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The ReidOut with Joy Reid Ratings

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The ReidOut with Joy Reid Nielsen RatingsThe ReidOut with Joy Reid Nielsen Ratings

The ReidOut is a weeknight television show airing on the cable network MSNBC at 7 p.m. ET. The program, which premiered in July 2020, addresses provocative political issues both inside and outside of the beltway by means of one-on-one conversations with politicians and newsmakers. Broadcasting live from Washington, the primetime lede news talk show is noted for its tenacious interviewing style and the host's passion for the exploration of the intersection of race, justice, and culture in America; all the while delving into the day's unfolding political headlines, and breaking down complex issues in a way that makes them digestible and accessible.

The ReidOut is hosted by Joy-Ann Lomena-Reid, a best-selling author and public speaker, who first joined MSNBC in 2011 as a contributor. Joy Reid previously hosted an afternoon show called The Reid Report and AM Joy, which aired on weekends. With The ReidOut, Reid's third show for MSNBC, she became the first black woman to host a national primetime news show since PBS NewsHour’s Gwen Ifill died in 2016, and the first black woman to anchor a primetime network show in the history of cable television. Prior to joining MSNBC, Joy Reid worked in the local news scene of Florida and also served as press secretary for the 2008 Barack Obama campaign.

The ReidOut with Joy Reid Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for The ReidOut with Joy Reid show on MSNBC

Joy Reid Ratings: The premiere of The ReidOut on July 20, 2020 set a network record when 2.6 million viewers tuned in to watch the episode, becoming the most watched show on its debut on MSNBC for the 7 p.m. ET time slot. That night, Joy Reid beat Martha MacCallum's The Story on Fox News by a margin of 23% as well as Erin Burnett Outfront on CNN by 99%, effectively winning the slot on all of cable news. Since then, the show has consistently ranked in the top 20 cable news programs, gaining much higher ratings than Hardball with Chris Matthews.

The ReidOut with Joy Reid Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Dec 202016369,800-24.22%92,222,600-12.87%+501%
Nov 202015488,000+27.75%112,551,000+12.18%+423%
Oct 202022382,000+24.43%152,274,000+16.08%+495%
Sep 202017307,000-3.15%121,959,000-0.76%+538%
Aug 202016317,000+28.34%111,974,000+14.17%+523%
Jul 202025247,000161,729,000+600%

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Comments (68)

  1. Rob HowardRob Howard
    Jan 2, 2021 18:02 GMT

    My wife and I were loyal AM Joy viewers. Loved her on the weekends. Couldn't get enough of her. Also loved her when she filled in at prime time for other hosts.
    Her new ReidOut show is unwatchable. Simple as that.
    She is giddy, goofy, giggly, and at a time when a lot of our news is pretty serious.Some people have made comparisons to Chris Matthew. I yearn for the return of Chris Matthews. Yes, he used to talk fast and interrupt interviewees when they were avoiding the question or spouting mistruths. But the difference was the level of gravitas. Chris would bore in on an issue in his relentless (hardball) , rapid-fire style. But he wasn't giggling his way through it. He was deadly serious. Other hosts on MSNBC often inject humorous sarcasm in their narratives. But it's not this annoying clown show. C'mon, Joy. You're better (much better) than this.

    Rob Howard

  2. DebDeb
    Dec 4, 2020 17:55 GMT

    Decades long MSNBC devotee, but I cannot bear to watch her for more than a few minutes before I have to change the channel because she is so divisive - which is the last thing we need right now! She unnecessarily and frequently inserts race on multiple subjects, for instance "Black women have Kamala's back". Why??? Why imply that white women (or Latin or Asian) or men DO NOT have our VP elect's back? It makes me sick to my stomach because she does it so often and she is furthering the divide at a time when we need unifying. Also she acts as if she speaks for the entire black culture - she does not. And finally stop interrupting people who have valuable points of view - especially Nicolle and Rachel. Btw, love Ali Velshi, Tiffany, Craig, Jonathon.

    1. Barbara A RowletteIBarbara A RowletteI
      Dec 22, 2020 00:50 GMT

      I agree with all that you have written.

  3. Kandra GunterKandra Gunter
    Dec 24, 2020 00:33 GMT

    OH MY GOODNESS, its so refreshing to know my parents and I aren't the only ones who have become annoyed with Joy Reid's rhetoric and insanely fast paced presentations.

    I agree with ALL of the previous comments about her pacing and overt "Black" issues [as a twice degreed black woman myself] as well. In my opinion, she is ruining Kamala Harris' opportunity to do her job as our new VP-elect by trying to "sell" her as the President-elect. Enough, Joy...please allow this woman to have her time in the position she's assuming...she will have her time to run for the higher office in due time (should she choose to). And, not to be picky, but it would be nice to see some consistency and balance in Joy Reid's appearance...solid colors over prints against an already distracting background.

    I'm trying to hang in there with The ReidOut after a long day at work, but lately I switch to CNN or HGTV for relief from Joy's snippy comments, fast paced stories, biased commentary, and inability to allow her guests to speak without her "leading Q&A's". Remember, Mrs. Reid, you are speaking to a diverse population of viewers who wish to hear unity more division.

  4. C-NoteC-Note
    Dec 3, 2020 01:00 GMT

    She needs to book some opposing views and debate their point of view. Also, stop the fast-talking, silly laughing.

    1. DjwDjw
      Dec 16, 2020 13:49 GMT

      Thank you and Tiffany and Johnathan I think are bad choices just because they are does not mean they are good

    Dec 5, 2020 14:50 GMT

    What is happening to Joy. What use to be a fine tuned presentation on the weekends has become a disjointed, poorly produced caricature of good journalistic tv. Fast talking with too many derailments, hee heeing with guest inappropriately and far too many opinions on her part rather than allowing guest to state their own they all have to agree with you Joy all the time? I am a fan trying to hang in there. I'm hoping much of what I'm seeing is due to home production due to Covid. If things dont improve however I will be moving on. Friday's 12/4 show gave me hope as I saw gleamers of the old Joy. I know she is still there...please find her.

    1. Hans portegiesHans portegies
      Dec 9, 2020 01:56 GMT

      I totally agree

  6. Debra HughesDebra Hughes
    Dec 4, 2020 04:01 GMT

    I enjoy Joy Reid, but I would even more if she would slow down, allow guests time to answer, and stop being so negative towards reporting and Trump. Although I agree with her position in Trump, it is tiring hearing her bad him the whole time. There is more worthy news.

    1. DjwDjw
      Dec 16, 2020 13:47 GMT

      I thought I was the only one.... I can only take her in bits ....I wish they would bring Kieth Oberman back

  7. Josie MaxwellJosie Maxwell
    Dec 22, 2020 01:29 GMT

    Had a very long day today... got home from work and fell asleep on the sofa watching the last few minutes of Nicole Wallace‘s program. Such a fan of her and Deadline Whitehouse! Suddenly I woke up to what I thought was somebody having some sort of hysterical breakdown. Oh my god never again never! It was Joy Reid loud, babbling and interrupting. I stayed with her for about 10 minutes and couldn’t tolerate it another second. She was talking too fast! She was talking over her guest! She was interrupting her guest! I used to watch Hardball with Chris Matthews and got the same kind of reaction with him. I enjoy watching MSNBC at different times of the day and evening depending on my schedule but I already know after just these few minutes that I will never again watch Joy Reid. She “doesn’t get a second chance to make a first impression”.

  8. Ron KellyRon Kelly
    Jan 14, 2021 00:32 GMT

    I read all the comments regarding Joy Reid’s new show. Personally speaking I look forward to watching her. While yes she does move quickly through her show, that doesn’t make her unwatchable. She is the first black woman to host a prime time network news show and I applaud MSNBC for giving her a shot. Despite some of the disparaging comments made about her, she is highly intelligent and is spot on with the issues she discusses. I don’t see her as a race baiter. And while yes these are some very serious times, I don’t have a problem with her injecting some humor into her show. Many Americans are uncomfortable when anyone talks about racial issues as she does. America is very divided along racial lines and it’s time that the country faces up to that fact.

  9. Chris LChris L
    Jan 8, 2021 16:58 GMT

    So relived that others feel the same as me. I love MSNBC, but I just cannot tolerate Joy Reed. I did not mind her on AM Joy, but now - not at all. I have to turn to CNN and then go back to Chris Hayes. She even manages to spoil coverage for major events with Rachael Nicole and Brian.
    No thanks

  10. Kermit WoodenKermit Wooden
    Dec 22, 2020 00:24 GMT

    I agree with Lorelai. Please have Joy slow down and let her guests speak especially to allow them to finish a sentence. I am a long time MSNBC viewer but I more now than often turn her off when she starts to get excited and takes over the entire convesation. Why have guests on ???

    Also, I am a person of color and I would like to see a bit more balance on conversations not only about race. I agree on the hard times we are ecperiencing in being black ....but balance would be a bit more healing and not so one sided and devisive. This is my second message over the last couple of months...I would like to continue watching without turning of MSNBC for an hour until All in With Chris Hayes and Rachel come on.

    1. Barbara A RowletteBarbara A Rowlette
      Dec 22, 2020 00:57 GMT

      I agree with what you have written. I
      am now turning the TV off until Chris Hayes comes on.

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