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American Agenda Nielsen RatingsAmerican Agenda Nielsen Ratings

American Agenda with Bob Sellers is a live, fast-paced look at national news and international events. The program brings viewers the latest from Washington, with insightful analysis from lawmakers and experts, and media reports from New York and around the globe.

Bob Sellers is an Emmy-winning journalist with more than two decades experience covering local and national news. At WSMV-TV in Nashville, he won an Emmy in 2010 for his coverage of the historic floods that devastated the area. Bob has worked in markets such as San Antonio, Nashville Seattle, and Washington DC.

Previously at Fox News Channel, Bob anchored Fox News Live and reported live from Baghdad during the Iraq War. He also anchored three hours a day on CNBC following the history making financial markets and interviewing business leaders such as Jeff Bezos, Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, and many others. At CNBC, he co-hosted Today’s Business and Market Watch, and filled in as anchor on Squawk Box and Power Lunch.

American Agenda Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for American Agenda show on Newsmax TV

American Agenda Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Sep 20216426,000-10%61190,000-7%+631%
Aug 20216229,000+61%56205,000+23%+607%
Jul 20216618,000-5%62167,000+27%+828%
Jun 20216519,000-24%66132,000-16%+595%
May 20216525,000-19%64157,000-15%+528%
Apr 20216331,000-54%60185,000-36%+497%
Mar 20214768,000+36%51287,000+6%+322%
Feb 20215850,000+50%56271,000+54%+442%
Dec 20206733,400-51%73176,400-43%+428%
Nov 20204968,000+871%54308,000+346%+353%
Oct 2020707,000+133%6769,000+92%+886%
Sep 2020723,0007336,000+1100%

Newsmax TV Top Programs

1Greg Kelly Reports363,0002
2Spicer & Co301,0006
3The Chris Salcedo Show271,000
4Eric Bolling The Balance255,0004
6American Agenda190,0007
7John Bachman Now188,0001
8National Report184,0004
9Cortes & Pellegrino163,0001
10Rob Schmitt Tonight162,0005
11Wake Up America108,0002

Comments (29)

  1. BettyBetty
    Sep 27, 2021 19:53 GMT

    Newsmax is great except for Bob Sellers who should be on CNN with others like him. He needs to go NOW!

  2. KaateetKaateet
    Feb 6, 2021 00:13 GMT

    Bob Sellers was so UNPROFESSIONAL with his childish behavior (tantrum) to the challenging interview with guest, My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell. Thank Goodness Heather was able to step in to control the situation.

    Everyone knows you will have occasions when the guest goes off into a direction that could be problematic.....BUT YOU DON’T CRY OUT TO THE PRODUCERS ON AIR AND THEN GET UP AND WALK OFF SO THERE’S DEAD AIR!!!!

    How childish!!! FIRE BOB SELLERS...Bob Sellers is an embarrassment to Newsmax.

    Then give Heather a raise in pay.

    And then reach out to Mike Lindell and tell Mike how much you appreciate his financial & general support to Newsmax & explain to Mike it is unfortunate that certain topics must be approached carefully right now to keep Newmax on the air. BUT....I am very anxious to see Mike’s evidence he was trying to share on the show because so far everyone else IS AFRAID to give the EVIDENCE a platform. And we ALL KNOW the Nov 2020 election was fraudulent for numerous valid reasons.

    Bob Sellers better dust off that resume.

    1. JohnJohn
      Apr 24, 2021 00:04 GMT

      Heather Childers is one of the classiest news professionals in all of TV. Awesome! Glad to see her on Newsmax.

  3. John GibsonJohn Gibson
    Feb 5, 2021 17:36 GMT

    saw this coming. Bob Sellers did it again. shows his true colors, he is the only reason why I do not watch American Agenda anymore. I feel sorry for his co host and I feel really sorry for Mike Lindell for being silenced by Bob Sellers. The Left is having a field day with this and now Newsmax is being put in the same boat as fox.

    Newsmax was the only source of truth and Bob Sellers has tainted that due to his left leaning believes infecting a great news source. Let Mike lindell speak for heaves sake. If you want to do a disclaimer after the interview than do so but now while he is talking with the host that is just trying to make him look bad and an attemp to silence him

  4. Tim BallTim Ball
    Feb 5, 2021 21:03 GMT

    Bob Sellers interview with Mike Lindell (My Pillow) was like watching a train wreck...The way he treated Mike and then stormed off the air like a spoiled child was embarrassing. Thank God for Heather for being a true professional on getting the segment back on track. I looked up Bob Sellers work history and he seems to have a history of this type of behavior that ends up him being fired or he moves on. I am very disappointed with NewsMax I really thought this network was about the truth and free speech and not the cancel culture agenda the other Networks are all about (Fox News, CNN)

  5. JenniferJennifer
    May 18, 2021 20:22 GMT

    Bob Sellers, seems to be quite moody and tends to snap at guests, when he disagrees with them. For example, when he accused Dick Morris of trying to mislead viewers on the Arizona ballot audit. All, Dick said was they are using excuses like my dog ate my homework. And Sellers, snapped at him that he was giving false information. It’s a phrase “My dog ate my homework “ come on it’s just a phrase and the audience is smart enough to know that. You clearly embarrassed Dick Morris, not cool.

    Aug 30, 2021 18:19 GMT

    I will continue to boycott the American Agenda program as long as Bob Sellers hosts.
    One America News (OAN) is my predominant news source. Newsmax, like all other sources except OAN, rolled over for the Dominion lawsuit threats and will not discuss the stolen election. Only OAN continues to faithfully cover this most egregious governmental cheat in the history of our nation. Even Spicer claims that Biden is our president.
    Shame on Newsmax.

  7. John GibsonJohn Gibson
    Dec 29, 2020 19:47 GMT

    newsmax is great except for one host. Bob Sellers who seems to be a leftest socalist in disguise. I had to stop watching him due to him talking about the election fraud. He believes President Trump has no evidence. When his guest start to explain how President Trump has not had his day in court do to the courts not hearing the case and dismissing them. Sellers will ask the question and than interrupt the guest to tout that the electors have already certified and the courts have spoken. The guest will try to explain but Mr Sellers continues to over talk them doing his best to degrade them. I sit here yelling at the screen as my blood boils. His co host just sits there trying to smile but you can tell she has a problem with his methods.

    I do hope Newsmax does not go down the same road CNN and now Fox has. They have been my hope for the news since the steal of the election.

    1. ElizabethElizabeth
      Feb 2, 2021 21:19 GMT

      Agreeing with John Gibson. Newsmax is great except for one host. Bob Sellers who seems to be a leftest socalist in disguise. I prepared to stop watching at this hour because I might as well be listening to CNN or Fox News at 3p with the same arguement that will not allow any guests to speak based on lack of "current" evidence regarding election fraud. When his guest start to explain how President Trump has not had his day in court because the courts are not hearing the case and dismissing them. Sellers will ask the question and then interrupt the guest to tout that the electors have already certified and the courts have spoken. The guest will try to explain but Mr Sellers continues to over talk them doing his best to degrade them. I just witnessed Mr. Sellers epic meltdown during today's "interview (that wasn't) with My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell where Mr. Lindell tried to explain his aggregation of evidence that is forthcoming as Mr. Sellers allowed not 1 word to be spoken by his guest. I too sit here yelling at the screen as my blood boils as poor Heather Childers tried to salvage the interview. Mr. Lindell has sacrificed his livelihood & company for his convictions & support of 45. At the very least..if Newsmax is to distinguish itself from Fox & needs to do a better job in debating the arguement in its "news segments" and defend speech. Most of the 75 million Americans that voted for the reelection of 45 watched on TV and on line in horror as Trumps substantial leads in all battleground states came to a grinding halt...all at the same time!..only to shoot up for Biden like a rocketship the next morning. We didn't need the legal procedures that questioned this election or "conspiracy" theories to tell us something very suspicious had happened. We only wanted proof that it didn't. I also hope Newsmax does not go down the same road CNN and now Fox has. As a former 20 year loyal CNN/MSNBC viewer (until the crucifying of 45 with lies designed to destroy his presidency as his policies helped millions of Americans from every socio economic background. Newsmax and Fox have been my hope for brave "real" news. The more truthful.."other side of the story". The polls are so wrong. There are 75 million Americans all talking underground about the very scary road this country is taking toward a Marxist, fascist, socialist society..canceling any conservative views or policy, destroying lives and livelihoods of well known and average people and using the power of government and our MEDIA as propaganda. Newsmax was a beacon of light. THANK YOU for Greg Kelly, Sean, Grant & Chris!. If I wanted to watch news with a man like Mr Sellers..I might as well be watching Martha@3p or CNN. That's where Mr. Sellers belongs. Not Newsmax. I'm sure you can find an objective, conservative superstar that can run your news at 3p. Sellers ratings deserve to tank after what I witnessed on todays show (2/02/21) with Mr. Lindell.

  8. Mary PooleMary Poole
    Jun 14, 2021 18:11 GMT

    All last week Heather Childers was not on American Agenda. I thought she might be on vacation? Today, Monday, June 14, she is not there either. Please don't replace her with Allison Maloni. She is not a good anchor/host and paired with Bob Sellers , the show will go down more rapidly. I didn't watch American Agenda at all last week and now this week either unless Heather comes back.

    Maybe she is being tagged for a better time slot and a much better show that American Agenda. She's your wisest and most articulate female anchor. Use her wisely. Like I hope you will take advantage of Rob Schmitt's talent as well. You have two great personalities in these people!

  9. Rick FreemanRick Freeman
    Mar 11, 2021 22:17 GMT

    Bob Sellers is just another liberal hack in disguise on a conservative network. For the way he treated Mike Lindell his ass should be fired! I will never watch Sellers show ever. I hope Newsmax isn’t heading down the same liberal path that Fox News is going....I spent 10 years as a Fox viewer only to feel completely betrayed in 2020. Done with Fox, but Newsmax needs to clean up the liberalism, too, where it exists, or it’ll just be another news statistic, too.

  10. Bradley corneliusBradley cornelius
    Feb 10, 2021 00:45 GMT

    Bob Sellers walking off his own set was about the most childish thing I have ever seen . He is obviously left leaning and does not belong on Newsmax. I will never watch America Agenda again as long as he remains the host . Feel sorry for Heather Childers . She is very professional. I would love to see Rob Schmitt take his place

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