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Comments (38)

  1. JesseJesse
    Jun 3, 2021 02:01 GMT

    Get rid of that race bating charliton Al Sharpton..... I won’t grant him the title Rev,
    As that is just cover. He is in the business of being the self proclaimed savior of social justice. Always chasing every high profile race case, to save the day. Nothing like getting rich being a racist. Cmon MSNBC wake up !

  2. BillieBillie
    Apr 17, 2021 12:52 GMT

    A few months back, before the election , this channel touted the fact that the Russian Government was putting bounties on the heads of American Soldiers in Afghanistan.
    They (Maddow, Reid , Morning Joe etc.) slammed Trump for knowing this and doing nothing.
    The United States intelligence ,Now under Biden, today confirmed there was no evidence of those bounties EVER occurring. Guess this convenient LIE timed before the Election achieved MSNBC's goal. Don't expect a retraction or apology to the public , from this State run Media blow hole.

  3. JimmyJimmy
    May 9, 2021 14:01 GMT

    I just switched on Velshi this Sunday Morning, and what was he talking about ? Trump.
    Trump Trump Trump..... There is a current President now that Stumble Bums with EVERY public statement he makes....Declares to the WORLD that America is Racist Nation, does NOTHING with a Massive Illegal Immigrant , and Drug Smuggling surge at the Southern Border, Will not comment on China and their part with Covid, He (Biden) is completely out to Lunch. But what does Kamala think? 5 months after the Election? Who knows ? She can't and won't speak? Other than nod or laugh.
    There is a lot Velshi, the fast talking, Canadian Citizen ,could cover on Biden and his inept communication, or maybe his totally corrupt family getting rich on his political influence .

    1. KhristineKhristine
      May 11, 2021 02:43 GMT

      Where did you learn to write the English language? Your punctuation and sentence structure is horrid. This comment is painful to (try to) read.

  4. CheweyChewey
    Mar 18, 2021 15:09 GMT

    MSNBC, continues to sell compassion for the ILLEGAL Immigrants coming in to the southern border. They call them migrants, Migrants are legal entry foreigners with green cards. Think of the amount of money that is being taken away from black, white and Hispanic , needy and hard working US citizens that are in or near poverty. Illegal Central American and Mexicans are getting assistance that belongs to needy US citizens.
    Maybe we should just make Mexico a state? Then the Drug Cartels who run Mexico, could have representatives in DC, and maybe even have their own Cable News Channel.
    The myth is that there is an endless supply of resources ( US borrowed money printing) to pay for anyone sneaking in . This bleeding heart rhetoric is selling the US down the road to financial collapse and chaos. What about inner city minority's that are getting robbed of govt support by this Illegal inflow?
    How about maximum pressure on Mexico to stop this NOW? Or is that just mean to our neighbors?

  5. SteveSteve
    Feb 27, 2021 16:57 GMT

    The entire format of this pathetic cable channel is to Drive the platform of the Democratic Party. This isn't news, this is political propaganda.
    Be careful viewing any one source for news, no source any longer is unbiased, but this source along with parent company NBC is totally in the tank for the convoluted message from all parts of the Democratic Party. Silencing any opposition with criticism, or most conveniently NO coverage.... Freedom of the press ? Absolutely. Freedom to say No to press coverage and look elsewhere for truth is our only hope for a free society.

    1. danadana
      Mar 9, 2021 00:20 GMT

      You are right on. Talk Radio is much better than commentators, who read a story and then comment... At least you get dialog, give and take. They have on those who actually live lives. Cable commentators are a waste of time.

    Apr 18, 2021 14:44 GMT

    Velshi what a poor excuse for a journalist.A no lip racial divider. Where does MSNBC get these people.Keeps on pushing racial hatred every day.It is sad ever heard of unity.

    1. BarbBarb
      May 1, 2021 02:34 GMT

      Ali Velshi is not at all a controversial newscaster. He is one of the best and deserves much more attention than he gets at MSNBC.

      Thanks for the wonderful coverage Ali! Austin, TX loves you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. SullaSulla
    Jul 8, 2020 23:16 GMT

    MSNBC used to be a ok network. They once had a pluralist approach to things...hell crazy ass Michael Savage once had a show on the network.
    Now?...not so much.
    The channel is nothing more than a cheap DNC version of the Art Bell Show. Conspiracy and talking point blather for the moo-cows to lap up.
    Then again their bovine audience was even told by Mika "It's our job to control exactly what people think"...and their cows keep on chewing and mooing:

  8. Barb WolcottBarb Wolcott
    May 1, 2021 02:29 GMT

    Ali Velshi is one of the best on MSNBC!! Please treat him as such!

    WE LOVE YOU ALI!!!!!

  9. BoboBobo
    Mar 13, 2021 14:05 GMT

    Ali Velshi is a former Al Jezeera business reporter.... Al Jezeera? Really.
    This Anti Israel ,Anti American , middle eastern news service known for spewing misinformation.
    He's A Canadian citizen, now a supposed voice for the state of our democracy and Union here in the US.?He is a media opportunist , political hack socialist, who has NO idea of the blood and sacrifice of Americans that gave him the right to come here and get paid to be a low level media blow hard. Don't listen to this guys loud mouth garbage. Shame on you NBC
    And your French parent co. Comcast.

    1. RCDRCD
      Apr 22, 2021 11:16 GMT

      Bobo is an appropriate name. Velshi IMO is the best reporter on television. You obviously know little about him. Try reading up. He worked for a legitimate Al Jazeera America after a lengthy career at CNN as a business and financial reporter. Al Jazeera America has been out of business since 2016 at which time Velshi became an employee of MSNBC.
      As for Comcast, they are not French but a Philadelphia based corporate conglomerate monopoly and part owner of the United States Government. They have confiscated the people's internet (net neutrality) by bribing Congress. Comcast's media puppet MSNBC allowed them to control the Democratic primary, elevating corporate whore Joe Biden to the Presidency. Either Biden or trump was a win for Comcast.

  10. Ed ArmstrongEd Armstrong
    Jan 21, 2021 06:26 GMT

    I love her show. She should have gotten Chris Mathews slot, not Joy Reid. She is a real journalist who has been relegated to the “nobody is watching” hour. I record her show and watch it every day.

    1. QMQM
      Mar 16, 2021 23:20 GMT

      You're a complete idiot and moron. The Chris Matthews spot? The 9pm hour is the premiere timeslot in cable news. Not the 7pm. So, No!! She shouldn't have been given the 7pm slot. She's the highest rated show and that's where highest rated shows belong...9pm.

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