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Hannity Nielsen RatingsHannity Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Hannity cable television show on Fox News Channel.

Hannity Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Hannity show on Fox News Channel

Hannity Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Sep 20212494,000-2%33,045,000+1%+516%
Aug 20212503,000+19%33,009,000+12%+498%
Jul 20212422,000+7%22,697,000+4%+539%
Jun 20212395,000-5%22,595,000-1%+557%
May 20212416,000-7%22,634,000-4%+533%
Apr 20212449,000-3%32,730,000-5%+508%
Mar 20212465,000+7%32,869,000-2%+517%
Feb 20215435,000-21%32,937,000-8%+575%
Jan 202111549,000-28%73,182,000-26%+480%
Dec 20202760,300-27%14,274,400-14%+462%
Nov 202011,046,000+7%24,982,000-3%+376%
Oct 20202982,00025,119,000+421%

Fox News Channel Top Programs

1Tucker Carlson Tonight3,369,0002
2The Five3,247,0005
4The Ingraham Angle2,507,0005
5Special Report with Bret Baier2,370,0008
6Fox News Primetime2,120,0008
9America's Newsroom41,721,00012
10The Story with Martha MacCallum1,707,0005
11The Faulkner Focus11,686,0008
12America Reports11,647,0004
13Fox & Friends11,320,0009
14Fox News @ Night11,027,00011
15Fox & Friends First1517,00011

Comments (7)

  1. ZachZach
    May 21, 2021 04:11 GMT

    I used to really appreciate and enjoy watching Hannity. He did a great job breaking stories with his team.... but over the last year, I've grown to be almost entirely unable to watch his show, or listen to his radio show. He gets stuck in his memorized clang, and phrases, and I just get SOOOO tired listening to him making things about himself. Martial Arts? PULEEEZE stop going on about your martial arts training... WE KNOW. Don't get me wrong. I think he's a truly GREAT guy, and he has A LOT to be proud of! (But he might love himself a little too much while broadcasting.)

    Sean has lost his way a bit. His radio show is aimless these days, low on information, fast and loose on accurate facts, and becoming more and more rambling. You can tell he isn't fully prepped with news and facts before going on the air. He wings it. And he's able to! But I just can't listen to it anymore.

    As for his Fox News TV show, while it is better packed with more information... it still the same repetitive speeches and phrases...

    I find myself making an effort to watch Tucker Carlson, because I'm certain I'm going to learn something new, and there seems to be more of an effort to research and investigate. But I often end up turning off the TV when Hannity takes over, because its a surface-y mashup of everything I already heard over the last few days, from better sources.

    While long being #1, his ratings are dropping. Down to #3 on the channel, while Tucker continues to rise. Hopefully they start to realize why this is happening.

  2. DaveDave
    Jan 18, 2021 18:03 GMT

    I find a lot to agree with and disagree with news/opinion outlets... it's the American way.
    The 'new kids on the block' as I'll refer them (to include a Newsmax, One America News, America's Voice/others same), offer alternatives to try fill a void created when FOX News veered hard left, and sank.

    That everyone has an opinion a given. Likewise, an agenda same, ultimately (Newsmax even has a program, same name.) Good and bad can be found across the spectrum, but case any person/entity, a 'name' is only worthwhile as its incorruptibility.

    Just as important for me as integrity is delivery - ideally, how agenda-LESS is the content ('just the facts ma'am', nod Sgt. Friday), and at minimum, how tolerable the talking head is. Though 'news' is the thing even beyond 'opinion' some offer a 'presentation' easier on the senses than their peers.

    To wit, as a former FOX viewer there came a point that I could no longer watch Hannity due constant interruptions of guests; the show's content found valuable was overridden by that host's constantly poor etiquette. A newer venue America's Voice and 'War Room' with host Steve Bannon suffers the same problem: unlistenable/unwatchable (unless the sound is turned down, which defeats the intended purpose of communication.)

    'War Room's oft worthy content is ruined via a $hoestring operation, appears (technical difficulties, people's voices/face dropping off camera, example.) Moreso, the host's poor style/technique fast becomes grating on the ears. A common example: Bannon, talking to Rudy Giuliani: 'May-May-May-May-May- Mayor'... 'hold on hold on hold on hold on'...
    is like listening to Porky Pig on terminal rewind - 'Th-th-th-that's all folks!' Alas, it never is/never ends.

    Know from watching Bannon that he can do better 'when he wants to' - it just isn't often enough. Message to Steve... let your guests TALK - STOP CONSTANTLY INTERRUPTING. People generally tune in for a multitude of voices/guest takes - and not just one voice ad nauseam, ad infinitum. Other America's Voice hosts don't operate this way, so conclude it is that particular host's issue; such a shame... it doesn't have to be that way.

  3. Sherree CobbsSherree Cobbs
    Dec 4, 2020 23:45 GMT

    Lost interest in fox news. Hannity should
    allow his guests to finish their thoughts or otherwise have fewer guests. Ingraham has the same problem. It's their shows, but it is disrespectful to the guests and frustrating to this viewer.

  4. justynjustyn
    Sep 5, 2021 13:41 GMT

    Hannity isnt serious TV. He plays to conservative's emotions. I can't watch or listen to him, he just repeats himself over and over and over. Sadly he knows how to make money using these tactics. Fake news.

  5. Phylis OwenPhylis Owen
    Jun 17, 2021 01:15 GMT

    I am sick of Hannity repeating and repeating his fsvorite nsmes snd phrases.
    Sippy cup is stupid. Just fills up time over and over. Interrupts way too much. His ratings ate going down fast. Hope he changes.

    1. ZachZach
      Jun 23, 2021 00:43 GMT

      I completely agree. Good guy, nice guy, the right ideas.... but I can't listen to him anymore. And it's so true, his guests can't talk, because he takes up all their time with his usual and repetitive points, like he prefers to hear himself, more than he wants to hear his guests.

  6. Leo A DeAmicisLeo A DeAmicis
    Mar 8, 2021 19:51 GMT

    I have been a FOX News viewer for about two decades, but I am getting less interested. I am especially tired of Sean Hannity and his on going scandal about "Russia, Russia", "Ukraine, Ukraine" and other related issues. I was very pleased with the information that was coming forward about the DOJ, FBI, State Department and the people of the Deep State. I was believing that there was a real story there. Since they have not been able to deliver anything, it appears that "There Isn't Any There There". It appears that they are playing with the viewers to keep ratings. The fact is that they are losing viewers. And will lose me as well unless they come clean. They need to admit it to with the American People that there is no story and stop it, or they are going to lose viewers, especially from Mr. Hannity's hour program. And for heavens sakes stop the Hunter Biden scandal now, before it also becomes another lie. Stop the TALK, or show some ACTION. Otherwise FOX and Mr. Hannity are going to lose their credibility even more than they have already. Since Trump is gone, and Barr and Durham have left, is appears that the issue is dead. Don't make things worse. Just go back to being a Conservative Program and stop creating stories or they will soon become another CNN or MSNBC.

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