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All In with Chris Hayes Nielsen RatingsAll In with Chris Hayes Nielsen Ratings

All In with Chris Hayes is a political news television program that features in-depth commentary from prominent politicians, journalists, and political strategists. The hourlong show, which airs weeknights at 8:00 pm/ET on the cable news channel MSNBC, is structured as a long-form panel discussion in which the participants talk through several issues. The program covers not only the biggest news stories of the day, but also social justice and environmental issues by means of lively conversations and debates with his guests. All In won an Emmy Award in 2015 at the 36th annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards in the Outstanding News Discussion and Analysis category, and again in 2018.

All In is hosted by Christopher Loffredo Hayes, an American political commentator, television news anchor, and author. Hayes is the author of the books Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy (2012) and A Colony in a Nation (2017).

All In with Chris Hayes Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for All In with Chris Hayes show on MSNBC

Chris Hayes Ratings: All In premiered on April 1, 2013 to a total audience of 859,000 viewers, including 298,000 in the 25–54 age demographic. However, by the second quarter of 2015, the program was clocking a mere 540,000 total viewers a night (12% drop compared to same period a year prior) and 107,000 in the news-demo viewers, effectively, MSNBC’s lowest performing primetime show in the demo for the quarter. Since then, the show has steadily improved on its poor ratings becoming one of the most popular news show on cable television.

All In with Chris Hayes Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Jun 202123170,000-8%111,339,000-8%+688%
May 202122185,000-22%101,450,000-12%+684%
Apr 202120236,000+1%91,642,000-11%+596%
Mar 202114234,000-36%81,851,000-19%+691%
Feb 202111365,000-22%62,297,000-14%+529%
Jan 202115466,000+39%152,656,000+27%+470%
Dec 202020336,200-25%112,093,400-18%+523%
Nov 202021451,000+14%122,547,000+6%+465%
Oct 202019394,000+28%102,395,000+19%+508%
Sep 202016309,000-1%92,020,000-1%+554%
Aug 202018311,000+8%102,037,000+2%+555%
Jul 202018289,000112,002,000+593%

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Comments (6)

  1. William AyersWilliam Ayers
    Jul 8, 2021 14:28 GMT

    Chris Hayes is a little Marxists , like all the rest of the left. We are more divided as a country, than we have ever been . The Racists on the left are trying to foment hate. The summer of love was truly a war, and the Capitol Insurrection was a lie from the top down . There are 500 people in jail today from the January incident.. that should scare everyone to death, clearly there is massive judicial overreach, remember the black guy that was POTUS? he said " we punish our enemies" and he meant me and the other freedom lovers in this country ,,we are witnessing the destruction of this country , and the way is paved with leftists lies..

  2. Tony MooreTony Moore
    Apr 9, 2021 04:12 GMT

    It's one thing to take sides--which both Fox and MSNBC do quite adamantly--and outright lying and manipulating--which Fox does and MSNBC doesn't. Chris Hayes is meticulously factual and logical. All the Fox hosts lie as a matter of strategy, e.g., telling people that Covid was a hoax, that voting machines were manipulated, etc. etc. If you're a Fox viewer, I defy you to watch an hour of Hayes, Melber or Maddow and find a single lie, misstatement of fact, or illogical conclusion drawn from the assembled facts. You can't do it, because they're not lying. Fox, like Trump, lies intentionally in order to sway public opinion. It's that simple. People like commenter Chewy are either being fooled, or are trying to fool others as a means to whatever end they're interested in achieving. Fox is like those revival meetings where they put a healthy person in a wheelchair, apply their cure or prayer, and collect money from the marks. If you're interested in becoming unbrainwashed, follow along with Dominion vs. Fox, Giuliani, Powell and (soon) Trump. In court, under penalty of perjury, Powell, for example, admitted that no reasonable person would believe her claims about the election.

    1. BillieBillie
      Apr 10, 2021 13:31 GMT

      Biden , got more votes than Obama in 2012. He ran such an exciting campaign I can see why!
      Those 12 people rallies vs 50 thousand at Trump rallies would lead any rational viewer to not question the results of this secure election. ??? So any one questioning this is a Fox lemming,And is brainwashed? You need a Revival to open your eyes!!

  3. ChewyChewy
    Mar 16, 2021 00:18 GMT

    Chris Hayes is beyond horrible. This is news at "Dinner Hour " America?
    I can't imagine sitting my kids in front of this guy , vs . news the way the 1st 50 years of TV
    Presented it. Who in their right mind ( looks like 2.3mm last week!) could stomach more than a minute of this crap. Is it biased? Gee really?? What a waste of viewer intellect.

    1. Karen BergerKaren Berger
      May 13, 2021 22:57 GMT

      I think you are looking for entertainment for your kids. Your kids will need to learn how to think ——

  4. Sea TouSea Tou
    Feb 11, 2021 01:26 GMT

    I appreciate Chris Hayes. He is quick witted and gets the thought out of his mouth and on the air quickly and speaks distinctly. He is an excellent listener. Pointed comments! I watch every night.

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