallace hasn't been fired. Just out of curiosity, I tuned in to Wallace on Sunday to see how he treated Biden's Press Secretary Psaki. He let her get away with lie after lie about the border crisis and never pressed her like he would any Republican. I fill in my Sunday news with Newsmax.

    1. Murray LanskyMurray Lansky
      Apr 25, 2021 14:15 GMT

      Hey! Since to see someone who thinks like me! I might be replying kind of late (my wife and I were out of town for a week on our annual vacation), but I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. I am writing this comment right after flying home from Mexico late yesterday night. I woke up before 9am (I live in Atlanta), and decided to catch up with the news by watching Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, celebrating it's 25th Anniversary. After watching, I think it would be great to see him replaced ASAP by someone truly non-partisan and actually honest about everything and with everyone! I am tired about his "Latest Fox News Polls" that he worships, and seem contrary with actual public opinion. We need a great deal more information and details on these polls. I am still waiting for someone (anyone) to call him on these "polls" after his 17 years and his celebrating "his 25 years on FNS", also another lie! Thanks!

  4. Gary KellyGary Kelly
    Apr 25, 2021 21:22 GMT

    Wallace is a Democratic pawn!

    1. Traci 381Traci 381
      Sep 17, 2021 07:37 GMT

      He’s a Marxist commi.

  5. GibbGibb
    May 23, 2021 13:29 GMT

    I was a fan of Chris before he showed his true colors. His popularity was off the charts, I do not see how he is going to get that back even if he tried changing a bit. I can not look at him the same way anymore. Fox needs to realize his time has passed and it is time for a change. Let him go the way he came in show him the door.

  6. Cindy ChronisterCindy Chronister
    Jun 29, 2021 17:54 GMT

    Neil Cavuto, Chris Wallace, Arthel Neville and Eric must go. Thank goodness i dont see much of Juan anymore! And yes,, Geraldo is disgusting!

    1. StevenSteven
      Sep 20, 2021 18:53 GMT

      My thinking is identical to yours. Wallace is despicable, as is Juan Williams. Geraldo is narcissistic, a self-congratulatory. Covuto is unwatchable. I love Tammy Bruce. Tucker is a favorite too. I think there is a mini feud between Hannity and Tucker. Tucker is the most watched on Fox, and I think Hannity resents him for it.

  7. CarterBCarterB
    Apr 25, 2021 19:23 GMT

    Wife and I were dedicated Fox News regular daily watchers...until Nov 2020. First we "tuned out" Chris Wallace..... Then Bret ONLY watch Hannity and occasionally Tucker and Laura Ingraham. We have "gone over" to Newsmax..particularly Greg Kelly....and OAN....the ONLY ones NOT 'roped in' by the uber lib, socialist and "America is bad" activist groups.
    Fox has "lost" it's "fair and balanced" approach, and gone the way of CNN, bowing to "social pressure" of the ''cancel culture" So sad than a once great network has gone soft.

    1. GKGK
      May 9, 2021 12:29 GMT

      MSM doesn’t get it! There is only so much free stuff government can give away to buy votes. The country goes broke and only the elite have free stuff. By then the elite don’t need our approval because they truly have succeeded in becoming “Big Brother”! MSM have truly been hoodwinked bc media is always the first to be silenced when the country runs out of free stuff to give away! So sad!

  8. LoriLori
    Nov 9, 2020 17:56 GMT

    I truly dislike Chris Wallace. So sorry that Fox News is becoming another CNN. Hope Tucker and some others switch to a more conservative channel soon.

    1. RobertoRoberto
      Mar 5, 2021 17:57 GMT

      How do I feel about Fox having Wallace moderate the debate and the election coverage and the overall left swing. How do I feel about Fox deleting my posts on their on line coverage? I just cancelled my cable tv subscription. No more funding them or cnn. Sorry, Tucker, Greg and Jessee, but I refuse to be censored for no reason. Same for Youtube.

  9. MikeyMikey
    Dec 12, 2021 16:16 GMT

    Thank God Wallace is gone. They need somebody that can be just as tough on democrats as Republicans!. Chris Wallace always struck me as a left winger and a Trump hater. Good riddance Chris don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Hopefully Maria Bartiromo will host the new show. She doesn't let the liars off the hook
    Like Wallace did.

    1. Mary PooleMary Poole
      Dec 12, 2021 17:00 GMT

      Chris Wallace never denied being a Democrat. However, it's past time for him to remove himself from Fox News.

      He should join the sinking titanic, CNN --The perfect ship of fools.

  10. GregGreg
    Apr 14, 2021 17:20 GMT

    Fox News seriously needs to dump Chris Wallace, Neil Cavuto, Juan Williams, Judge Nap, Geraldo Rivera, and Juan (twice). They are really contemptuous of their viewers and think they are smarter (maybe too smart) than everyone else. Wallace is weasel trading on his dead father's (Mike Wallace) name. Neil thinks he knows everything about everything when in fact, he's a dolt. Juan is the dumbest person on TV on any channel with one card to his came - R-A-C-I-S-T. If anyone disagrees with Juan, they are racist. All the bad things in the world happen because of racism. Meanwhile Juan is practiced in the art of distancing himself from being considered 'black' as his ethnicity is Panamanian. Although it is fun to watch Juan get smacked down on The Five by Watters and Gutfeld.

    1. HHOHHO
      Apr 18, 2021 16:12 GMT

      I completely agree with the comments about Chris Wallace...he constantly letting Democrats off the hook. I’ve been watch Tucker, Hannity, and the Five too. If you aren’t watching Sunday Morning Futures you are missing out Maria Bartiroma is consistently holding Binden’s feet to the fire. She always has the top GOP voices on her show every Sunday. Lawrence Jones on Prime Time is also interesting...he’s not as polished as some yet, but always has unique perspective on Conservative issues.

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