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America's Newsroom Ratings

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America's Newsroom Nielsen RatingsAmerica's Newsroom Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for America's Newsroom cable television show on Fox News Channel.

America's Newsroom Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for America's Newsroom show on Fox News Channel

America's Newsroom Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
May 20229258,000101,709,000-9%+562%
Apr 202291,874,000-3%
Mar 20229318,00091,925,000+3%+505%
Feb 202291,869,000+6%
Jan 20229270,000-13%101,765,000-6%+554%
Nov 202113311,000+15%101,885,000+11%+506%
Oct 20218271,000-1%101,697,000-1%+526%
Sep 202111274,000+10%101,721,000+12%+528%
Aug 202113248,000+8%141,538,000+15%+520%
Jul 20219230,000+6%121,341,000+1%+483%
Jun 202111217,000-7%121,323,000-4%+510%
May 202111234,000-3%141,371,000-1%+486%
Apr 202119242,000141,380,000+470%

Fox News Channel Top Programs

1The Five3,279,0006
2Tucker Carlson Tonight3,233,0005
4Jesse Watters Primetime12,646,00010
5Special Report with Bret Baier2,475,0005
6The Ingraham Angle2,256,000
9America's Newsroom1,709,0009
10The Faulkner Focus1,676,0008
11Your World with Neil Cavuto1,541,0008
12America Reports11,531,0006
13The Story with Martha MacCallum11,495,0009
14Fox & Friends1,410,0001
15Fox News @ Night1,123,00011
16Fox & Friends First1583,0006

Comments (8)

  1. Annette HawleyAnnette Hawley
    May 31, 2022 00:17 GMT

    The only show I watch is Tucker Carlson. I like
    his Fox Nation shows. He has great and interesting guests. I trust Tucker Carlson. He’s wise, smart, and courageous and knows DC.
    I just can’t deal with the news anymore. It’s the same piece talked about from show to show. Over and over and over. I’m done with it! It brings me down.

  2. Donja IvyDonja Ivy
    Jul 9, 2021 07:11 GMT

    I think Dana Perrino has added a lot of interest to the show with Bill Hemmer. The 2 have a good chemistry. They seem to present the stories well and make listening very interesting and informative.

  3. Ms MargieMs Margie
    Apr 29, 2022 02:11 GMT

    Dana Perino is not to be trusted with anything. Her job is to introduce subtle ideas to the right to erase Trump. Very subtly, Youngkin instead of Trump for 2024. She’s one with the Bushes, Cheneys, Romneys, McCains. She hates trump supporters and we have tons of proof. No matter what she says. I love the Five but abstain from watching from time to time because of her. Please replace her soon. I love the judge.

  4. Jordan CollumJordan Collum
    Aug 9, 2021 21:04 GMT

    I agree with Betty above. Strongly. Loved and listened a lot more with Sandra Smith. A very strong news duo.

  5. Cherie StoneCherie Stone
    Sep 20, 2021 04:58 GMT

    There is such a strained feeling between Dana and Bill. Very uncomfortable to watch. Bill always steps on Dana’s segments. Please separate these two. Obviously Bill is angry that he now has a cohost. Axe this duo for Dana’s sake.

  6. Henrietta GoodmanHenrietta Goodman
    Sep 7, 2021 15:25 GMT

    Tucker Carlson is the best show hands down. Not afraid to expose all the swamp creatures. Same with The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton and I really enjoy Trey Gowdy’s new show and who doesn’t love Greg Gutfeld.

  7. Betty WeitzelBetty Weitzel
    Jun 11, 2021 13:23 GMT

    Bill Hemmer can carry America’s Newsroom alone without Dana. She has nothing original or intelligent to say; that goes for her participation on The Five as well.

    1. Patricia FlanaganPatricia Flanagan
      Nov 1, 2021 02:53 GMT

      Bill and Dana are not good together. Bill and Martha, Bill and Sandra and Bill and other ladies are very good. Dana needs to stick to the five. She is nice but too stiff. It seems contrived with them together. Bill is a natural and personable and likeable. He also can be tough when he needs o be.

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