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Hallmark Channel weekly ratingsHallmark Channel weekly ratings

Weekly Nielsen ratings for Hallmark Channel cable television network.

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Ratings chart for Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Channel Weekly Ratings

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  1. Joy BuddeJoy Budde
    Jun 9, 2021 14:10 GMT

    Hallmark has lost my viewership,so disappointed and upset with writing and change of direction of season 8 of When Calls The Heart and Chesapeake Shores.I'm finding too many other channels and streaming services with good shows to spend time and money on.( Writers take note of Heartland for great stories,characters and consistency,,,now in 15th season)

    1. CarolCarol
      Jun 9, 2021 19:46 GMT

      Totally agree. They lost me too!

  2. KyleKyle
    Jun 10, 2021 01:09 GMT

    While I actually LOVE a lot of the changes Hallmark has been making to be more inclusive, I am so incredibly mad at how they handled season 8 of WCTH. It was a complete joke. I can’t even believe they are wasting the talent of Kevin McGarry by not making him the leading man. It’s just stupid on their part. And, I’ve been boycotting the channel ever since that awful finale due to the way the WCTH show runners and cast members acted towards Team Nathan after the fact. They seriously need to get rid of Papa Bird and John Tinker. Unless they pull a Dallas and have Elizabeth wake up from some horrible dream where she’s completely horrified about sucking face with McBeardy, I’m out.

    1. Grandma JoGrandma Jo
      Jun 10, 2021 02:13 GMT

      Kevin McGarry IS the leading man, as demonstrated by his brilliant acting over the last 3 seasons and his chemistry with scene partners. He created a rich, multi-layered Nathan that was the most enjoyable character on the show-- strong, courageous, sensitive, dependable, a good parent, and a wonderful love interest for the protagonist. TPTB tore him down in Season 8, flipped the script, thought the audience would buy it, and switch allegiance to the once mysterious saloon owner made into a stalking, stonefaced, razzle dazzle, unbelievable suitor. Guess what? WE NOTICED. A large chunk of your viewing audience noticed and is outraged. I cancelled Hallmark the day after the finale, but I will follow Kevin McGarry in any non-HM projects he does, as well as Jaeda Lilly Miller, who plays his niece. I survived the Pandemic, but I can't survive another season of this garbage writing and gameplaying. I'm no fool. Good luck, Hallmark.

  3. LorenaLorena
    Jun 10, 2021 03:56 GMT

    The changes at Hallmark are for the most part are terrible. I like the more diversity of the characters. However, the programming is terrible. Home and Family was decreased to one hour, three days a week with the show ending in August. It and the movies were replaced with sitcoms that can be watched on other channels. Season 8 of When Calls the Heart was very disappointing. The writing was very fragmented and storylines that should have been completed were dropped or didn’t move the story along. The story from other seasons were completely ignored. It sometimes appears that the writers can’t remember from one episode to the next what they wrote. The finale was the last straw. The antihero gets the girl while the hero is beaten down all season. All the online polls, even after the finale, overwhelmingly showed that 70% of the viewers wanted the hero to get the heroine. If Hallmark made this decision, you obviously didn’t look at your own survey from. May 2020. The creator has said they will change the anti hero’s character into a family man. That is so unbelievable. If they were going to do that, it should have already been done. Also showing flashbacks to change his character won’t work. The script was flipped, it is obvious by some of the dialogue and scenes. The chemistry between the heroine (who was turned into a unsympathetic character this season) isn’t nearly as good as her chemistry with the hero. The flippant Tweets by a creator and one of the actors at the end of the finale were not reconciling but further divided the group. Changes need to be made to your longest running, most popular show to bring it up to the standard set in previous years. The best way to do it would be to find some way to make Season 9 pick up where Season 7 left off. I have only watched one Hallmark movie, Sweet Caroline, since When Calls the Heart’s atrocious finale. I used to watch daily and always on Saturday and Sunday nights but now I watch other channels or read.

    1. Kathie NeeKathie Nee
      Jun 10, 2021 19:03 GMT


  4. Kristie CrowKristie Crow
    Jun 10, 2021 01:13 GMT

    I left the Hallmark Channel the night of WCTH finale. I felt manipulated and used as I was promised a triangle that never happened. My feel good show was no more. It was a shame. I was a loyal viewer of all things hallmark. It was always on in my home, but since that night I refuse to give my ratings to them.

  5. TanyaTanya
    Jun 10, 2021 00:04 GMT

    I haven’t watched a single second of Hallmark since that train wreck finale of WCTH. I’m down with Hallmark for good!

  6. Valerie HooperValerie Hooper
    Jun 9, 2021 20:20 GMT

    These ratings are eye-opening. In a short time, Hallmark has gone from my favorite channel to one I have no desire to watch. This season of When Calls the Heart and its dismal finale has been the last straw. I pray that Hallmark will return to its core values. I know that viewership would skyrocket.

    1. Susie HSusie H
      Jun 9, 2021 20:53 GMT

      I’m so disappointed how quickly Hallmark has decided to follow the direction of the major networks. I’m not watching Hallmark now. I wish they would let the current leadership go and reverse the direction it is on now.

      It is time to pray for those actors who have faith in God to know how to navigate the current direction of Hallmark.

  7. Mastiff MomMastiff Mom
    Jun 9, 2021 22:13 GMT

    After the bizarre and poor writing of last season, I have no plans to tune into Hallmark. I will not be back for season 9. This show went from being my most favorite show and I admit I was obsessed. I angrily realized that I can say no more and walk away. I know there are many who feel the same way.

    1. CarolCarol
      Jun 10, 2021 18:11 GMT

      I agree. I was one of those obsessed WCTH fan. I gave them so much free advertising and begged for season 9. What I got was a slap in the face and feeling USED. I’m done.

  8. kaye manning suhrkaye manning suhr
    Jun 9, 2021 20:16 GMT

    Cannot believe that Hallmark, with their incredible years of providing their viewers with beautiful, heartwarming, and family friendly shows, has decided to "fix" something that wasn't broken...Sadly, I've deleted all things Hallmark.

  9. KantBelieveItKantBelieveIt
    Jun 9, 2021 22:28 GMT

    Due to the unbelievable changes Hallmark is incorporating into their shows, I’m forced to no longer support them with my hard earned money! The finale of season8 When Call The Heart felt like an amateur high school play. Writers are hired to do just that and when the higher-ups dictate a storyline you get the mess that was episode 12. It’s been over a month and everyone is still wondering what happened and why??? Hallmark should take responsibility and FIX this! Unbelievable that they would pull something like this on their #1 show who has so many FAITHFUL followers. #Hearties were hurt when the fiasco with Jack happened, but most understood that wasn’t Hallmark’s fault. This falls squarely on them and fans will not be as understanding or kind with this choice. FIX IT!!!

  10. CatJCatJ
    Jun 10, 2021 02:34 GMT

    Not surprised at these numbers at all, reruns of comedies during the day, horrible, unnecessary S8 writing and storytelling and finale of WCTH and tptb that say don't let the door hit ya. Very similar writing for other series too. All combined make it easy to walk away for so many. Even some long time Hallmark actors.

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