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Hallmark Channel weekly ratingsHallmark Channel weekly ratings

The Hallmark Channel is a 24-hour cable television network owned by Crown Media Holdings, which is itself owned by Hallmark Cards, Inc. As the leading destination for family-friendly, feel-good entertainment in the United States, the channel’s programing features a mix of original and acquired television content including movies, scripted series, and lifestyle specials. Hallmark Channel’s biggest competitors in terms of its entertainment programming are INSP and Lifetime; as well as AMC, FETV, and GAC Family to a lesser extent. Also in the Hallmark television family are the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Drama channels.

Hallmark Channel’s history originates with the launch of Vision Interfaith Satellite Network and American Christian Television System, branded together as VISN/ACTS in 1992. The network rebranded as Faith and Values Channel in 1993, Odyssey Network in 1996, and as the Hallmark Channel in 2001. Historically regarded as conservative-leaning and exclusionary, the network expressed willingness to work with GLAAD, an LGBTQ media monitoring organization, to create more inclusive programming. Subsequently, the series finale of Good Witch, which aired in July 2021, featured the first lesbian kiss in a Hallmark production.

Hallmark Channel Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Channel Ratings: Riding on the overwhelming popularity of the highly successful, signature holiday programming Countdown to Christmas, Hallmark Channel finished the fourth quarter of 2020 as the most-watched entertainment cable network among Women 18+ for the seventh year in a row. In Saturday primetime, the channel is the highest-rated of all broadcast and cable networks among the same demographic. Overall, Hallmark Channel regularly ranks as one of cable’s most-watched entertainment networks in primetime and total day ratings.

Hallmark Channel Weekly Ratings

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Comments (261)

  1. Diane NDiane N
    May 8, 2022 02:32 GMT

    I am seeking GAC channel for programming now. I am saddened by Hallmark’s disregard for us who wish to view family TV without having gay themes shoved down our throat. You have LOST your way and your movies reflect that!! I feel like you have abandoned us. I hope more great actors jump ship!

    1. LSBLSB
      May 17, 2022 20:14 GMT

      You should love GAC Family with Candace Cameron Bure and her "faith-filled programming". She will have an executive role at GAC. Meanwhile, Hallmark has almost 20 times the audience of GAC. Hallmark appeals to more viewers, and in television, ratings are $$$$.

  2. JulieJulie
    May 2, 2022 21:01 GMT

    I love seeing the ratings each week go lower and lower for Hallmark. They are forgetting the fans who have been with them since the start. To create programming that Wonya Lewis wants. The continuing of casting Gay characters in ever movie and having them kiss in every movie is getting a bit much. Hallmark channel use to be on all day at my house not so much anymore. I can’t wait to see what other stars leave the sinking ship of Hallmark.

    1. LIZLIZ
      May 7, 2022 19:32 GMT

      Hallmark USED TO STAND FOR FAMILY, QUALITY, HOPE. The new WOKE WOKE thems permeate and DESTROY FAMILY and why we all turned to HALLMARK for quality entertainment that made sense. The actors in romantic scenes don't even look like they like each other ..the scripts as of late, CHEAP AND POORLY WRITTEN. Very disappointed. Want the former production direction back and don't like this version. Even NCIS and other normal cable have NOT written in such WOKE THEMES.

  3. Valerie HooperValerie Hooper
    Jun 9, 2021 20:20 GMT

    These ratings are eye-opening. In a short time, Hallmark has gone from my favorite channel to one I have no desire to watch. This season of When Calls the Heart and its dismal finale has been the last straw. I pray that Hallmark will return to its core values. I know that viewership would skyrocket.

    1. Susie HSusie H
      Jun 9, 2021 20:53 GMT

      I’m so disappointed how quickly Hallmark has decided to follow the direction of the major networks. I’m not watching Hallmark now. I wish they would let the current leadership go and reverse the direction it is on now.

      It is time to pray for those actors who have faith in God to know how to navigate the current direction of Hallmark.

  4. LynnLynn
    Apr 18, 2022 14:08 GMT

    Wonya Lucas is destroying the Hallmark Channel and they soon will be too far gone to recover. They pushed away the quality actors and the best storytellers for those that have to push an agenda and it shows.

  5. Grandma JoGrandma Jo
    Mar 26, 2022 20:59 GMT

    If there was any doubt, Wonya Lucas again proved how low she would go to save her floundering series and maybe, her job. Now the "diversity savior" of HM took a camera crew and several cast members to a horse rescue to broadcast how they were "giving back". The video spent 95% of the time highlighting the cast members in posed snippets plugging their show and on a cameo appearance by the dastardly woman herself, Lucas. What spewed from her mouth? How HM was focusing on diversity and kindness for the world. Do horses at a rescue have diversity issues? I hadn't heard. Maybe the appaloosas don't get along with the palominos or roans or quarter horses-who knew? Isn't Wonya the one who recently eliminated all HM support of animal adoption, rescue, and shows like the Kitten Bowl? It's a shame that the true kindness and good deeds actually performed by the rescue staff were minimized and shoved under the carpet so Wonya could write her own script and direct the cast. HM now needs damage control for the damage control that was damaged by the control of their own CEO. Karma....

  6. AnonymousAnonymous
    May 12, 2022 23:56 GMT

    I love how Hallmark does absolutely nothing to anyone who comments with hatred towards Christians or anyone who is not a supporter of hallmark new WOKE programming or the new WOKE direction the network is taking. The hatred is coming from sites that use the hallmark name in their site name. Free speech is one thing but the continuing attacks on people who do not like hallmark programming from these people is

    1. Grandma JoGrandma Jo
      May 14, 2022 19:24 GMT

      Kinda goes against that "inclusivity" bit doesn't it????

  7. RWPrincessRWPrincess
    Feb 9, 2022 17:09 GMT

    It's been almost 2 years now and it's time for Wonya Lucas to go. In the short time she and her team have been there, she has destroyed everything that has made Hallmark a unique brand. She has cancelled Home & Family, the Bubbly Sesh podcast, most mystery movie series on HMM, Good Witch, When Hope Calls, seemingly Chesapeake Shores, and now the Kitten Bowl. What kind of person cancels a Kitten Bowl? When Calls the Heart is circling the drain because it went against formula in the Season 8 finale and in the process has alienated the majority of the fanbase. What kind of leadership team does that? Wonya and her team have completely misread their own audience and these consistently declining numbers reflect that. When will enough be enough for the Crown Media Board? Adding diversity is always a good thing but when you start messing with an existing storytelling formula for no reason, that's the beginning of the end. Thankfully we now have Netflix to give us uplifting series in the form of Virgin River and Sweet Magnolias. And PBS Masterpiece is full of uplifting period dramas. We don't need Hallmark to give us a subpar version of what we can watch on network tv. The 2021 Christmas movies were mediocre at best and most of the non-Christmas movies aside from The Wedding Veil trilogy have not been impressive. Thankfully other networks and streaming services are jumping on the RomCom train and producing better quality movies than Hallmark leadership.

    1. AudreyAudrey
      Feb 9, 2022 20:59 GMT

      Your absolutely right, I dropped HMC subscription when they killed everything that the majority of the fans were expecting. Will never watch HC ever!

  8. EvangelineEvangeline
    May 15, 2022 13:14 GMT

    I had the misfortune of seeing a promo for WCTH yesterday, wow, just wow. Something about Elizabeth thought Lucas was going to propose on her birthday and she was upset because it didn’t happen. I mean serious soap opera stuff we have going on here. Those two together are like wooden marionettes. And even in that short promo, no chemistry! No matter how hard they try there is nothing there.

    1. Grandma JoGrandma Jo
      May 15, 2022 14:20 GMT

      Best, most accurate comment I have seen in a long time.

  9. Grandma JoGrandma Jo
    Jan 13, 2022 21:27 GMT

    I watched The Wedding Veil because Kevin McGarry was in it, along with Lacey Chabert, a wonderful actress and a longtime favorite. It was the only thing I watched on HM since May 9, when HM began their quest to squelch Mr. McGarry's popularity.

    What a first rate, marvelous production! Lacey had the vision to bring us a wonderful story, cast Kevin as her leading man, demand high production values, and assemble an outstanding supporting cast, too. The costuming was superb. The chemistry between Lacey and Kevin was off the charts and their humorous banter was on point, delivered with perfect timing! These two generous artists were ALLOWED to strut their stuff.

    Mr. McGarry's phone should be ringing 24/7 after this, and rightly so. HM will suddenly do an about face and do their utmost to reverse their downward trend by using him to try to correct the dive. Kevin, if you are reading this, please don't sign anything with HM on it. Demand to be treated appropriately, hired as the leading man that you are, for a vehicle that is well-written and allows you to shine yet again. May I suggest you find a home at GAC Family? Rumor has it they actually demand good storytelling with no flipped scripts, treat their artists with respect, and encourage input from both the actors they hire and their fans. If not GAC, perhaps Columbia, Paramount, Fox, or one of the major networks.

    I was happy to watch and support Lacey and Kevin in The Wedding Veil. They didn't disappoint. It is a stunning movie. It also allowed a point to be made with HM, and their fans sent that message out loud and clear via our ratings.

    I am looking forward to watching Kevin McGarry and Cindy Busby in the movie Autumn Stables this Saturday afternoon on GAC Family.

    I also now return to my boycott of all things HM.

    1. DeeDee
      Jan 13, 2022 23:43 GMT

      Well said!!!!!!!

  10. LorenaLorena
    Jun 10, 2021 03:56 GMT

    The changes at Hallmark are for the most part are terrible. I like the more diversity of the characters. However, the programming is terrible. Home and Family was decreased to one hour, three days a week with the show ending in August. It and the movies were replaced with sitcoms that can be watched on other channels. Season 8 of When Calls the Heart was very disappointing. The writing was very fragmented and storylines that should have been completed were dropped or didn’t move the story along. The story from other seasons were completely ignored. It sometimes appears that the writers can’t remember from one episode to the next what they wrote. The finale was the last straw. The antihero gets the girl while the hero is beaten down all season. All the online polls, even after the finale, overwhelmingly showed that 70% of the viewers wanted the hero to get the heroine. If Hallmark made this decision, you obviously didn’t look at your own survey from. May 2020. The creator has said they will change the anti hero’s character into a family man. That is so unbelievable. If they were going to do that, it should have already been done. Also showing flashbacks to change his character won’t work. The script was flipped, it is obvious by some of the dialogue and scenes. The chemistry between the heroine (who was turned into a unsympathetic character this season) isn’t nearly as good as her chemistry with the hero. The flippant Tweets by a creator and one of the actors at the end of the finale were not reconciling but further divided the group. Changes need to be made to your longest running, most popular show to bring it up to the standard set in previous years. The best way to do it would be to find some way to make Season 9 pick up where Season 7 left off. I have only watched one Hallmark movie, Sweet Caroline, since When Calls the Heart’s atrocious finale. I used to watch daily and always on Saturday and Sunday nights but now I watch other channels or read.

    1. Kathie NeeKathie Nee
      Jun 10, 2021 19:03 GMT


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