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Morning Express with Robin Meade Ratings

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Morning Express with Robin Meade Nielsen RatingsMorning Express with Robin Meade Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Morning Express with Robin Meade cable television show on Headline News.

Morning Express with Robin Meade Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Morning Express with Robin Meade show on Headline News

Morning Express with Robin Meade Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Nov 20214751,000+4%64181,000-4%+255%
Oct 20214649,000-14%62189,000-1%+286%
Sep 20214357,000+4%60191,000+6%+235%
Aug 20214555,000+6%63181,000+5%+229%
Jul 20214552,000-5%59173,000+3%+233%
Jun 20214555,000-5%60168,000-2%+205%
May 20214658,000+18%60172,000+5%+197%
Apr 20215249,000-13%65164,000-7%+235%
Mar 20215556,000+4%65177,000+9%+216%
Feb 20215554,000-18%65163,000-20%+202%
Dec 20205465,500+9%66204,900+11%+213%
Nov 20205460,00068185,000+208%

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Comments (13)

  1. Section 319Section 319
    Sep 24, 2021 12:02 GMT

    While the majority of tv news is leftward leaning, HLN is the least left offering from CNN. It's corny at times but maybe it's me it's much easier to watch vs. ABC,NBC,CBS.

  2. JoshJosh
    Oct 18, 2020 13:51 GMT

    I have loved watching this show for many years. I have always loved how the format of the show is; I could always get what information I needed about the day in a reasonable time. Now something has changed, however the format of the show is the same. The information that the show talks about is biased and not relevant or in some cases not true. I don’t have time in my day to listen to this. I’m hoping that they see the viewers are losing interest in this, and are not watching your fictional biased driven. Please go back to just reporting news.

    1. MarkMark
      Oct 31, 2020 11:46 GMT

      I completely agree with Josh, the format has changed. The show has turned into a typical left wing media outlet. Please Please Please go back to giving us unbiased news.

  3. JcbrinesrJcbrinesr
    Dec 9, 2020 14:40 GMT

    Robin Meade is a...JOKE......all she does is laugh and carry on like a school girl,,,,will not watch this news channel,,,,she is never serious,,,,does not know how to report the news.....stops in the middle of question,,,,started another subject,,,,take her off the air....what a loser..........

  4. LBLB
    Jan 13, 2021 13:39 GMT

    I had not watched the Morning Express show for some time so I decided to go back and check it out and was shocked. Robin Meade does not seem interested in the show, she hesitates a lot, there are a lot of pauses, she makes a lot of mistakes as she reads the monitors, it’s just a mess. Maybe it’s time for her to move on to something else since it seems she has lost interest.

  5. AvaAva
    May 12, 2021 13:41 GMT

    Robin Meade is so obnoxious and her "fill-ins"...Susan Hendricks and Lynn Smith, are 110% better anchors than Robin could EVER THINK TO BE!!! I will NOT even watch HLN in the morning, if Robin Meade is on. She is terrible at reporting and is more into HERSELF, than the news!!! She doesn't even know which camera to focus on...duh???!!!

  6. FredFred
    Aug 18, 2021 15:21 GMT

    Agree with Josh, biased leftist station. I used to get news but not anymore.

  7. Phil ScottPhil Scott
    Jul 22, 2021 12:57 GMT

    Is there a possibility that this show will be cancelled?

  8. John CenaJohn Cena
    May 8, 2021 02:36 GMT

    Robin Meade is legally retarded.

    May 22, 2019 14:55 GMT

    Robin Meade on the Morning Express is difficult to listen to. Her smoker voice, giggling and "Good Morning Sunshine" is irritating. I am not her sunshine, since that is what most people would say to their child. I am surprised she has not been let go yet.

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