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Special Report with Bret Baier Ratings

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Special Report with Bret Baier Nielsen RatingsSpecial Report with Bret Baier Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Special Report with Bret Baier cable television show on Fox News Channel.

Special Report with Bret Baier Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Special Report with Bret Baier show on Fox News Channel

Special Report with Bret Baier Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Nov 20214475,000+38%42,768,000+20%+483%
Oct 20215345,000-7%42,304,000-3%+568%
Sep 20215369,000+6%52,370,000+8%+542%
Aug 20215349,000+23%52,186,000+22%+526%
Jul 20218283,000+12%61,794,000+2%+534%
Jun 20217253,000-9%61,755,000-4%+594%
May 20217277,000-7%61,833,000+562%
Apr 202112298,000-6%61,842,000-8%+518%
Mar 20217318,000+9%72,006,000-2%+531%
Feb 202120293,000122,037,000-11%+595%
Jan 2021192,287,000-23%
Dec 20206513,100-17%62,961,600+477%
Nov 20208616,000

Fox News Channel Top Programs

1Tucker Carlson Tonight13,667,00019
2The Five13,512,00013
4Special Report with Bret Baier2,768,00020
5The Ingraham Angle2,657,00021
6Fox News Primetime2,401,00015
9America's Newsroom1,885,00011
10America Reports11,875,00018
11The Story with Martha MacCallum11,870,00019
12The Faulkner Focus21,864,00010
13Your World with Neil Cavuto1,847,00018
14Fox & Friends1,441,00015
15Fox News @ Night1,193,00020
16Fox & Friends First580,00019

Comments (12)

  1. Elmer L. Barnes Jr.Elmer L. Barnes Jr.
    May 20, 2020 02:29 GMT

    Fox is losing it. Chris Wallace and Neil Cavuto are not fair and balanced. Both are not objective and are very negative. I am looking for an alternative to Fox. I only hope that shows like The Five and Special Report with Bret Baier will be on a new network that reflects the values of the America I grew up with. I am 72 years old and cannot remember the news being this bad and corrupt. It is apparent to any intelligent person what Chris Wallace and Neil Cavuto are about. I am an objective person. I voted for President Obama the first time, but not the second time. The Democratic Party is not the party of my parents. I fought for this country, but if the values of America change to reflect the current Democratic values I would never volunteer to fight for such a country. American must never become a socialist country. President Trump is the only person I hear saying this. The working men and women built this wonderful country and the Democratic Party is slowing giving away what these men and women worked and fought for. The great generation of World War II did not fight an die for socialism. Wake up America.

    1. Susan M TottySusan M Totty
      Jul 21, 2021 01:26 GMT

      Nobody fought & died for socialism and the huge government that comes with it.
      In fact the government we have now is the tyrannical government our forefathers warned us about.

  2. John WilsonJohn Wilson
    Jul 16, 2020 00:48 GMT

    Chris Wallace, and Neil Cavuto are as bad as Don Lemmon. Brett Baier isn't far behind them. They all belong on CNN. What are you thinking Fox News? This country is being beaten down by the left, and Fox News is not helping by putting these idiots, and there false narratives on air. Your lucky you have Tucker, Hannity, Ingram, and Kilmeade. If not for them, Fox would be another fake news source....And for the record this country is so lucky to have such a resilient, strong President. Few men could accomplish what Trump has accomplished in such a short time. No matter how many times he's knocked down, he always gets back up and keeps fighting for this country!

  3. LuannLuann
    Nov 21, 2020 23:44 GMT

    I started noticing a change with Brett Bair during the election. He continually used the word transparency to degrade Trump questioning the election. He never stated the data showing there was a serious concern about the manner the voting did not follow election rules.
    Neil bates his guest with questions that force a negative response about Trump.
    Oh then Chris Wallace who became a newsman on his fathers coat tails. He must not have been part of debate in school. He had no ability to manage a debate between two people.
    I hope Fox realizes there faithful viewership is aware of the left leaning movement.

  4. MarkMark
    Jul 12, 2020 03:04 GMT

    The prime time shows, the five and Bret Baier are the only shows I watch. However I do watch CNN but only after I’ve seen the item with my own eyes. I can watch it for about 5 min. If it’s Don Lemon it’s about 30 seconds. Tucker Carlson and MarK Levin may be the most insightful people on cable news. The only thing that gives me hope for the future is that no one is watching CNN or msnbc. Perhaps there really is a silent majority of reasonable people out there who are afraid to speak up in this cancel culture era. My honest hope is that everyone should be forced to watch Tucker and Levin for one episode and then they’d realize the real truth instead on the blatantly fake news of all the other cable and mainstream network shows

  5. Steve Lee ReidSteve Lee Reid
    Jul 23, 2021 23:02 GMT

    Except for a couple of programs Fox News sucks. Everyone is so sick of the sickening Geraldo Rivera, who the fk wants to watch that SOB? I just said goodbye to Fox during the 2020 election because you could see what they were doing and the whole World will soon find out Trump won by a landslide. Okay just call us idiots until 2022!

  6. Robert SandsRobert Sands
    Jan 12, 2021 03:33 GMT

    Tuning out Bret Baier , Martha MacCallum and Chris Wallace. Dana Perino should not be moved from her current position, she is a professional in the fullest since of the word. Martha MacCallum should just go away, she was an attack dog for Brett Baier early in the attack on the White House. Brett Baier should go away also.

  7. ToniToni
    Apr 22, 2021 01:30 GMT

    I will not be watching Bret Baier after his soft ball interview with John Boehner.

  8. Edward RodriguezEdward Rodriguez
    Apr 22, 2021 19:27 GMT

    I was a #1 FN viewer for 20 years. With respect to Tucker. Sean, GG, Ingraham, Jessie, and Judge J. I stop watching this network completely> Newsmax is the way to go. As long as Chris Wallace, Bret Bair, Martha, and all them leftist anchors keep working I will not go back to FNN, period

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