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Comments (56)

  1. JoeJoe
    Aug 22, 2021 14:24 GMT

    Thanks MSNBC for continually bashing Trump for 4 years and pulling out all the stops to get Biden elected… Now look at what is occurring at our southern border, the cost of oil, inflation climbing, no challenge for China and the immense cost incurred globally from Covid, and now the complete inept,incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan.
    We now have a feckless political hack opportunist, running the free world.
    What a shameful representation of free press you have portrayed with your last 4 years of doubtful drivel on the evils of Trump . All of the staff and leadership at MSNBC are part to blame for this ridiculous mess we are now in. You are not reporting news, you are driving worthless propaganda in the name of socialism and one party rule! Thankfully your ratings reflect the American public’s view of your ineptness!

    1. LMLM
      Oct 24, 2021 22:05 GMT

      Indeed. MSNBC and CNN are complicit in this mess. They can own this with Sleepy Joe, Nasty Piglosi, and Mittens McConnel.

  2. SteveSteve
    Sep 5, 2021 00:47 GMT

    MSNBC ratings (along with CNN) on the long slide towards irrelevance. They've managed to lose nearly every viewer they gained, during Trump's presidency - he was 100% right, these "mainstream media" corporations are dead without him. All the proof you need, is in the graphs above - December 2017, as Trump was taking office - ratings were on the rise. January 2020 - his last month in office - ratings peaked, and have been plunging ever since.

    ...the only question remaining is, have they managed to destroy whatever credibility they might have had before Trump took office, to the point where ratings drop even LOWER than where they started before Trump took office. I'm willing to bet by the end of the year, we'll have the answer to that question and it's not looking good for them! LOL!!!

    1. SteveSteve
      Sep 5, 2021 00:49 GMT

      *December 2016 was when they started to rise, as Trump was beginning his term.

  3. JesseJesse
    Jun 3, 2021 02:01 GMT

    Get rid of that race bating charliton Al Sharpton..... I won’t grant him the title Rev,
    As that is just cover. He is in the business of being the self proclaimed savior of social justice. Always chasing every high profile race case, to save the day. Nothing like getting rich being a racist. Cmon MSNBC wake up !

  4. DaveDave
    Nov 10, 2021 14:42 GMT

    I'm pretty sure MSNBC agrees and supports everything Joe Biden is doing to this country...why would anybody view this trash unless they too hate this country.

    1. TomTom
      Nov 12, 2021 16:42 GMT

      Because they have superiority complex: They know better; they are better educated, have higher morales, richer, so they can be gracious enough to feel for the less fortunate. Real people have to deal with the real life.

  5. JimmyJimmy
    May 9, 2021 14:01 GMT

    I just switched on Velshi this Sunday Morning, and what was he talking about ? Trump.
    Trump Trump Trump..... There is a current President now that Stumble Bums with EVERY public statement he makes....Declares to the WORLD that America is Racist Nation, does NOTHING with a Massive Illegal Immigrant , and Drug Smuggling surge at the Southern Border, Will not comment on China and their part with Covid, He (Biden) is completely out to Lunch. But what does Kamala think? 5 months after the Election? Who knows ? She can't and won't speak? Other than nod or laugh.
    There is a lot Velshi, the fast talking, Canadian Citizen ,could cover on Biden and his inept communication, or maybe his totally corrupt family getting rich on his political influence .

    1. KhristineKhristine
      May 11, 2021 02:43 GMT

      Where did you learn to write the English language? Your punctuation and sentence structure is horrid. This comment is painful to (try to) read.

  6. BillieBillie
    Apr 17, 2021 12:52 GMT

    A few months back, before the election , this channel touted the fact that the Russian Government was putting bounties on the heads of American Soldiers in Afghanistan.
    They (Maddow, Reid , Morning Joe etc.) slammed Trump for knowing this and doing nothing.
    The United States intelligence ,Now under Biden, today confirmed there was no evidence of those bounties EVER occurring. Guess this convenient LIE timed before the Election achieved MSNBC's goal. Don't expect a retraction or apology to the public , from this State run Media blow hole.

  7. SteveSteve
    Feb 27, 2021 16:57 GMT

    The entire format of this pathetic cable channel is to Drive the platform of the Democratic Party. This isn't news, this is political propaganda.
    Be careful viewing any one source for news, no source any longer is unbiased, but this source along with parent company NBC is totally in the tank for the convoluted message from all parts of the Democratic Party. Silencing any opposition with criticism, or most conveniently NO coverage.... Freedom of the press ? Absolutely. Freedom to say No to press coverage and look elsewhere for truth is our only hope for a free society.

    1. danadana
      Mar 9, 2021 00:20 GMT

      You are right on. Talk Radio is much better than commentators, who read a story and then comment... At least you get dialog, give and take. They have on those who actually live lives. Cable commentators are a waste of time.

  8. CheweyChewey
    Mar 18, 2021 15:09 GMT

    MSNBC, continues to sell compassion for the ILLEGAL Immigrants coming in to the southern border. They call them migrants, Migrants are legal entry foreigners with green cards. Think of the amount of money that is being taken away from black, white and Hispanic , needy and hard working US citizens that are in or near poverty. Illegal Central American and Mexicans are getting assistance that belongs to needy US citizens.
    Maybe we should just make Mexico a state? Then the Drug Cartels who run Mexico, could have representatives in DC, and maybe even have their own Cable News Channel.
    The myth is that there is an endless supply of resources ( US borrowed money printing) to pay for anyone sneaking in . This bleeding heart rhetoric is selling the US down the road to financial collapse and chaos. What about inner city minority's that are getting robbed of govt support by this Illegal inflow?
    How about maximum pressure on Mexico to stop this NOW? Or is that just mean to our neighbors?

    1. zegwayzegway
      Oct 31, 2021 17:55 GMT

      I agree with you 100% but there is no such word as minority's. To make a plural in English, you NEVER add an apostrophe before the letter s... never. And in this case since the word ends with a y, you would write the plural as minorities. I'm just pointing this out because the liberal class is so educated that they will attack your bad grammar as a way to demean and dismiss what you're saying. Run a spellcheck over your stuff before you post it. As I type this, my misspellings are underlined in red. Just right click or tap the word to see the correct spelling. Please stop adding an apostrophe s anytime you write the plural of a word, it makes you seem... less than.

  9. LisaLisa
    Oct 22, 2021 20:46 GMT

    Joy Reid started to imitate Rachel Maddow's speech style. What is she hoping for?

    1. jbakjbak
      Dec 8, 2021 04:31 GMT

      Both are racist scum..

    Apr 18, 2021 14:44 GMT

    Velshi what a poor excuse for a journalist.A no lip racial divider. Where does MSNBC get these people.Keeps on pushing racial hatred every day.It is sad ever heard of unity.

    1. BarbBarb
      May 1, 2021 02:34 GMT

      Ali Velshi is not at all a controversial newscaster. He is one of the best and deserves much more attention than he gets at MSNBC.

      Thanks for the wonderful coverage Ali! Austin, TX loves you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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