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Andrea Mitchell Reports Nielsen RatingsAndrea Mitchell Reports Nielsen Ratings

Andrea Mitchell Reports is an hour-long political news program that airs weekdays at 12 p.m. ET on MSNBC. In addition to bringing viewers the latest political developments and news on foreign affairs, the show features political commentary from prominent politicians, journalists, and political strategists as well as marquee interviews with politicians and high-level government and world leaders, and the top newsmakers across the country. Often reporting directly from the scene as the news unfold, the daytime show has covered several domestic and international stories of consequence, helping viewers makes sense of complex world events.

Andrea Mitchell Reports is hosted by Andrea Mitchell, a veteran journalist who has extensively covered every American president since Jimmy Carter. In addition to politics, Mitchell covers foreign policy, intelligence, and national security issues, including the diplomacy of Secretary of State John Kerry, for all NBC News and MSNBC properties. Her 20+ years of reporting on the Clintons, including coverage of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, earned her the title “Dean of the Clinton Press Corps.” Andrea Mitchell has been recognized by New York Women in Communications with the Matrix Award for her excellence in broadcast journalism.

Andrea Mitchell Reports Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Andrea Mitchell Reports show on MSNBC

Andrea Mitchell Ratings: Andrea Mitchell Reports marked its best ever showing in the month of April 2020, averaging a network record high of 1.5 million viewers per episode. Though the show’s current ratings don’t lift it into MSNBC’s top 10 broadcasts, Andrea Mitchell Reports does comparatively much better than other network shows in more favorable time slots. Previously, Mitchell enjoyed higher ratings; e.g., during the 2000 election campaign, Mitchell hosted “The Mitchell Report” on MSNBC which became NBC News’ election year broadcast of record.

Andrea Mitchell Reports Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Oct 202031232,000+36.47%331,444,000+16.73%+522%
Sep 202036170,000+0.59%331,237,000-0.16%+628%
Aug 202035169,000-2.31%321,239,000-0.96%+633%
Jul 202034173,000-15.2%321,251,000-5.94%+623%
Jun 202032204,000+12.71%321,330,000+7%+552%
May 202033181,000-29.3%321,243,000-19.75%+587%
Apr 202032256,000+66.23%321,549,000+42.37%+505%
Mar 202038154,000+33.91%321,088,000+18.26%+606%
Feb 202038115,000-23.33%28920,000-15.44%+700%
Nov 201936150,000-9.64%311,088,000-9.93%+625%
Oct 201936166,000+62.75%261,208,000+44.67%+628%
Sep 201943102,00029835,000+719%

MSNBC Top Programs

1The Rachel Maddow Show3,696,00011.93
2The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell2,882,00017.2
3The 11th Hour with Brian Williams12,642,00031.31
4All in with Chris Hayes12,395,00018.56
5Deadline: White House2,341,00016.82
6The ReidOut with Joy Reid2,274,00016.08
7The Beat with Ari Melber2,101,00020.96
8Morning Joe21,576,00017.61
8MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle31,576,00021.42
10MSNBC Live with Katy Tur31,509,00019.86
11MSNBC Live with Ayman Mohyeldin11,497,00017.14
12MTP Daily41,492,0001.39
13Andrea Mitchell Reports11,444,00016.73
14MSNBC Live with Hallie Jackson11,419,00019.44
15MSNBC Live with Craig Melvin11,271,00015.44
16Way Too Early with Kasie Hunt557,000

Comments (5)

  1. RonRon
    Nov 12, 2020 15:34 GMT

    I have the greatest respect for Andrea too but it is time for her to maybe work behind the scenes but not on camera. It’s funny that Pelosi is 7 years older than Andrea and she seems a lot more in tune with what’s going on than Andrea does. She’s 73 and I hope she’s healthy and well and isn’t suffering from anything but yes she reminds me of the old Foster Brooks character I have watched on reruns on the Dean Martin Show. It’s time.

  2. AnnAnn
    Oct 27, 2020 00:20 GMT

    Andrea Mitchell is a problem for me and even her guess who often time try to contain their annoyance at how long it's taking for her to express herself and to ask a question ... while not, sometimes seems almost incoherent. She has become slow. I respect people who can grow into their respective job. But I also think when you are not performing to the satisfaction of your audience, then it's time to retire. I don't think the ratings are due to the love for Andrea ... some people like myself are addicted to politics and watch MSNBC religiously ... a few broadcasters benefit from that. It's time for you to hand off the baton Andrea respectfully.

    1. DeborahDeborah
      Oct 29, 2020 19:43 GMT

      Ann I think you’re so on point, Andrea Mitchel is too slow, she speak like she’s had too many drinks. She should retire the end of this year. We want to watch someone that’s not dragging and stumbling words it’s exhausting to watch.

  3. JohnJohn
    Sep 10, 2020 16:33 GMT

    Andrea Mitchel verbal delivery is terrible. When her hour comes on I changer channels. It's time to retire her!

    1. Rick M.Rick M.
      Sep 17, 2020 13:21 GMT

      Yeh can her to assisted living facility with Biden.

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