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The Beat with Ari Melber Nielsen RatingsThe Beat with Ari Melber Nielsen Ratings

The Beat with Ari Melber is a weekday, nightly American news and politics program broadcast on MSNBC. The show is hosted by Ari Melber, an Emmy Award-winning journalist, writer, attorney, former Senate staffer, and the chief legal correspondent for the network. The Beat features original news reporting, one-on-one interviews, panel discussions, and special reports by its anchor. The program claims to cut through the spin and the noise to tell its viewers what's really happening. Reporting on law and justice stories across all NBC platforms, Ari Melber also provides legal analysis for programs such as TODAY and The Rachel Maddow Show.

MSNBC launched The Beat with Ari Melber in July 2017 in a daunting effort to shore up the 6pm slot when the network has historically drawn fewer viewers, lagging behind Fox News and CNN. Upon its debut, it was part of MSNBC's evening ratings surge among key demographics on cable television, and went on to deliver the network's largest yearly audience ever with a growth rate of 56%. In the following year, the show continued its ratings growth, repeatedly posting record-breaking viewership in MSNBC history for its timeslot. Today, The Beat attracts more viewers than every other CNN show in prime time, ranking among the top 20 cable news programs.

The Beat with Ari Melber Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for The Beat with Ari Melber show on MSNBC

The Beat with Ari Melber Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
May 202232100,000211,090,000-6%+990%
Apr 2022181,155,000-7%
Mar 202232138,000191,238,000+3%+797%
Feb 2022201,201,000-4%
Jan 202226129,000-4%181,246,000+3%+866%
Nov 202130134,000+2%191,208,000+3%+801%
Oct 202126131,000+4%191,175,000-3%+797%
Sep 202129126,000-19%181,210,000-3%+860%
Aug 202128155,000171,251,000+707%
Jul 202126155,000+1%151,255,000-4%+710%
Jun 202128154,000-7%141,301,000-8%+745%
May 202128166,000-21%121,413,000-9%+751%
Apr 202127211,000111,546,000+633%

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Comments (15)

  1. samsam
    Sep 18, 2021 14:37 GMT

    Hey MSNBC, how's that Russian collusion thing against President Trump working out? Didn't go too well for you. Nothing but a lying bunch of left wingnuts.

    1. RobertRobert
      Feb 8, 2022 17:39 GMT

      Ari Melber - "Never Trust A Jew".

  2. Lynn GoyaLynn Goya
    Jan 27, 2021 02:02 GMT

    Love Ari and is show: less opinion and more reporting. I don’t need to be told host think. I want the news to give me the facts. Ari delivers.

  3. K Van SickleK Van Sickle
    Aug 25, 2021 01:03 GMT

    I love MSNBC for an endless number of obvious reasons. To me, the vast majority of everything I view from all of the hosts is an honest and insightful alternative to other news and commentary broadcasting. Thank you.

  4. Susan KochSusan Koch
    Aug 13, 2021 21:26 GMT

    I usually enjoy watching Ari Melber. He doesn’t lecture the audience and has interesting guests.

  5. Cindy JohnsonCindy Johnson
    Jul 8, 2021 22:36 GMT

    I love The Rachel Maddox Show. I can’t stand Ari Melbers show TheBeat.

  6. Issiac RiversIssiac Rivers
    Jun 22, 2021 22:56 GMT

    I watch mostly all of the MSNBC shows , they’re very positive and they speak truth about practically all news that is broadcast on that show , I definitely enjoy the Reidout and the Rachel Maddow show and especially the Ari Melber show , those are mostly my focused watch , but I do watch them all !

  7. Robert MohrmanRobert Mohrman
    Nov 9, 2019 00:46 GMT

    Ari is a breath of fresh air. He gives both sides of an issue in his reports. His inclusion of rap lyrics adds a bit of spice. He has a sense of humor, which in today's era of Trump lies is a welcome addition.

  8. Armand HammerArmand Hammer
    Jan 26, 2021 03:22 GMT

    Ari needs to learn to ask questions instead of making long statements. And he interrupts much too much.

    We want to know what the experts think.

    Less Ari, more show.

    I hardly keep him on for more than a minute at a time anymore.

    1. Cindy JohnsonCindy Johnson
      Jul 8, 2021 22:38 GMT

      I agree 100% with Anthony Ellington!

  9. Anthony EllingtonAnthony Ellington
    Aug 14, 2020 23:23 GMT

    there's only 2 shows on MSNBC I try and watch daily; The Beat with Arie Melber, and The Racheal Madow show

    1. Oliver WilliamsOliver Williams
      Apr 7, 2021 22:46 GMT

      Rachel and Ari are the two shows I watch religiously

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