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Lifetime Movie Network weekly ratingsLifetime Movie Network weekly ratings

Weekly Nielsen ratings for Lifetime Movie Network cable television network.

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Ratings chart for Lifetime Movie Network

Lifetime Movie Network Weekly Ratings

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  1. ChrisChris
    Jun 18, 2022 19:10 GMT

    LMN movies are very predictable and corny. That’s why I like them. All cheerleaders are diabolical, if a character snoops where they are not supposed to they will die, in every ending the protagonist fights the antagonist. And if the antagonist doesn’t die, they end up imprisoned or institutionalized.

    I don’t like how the movies portray mental illnesses or how they put “psycho” in some of their movie titles. In regards to diversity, I think they are overdoing it. Being black, it is nice to see people of my demographic in leading or important supporting roles. However, it’s not realistic portrait.

    I grew in a suburb that is racially diverse. While the movies reflect the type of environment I grew up in, the same can’t be said for Middle America or predominantly-white rural communities. Granted, much of the film and TV industry are required to have diversity on account of the woke movements of the 2010s.

    I’m not going to stop watching movies from LMN as it is a guilty pleasure of mine. I would like some things to change. But do you honestly think they’ll listen to any of us?

  2. NickiNicki
    Apr 17, 2022 02:44 GMT

    The “Lifetime” channel has really gone down the tubes! Their movies are so predictable and ridiculous! And now they’re trying to be like the channel "BET” by showing all black movies that are so corney!
    Come on Lifetime, get your act together!!

  3. LittlebitLittlebit
    Dec 26, 2021 20:38 GMT

    Lmn network shows are good movies, but you as a network need to stop showing the same movies over and over again. As a paying customer it should be a cover on every aspect of life not the same movies over and over it gets real boring to watch.

  4. Anne HaganAnne Hagan
    Dec 23, 2021 15:32 GMT

    Thank you for the diversity, Lifetime! Representation matters.

  5. JayJay
    Dec 7, 2021 02:33 GMT

    Lifetime is pandering. In real life it’s a little white, a little black, s little Asian, and a little of reality. Channels like LIFETIME promote division and and paint a distorted picture of real LIFETIME. We need to bring our country together, not divide it. In the Bible it states: a nation divided amongst itself shall lay to waste and a city or home divided against itself shall not stand. Wake up America before it’s too late

    1. JoyJoy
      Jan 6, 2022 23:09 GMT

      Lifetime is over doing it on all aspects! Their movies are boring and one note and every theme is about homosexuals, Blacks, Asians or interracial couples. I’m Black and I’m tired of seeing the same old movies! The Christmas movies in 2021 were no better! We get it Lifetime! There are a lot of injustices out there, but your D-rated movies are not going to change the situation at all!

  6. Jane PitchfordJane Pitchford
    Dec 5, 2020 22:26 GMT

    Do not oppose to you having gay people in your movies, but is the kissing really necessary? Had a relative that was gay, but he had enough respect not to do that in front of friends and family.

    Also do not oppose to all black actors in your movies or bi-racial. Yes BLM. Have many friends, co-workers and neighbors that are black, but you are going overboard with this too.

    1. TiggyTiggy
      Feb 21, 2021 17:27 GMT

      I bet you don't have the same sentiments when it comes to all white actors in movies.....if so you would be complaining about the majority of movies that had been made! Go fix the lopsided confederate flag on your wall instead of being on the internet!

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