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Michaela Nielsen RatingsMichaela Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Michaela cable television show on Headline News.

Michaela Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Michaela show on Headline News

Michaela Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Dec 20186830,000+3%8299,000-12%+230%
Sep 20186129,000+21%75113,000+12%+290%
Aug 20186124,000-4%72101,000+15%+321%
Jul 20186425,000-19%7888,000-7%+252%
Jun 20186231,000+3%7895,000-4%+206%
May 20186030,000-14%7299,000-3%+230%
Apr 20185735,000+13%74102,000+11%+191%
Mar 20186531,000-6%7892,000-3%+197%
Feb 20186133,000+14%7295,000-2%+188%
Jan 20186929,000-40%7997,000-25%+234%
Dec 20175948,000+33%74130,000+33%+171%
Oct 20175436,0007098,000+172%

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