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The Ingraham Angle Ratings

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The Ingraham Angle Nielsen RatingsThe Ingraham Angle Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for The Ingraham Angle cable television show on Fox News Channel.

The Ingraham Angle Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for The Ingraham Angle show on Fox News Channel

The Ingraham Angle Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Apr 202262,251,000-7%
Mar 20226433,00062,411,000-1%+457%
Feb 202262,427,000+9%
Jan 20226376,000-20%62,225,000-16%+492%
Nov 20215469,000+31%52,657,000+21%+467%
Oct 20214359,000-16%52,194,000-12%+511%
Sep 20214429,000+5%42,507,000+5%+484%
Aug 20214410,000+18%42,394,000+16%+484%
Jul 20214347,00052,071,000-1%+497%
Jun 20214348,000-2%52,087,000+2%+500%
May 20214356,000-6%52,055,000-1%+477%
Apr 20215379,000-3%52,071,000-7%+446%
Mar 20215390,00052,238,000+474%

Fox News Channel Top Programs

1The Five3,494,0005
2Tucker Carlson Tonight3,389,0006
3Jesse Watters Primetime2,924,0006
5Special Report with Bret Baier2,598,0004
6The Ingraham Angle2,251,0007
9America's Newsroom1,874,0003
10The Faulkner Focus1,812,0005
11Your World with Neil Cavuto1,671,0007
12The Story with Martha MacCallum1,636,0008
13America Reports1,625,0008
14Fox & Friends1,419,0002
15Fox News @ Night1,015,00015
16Fox News Live658,00020
17Fox & Friends First550,0006

Comments (9)

  1. MickyMicky
    Mar 21, 2021 03:45 GMT

    Too many left leaning commentators. If I wanted to watch them, I'd watch CNN or MSNBC. It's clear Fox wants to become another CNN so I've switched to Newsmax. I've never been a Laura fan so only watch Tucker and Hannity on occassion now. I'd love to see them both leave Fox.

  2. rozroz
    Nov 8, 2021 00:22 GMT

    Fox weather believes in global warming, dont have interest in the FIVE..Juan is still an ass...use to watch Tucker and Hannity..but feel they back stabbed Trump supporters. Laura pissed me off when she didnt support Trump and the rest are liberals.

    Turn off all cable...period! Opinions dont matter! The media needs to be flushed down the toilet and Holly..nuts need to move out of the country. The GOP will lose if they turn their back on Trump...pissed at Scott....should not support Lisa or Mitch....Scott has now lost supporters after his latest announcement...

    RINO's need to your face so we can replace you...if Trump doesnt like you we will not vote for you! PERIOD!

  3. ClaudiaClaudia
    Jun 25, 2021 02:10 GMT

    Coverage of the border is no where to be seen but fox, why is that. Laura,tucker,Sean are good. Truth , you need to fact check and you will see.

  4. GeneGene
    Apr 22, 2021 01:10 GMT

    I switched to Newsmax and NTD after it became obvious Fox is another CNN. Always liked Tucker, Bret and Laura though...

  5. RickRick
    Oct 12, 2021 16:42 GMT

    It's funny to read where FoxNews viewers are switching to Newsmax, thinking they're actually getting "news". FoxNews may sound like CNN to them, but Foxnews is attempting to report real news, not extremist right-wing propaganda.

    The only people who find NewsMax informative are extremists themselves who are looking for reasons to be hateful, bigoted and racist. NewsMax is the channel for fascists.

  6. Rosalind W.Rosalind W.
    Jul 24, 2021 03:21 GMT

    My Husband and I believe your Live News Programs are probably the most Accurate of the News Channels. BUT we have a STRONG DISLIKE for all of the Swearing. That is so Unprofessional and NOT Necessary to get your Information or Ideas across to your watchers!!!! This evenings show was very upsetting. Please control your guest speakers.

  7. SethSeth
    May 31, 2021 10:13 GMT

    It's quite comical watching Fox shows on YouTube as a Canadian.
    Fox isn't alone on this, but the bias is so blatant that it boggles my brain.
    Laura and Hannity are most fun to watch (lol).

    1. Herm MunsterHerm Munster
      Jun 26, 2021 02:59 GMT

      I always enjoy looking at pictures of Trudeau in black face. I find it very comical.

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