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Tucker Carlson Tonight Ratings

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Tucker Carlson Tonight Nielsen RatingsTucker Carlson Tonight Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Tucker Carlson Tonight cable television show on Fox News Channel.

Tucker Carlson Tonight Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Tucker Carlson Tonight show on Fox News Channel

Tucker Carlson Tonight Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Apr 202223,389,000-6%
Mar 20221626,00023,617,000+478%
Feb 202223,621,000+6%
Jan 20221560,000-14%23,414,000-7%+510%
Nov 20211651,000+35%13,667,000+19%+463%
Oct 20211483,000-16%23,081,000-9%+538%
Sep 20211574,000+4%13,369,000+2%+487%
Aug 20211551,000+6%13,302,000+9%+499%
Jul 20211520,000+13%13,023,000+8%+481%
Jun 20211460,000-4%12,812,000-4%+511%
May 20211478,000-9%12,937,000-3%+514%
Apr 20211523,000-2%13,023,000-6%+478%
Mar 20211535,00013,225,000+503%

Fox News Channel Top Programs

1The Five3,494,0005
2Tucker Carlson Tonight3,389,0006
3Jesse Watters Primetime2,924,0006
5Special Report with Bret Baier2,598,0004
6The Ingraham Angle2,251,0007
9America's Newsroom1,874,0003
10The Faulkner Focus1,812,0005
11Your World with Neil Cavuto1,671,0007
12The Story with Martha MacCallum1,636,0008
13America Reports1,625,0008
14Fox & Friends1,419,0002
15Fox News @ Night1,015,00015
16Fox News Live658,00020
17Fox & Friends First550,0006

Comments (29)

  1. Bill VBill V
    Jun 29, 2021 00:55 GMT

    The reason people get fired up and angry is because the TRUTH of what is happening in America IS outrageous and enraging! He’s the only one who has the strength to tell it!

    1. BarbBarb
      Jul 16, 2021 12:55 GMT

      AMEN! Everyone needs to start waking up real quick before we have lost it all.

  2. biggreybiggrey
    Feb 23, 2021 18:58 GMT

    Tucker has enough content and money to start his own Network

  3. SandraSandra
    Nov 11, 2020 21:26 GMT

    Tucker is easily the best show on Fox. Hands down favorite. Never miss his show. Period!

    1. Bill VBill V
      Jun 29, 2021 00:50 GMT

      Tucker is the best show on all of TV!

  4. Tucker CarlsonTucker Carlson
    May 31, 2021 00:53 GMT

    I outsold MSNBC And CNN.

    1. Jessica SmithJessica Smith
      Aug 28, 2021 15:05 GMT

      The company you work for sucks..I am over Fox News and their lies.. nice to know the Democrats have a new station to tune into... that probably the only reason ratings are high.. wish tucker would just leave the stink of a news channel..

  5. JonasJonas
    Jun 17, 2021 22:46 GMT

    I honestly don't understand it, I'm pretty new to this whole, caring about politics things I'm only 23. but honestly watching news debates on a bunch of the major networks what I thought ( as a kid) was a few adults hashing out real issues in the world with one another has turned out to be more like grade schoolers arguing about which superhero is the best "I zapped you with my Lazer eyes" "no you didn't i have a shield so it didn't hit me" type stuff like good lord. People like Tucker Carlson are some of the few who actually seem to make any sense, what happened to people being people and judging one another based on character and merit? I grew up in rural Ohio where people treated each other like human beings and never thought anything of it, I moved into really close to an inner city these days and people either don't acknowledge you even exist (which is fine) or go out of their way to be jerks. I visited my stomping ground recently and I had people I didn't know sitting on their front porch saying good morning and wishing me a nice day as i walked by

    1. jonas (still)jonas (still)
      Jun 17, 2021 22:54 GMT

      and I see their houses adorned with trump signs. I don't see why see why all these people (not just on the left, but the right as well) are so egger to go straight at each other's throats without hesitation it's almost like some of these people don't want equality or peace, there are problems in this country there is a rampant amount of injustice. but people don't seem to really want to get make it better, they seem to want to "get even" instead, not peace but almost revenge. its disgusting. I want there to be change but I'm not sure that it'll ever actually happen.

  6. Lesco BrandonLesco Brandon
    Oct 20, 2021 02:22 GMT


  7. Thomas SlingluffThomas Slingluff
    Feb 19, 2021 19:56 GMT

    I have exclusively been watching OAN and Newsmax for the last 3 months solid. I'd like to watch Tucker and Hannity but I don't want to give FOX the business after the way they've gone so crazy left. Until Cavuto and Wallace are off the air, FOX will never get me back. plus, OAN and Newsmax are really good. Not as flash as FOX but they're working on it. I recommend all watch them.

    1. Jessica smithJessica smith
      Aug 28, 2021 15:11 GMT

      Same.. I cannot watch.. after they stated they will not report on anything regarding the election fraud that did it for me..and the last day I watched was when Chris Wallace or brett B cut away from President Trump and said they can't report that .. never have they ever cut away from any president even obonehead but they cut away from president trump.. I knew right then they were under new leadership.. some new left wing management.. thanks for the memories but I've moved on.. I hope that others stop drinking the koolaide

  8. Paula FerriPaula Ferri
    Jan 23, 2021 12:34 GMT

    So much more than disappointed. I believe Our Country is headed on a downward spiral as is Fox. YET some shows are still holding on such as Tucker and yes others. Can they do a turnaround only they can answer that and the American People. I say this also for Our Beloved America. God Bless America!

  9. Slow Ol' JoeSlow Ol' Joe
    Jul 23, 2021 06:36 GMT

    C'mon, man! Worse than Jim Crow on steroids!

    Steroids? Huh? Not in the olympics. Nope. They got rules. And I ain't no dog face pony soldier!

    But I tell you about this Tucker guy... he ummm....he's got the thing, like that, ummm, you know... the thing. You know the thing!

    Kamala! Kamala...!? Where's my pants?

    1. FoggyFoggy
      Oct 13, 2021 02:02 GMT

      If it were not true it would actually be hilarious!

  10. Kathleen  WilkenKathleen Wilken
    Jan 5, 2021 12:50 GMT

    I deleted Fox from my phone and unsubscribed from you tube tv. I do miss Tucker though. I follow OAN and Newsmax. I think I dispise Martha the most.

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