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Ayman Mohyeldin Reports Ratings

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Ayman Mohyeldin Reports Nielsen RatingsAyman Mohyeldin Reports Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Ayman Mohyeldin Reports cable television show on MSNBC.

Ayman Mohyeldin Reports Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Ayman Mohyeldin Reports show on MSNBC

Ayman Mohyeldin Reports Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Sep 20213680,000-24%28749,000+3%+836%
Aug 202132105,000-5%35726,000-12%+591%
Jul 202134111,000+32%28821,000+20%+640%
Jun 20213884,000-15%31684,000-15%+714%
May 20213999,000-33%29804,000-23%+712%
Apr 202134147,000+15%301,041,000-5%+608%
Mar 202131128,000-33%251,091,000-16%+752%
Feb 202129190,000-19%291,301,000-13%+585%
Dec 202032234,750-27%281,491,500-15%+535%
Nov 202030323,000+42%281,761,000+18%+445%
Oct 202035227,000+19%311,497,000+17%+559%
Sep 202031190,000311,278,000+573%

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  1. J.J.J.J.
    Sep 1, 2021 13:43 GMT

    Another former Al Jazeera reporter on this US National Cable news channel.
    Really ? See a trend here ? Ali Velshi , Mehdi Hassan, Ayman Mohyeldin…..
    MSNBC is virtue signaling a one world all inclusive news service. Their ratings are reflective of this woke approach to the “New America “ news. They are wrong.

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