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Stephanie Ruhle Reports Ratings

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Stephanie Ruhle Reports Nielsen RatingsStephanie Ruhle Reports Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Stephanie Ruhle Reports cable television show on MSNBC.

Stephanie Ruhle Reports Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Stephanie Ruhle Reports show on MSNBC

Stephanie Ruhle Reports Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Jun 20213492,000-20%27807,000-10%+777%
May 202134115,000-20%25898,000-14%+681%
Apr 202135144,000+10%291,049,000-7%+628%
Mar 202130131,000-29%221,123,000-17%+757%
Feb 202133184,000-13%261,349,000+633%
Dec 202035211,400-30%301,354,000-18%+540%
Nov 202034300,000+21%341,659,000+5%+453%
Oct 202030247,000+31%281,576,000+21%+538%
Sep 202032189,000-1%301,298,000-1%+587%
Aug 202032190,000-1%291,316,000+593%
Jul 202032191,000-13%301,310,000-5%+586%
Jun 202029220,000291,378,000+526%

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Comments (3)

  1. RojoRojo
    Jul 23, 2021 18:21 GMT

    Stephanie Ruhle needs to stop acting so conceited. The smile is conceited af.

    1. J.J.J.J.
      Jul 24, 2021 13:19 GMT

      I agree totally. She is constantly with that smart ass grin.
      Stephanie… Shed that BS social justice , democratic virtue signaling , save the world message. Repent and get back to business reporting at another network, where you can show your real talents and intellect. Stop the Horse Sh#t reporting at that pathetic socialist network, you’re smarter than that!

  2. Cran CowanCran Cowan
    Dec 16, 2019 18:12 GMT

    The top rated hosts all share a similar talent.... They allow their guests to finish their sentences without constantly interrupting them. Ms. Ruhle and Mr. Matthews would do well to take a lesson from Rachel Maddow and Nicole Wallace.

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