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Cortes & Pellegrino Ratings

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Cortes & Pellegrino Nielsen RatingsCortes & Pellegrino Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Cortes & Pellegrino cable television show on Newsmax TV.

Cortes & Pellegrino Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Cortes & Pellegrino show on Newsmax TV

Cortes & Pellegrino Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
May 20216328,00064157,000+461%

Newsmax TV Top Programs

1Greg Kelly Reports317,00014
2Spicer & Co229,00011
3The Chris Salcedo Show1202,00010
5John Bachman Now1166,0007
6National Report1165,0004
7American Agenda2157,00015
7Cortes & Pellegrino157,000
9Rob Schmitt Tonight1154,000
10Wake Up America1104,0005

Comments (130)

  1. MissyMissy
    Jun 5, 2021 03:16 GMT

    I, too, found Newsmax after Fox messed up after the election (but their weeknight and weekend evening programming is still good, and very pro-Trump).

    I absolutely love Rob Schmitt! He just calls everything like he sees it, as does Chris Salcedo! And as others have mentioned, most of the talent at Newsmax worked for Fox at one time. But I’m glad Newsmax is giving them more of a platform to voice their opinions, instead of just being news readers.

    All Newsmax programming is awesome, but I like those two the best.

    1. PamPam
      Jun 9, 2021 17:53 GMT

      I totally agree with you that Rob Schmitt & Chris Salcedo Are Absolutely Amazing Anchors ,One thong I wish is Newsmx would put Rob Schmitt on at 6:00 pm & Spicer & Co on later at 10:00 pm ! ROB’s Show would draw more viewers than Spicer & Co .

  2. DonDon
    Feb 4, 2021 18:01 GMT

    Mike Lindell is fighting for what he believes is the absolute truth. Successful self-made businessman fighting the cancel culture eliminating him on social media, trying to hurt him financially, Mike Lindell stands tall for freedom of speech & expressing his opinion on the election results. Bob Sellers, with all his disrespect, talked over him after he was asked a question, got up & left because he wasn't saying what Sellers wanted to hear. If Sellers thought a disclaimer was necessary he should have let Mike finish speaking & then gave his disclaimer. Bob Sellers is not a right fit for Newsmax & should work for fake news like CNN.

    1. CrackCrack
      Jun 6, 2021 11:29 GMT

      Mike Lindell is a recovering crackhead. Literally. This is who you choose to be your standard bearer???

  3. DianeDiane
    Jun 8, 2021 01:48 GMT

    I once was a loyal FOX viewer, but switched to Newsmax right before the election…. Thanks to President Trump! He always acknowledged them, and I was seeing negative signs at FOX. I was devastated with the way they treated our President. I am beyond thrilled with Newsmax! It is the trusted news source in my home, most days from early morning until 10-11pm!! I LOVE NEWSMAX, all my favorite hosts and anchors I have found on my new fav….. Newsmax!!!!

  4. Steve GriffithSteve Griffith
    Feb 2, 2021 21:17 GMT

    Time for bob sellers to go. Rude to mike from my pillow. I'll never see him the same again. Send mouthy bob to another network. I must say I was shocked with his"overtalking rant"

  5. Don VecereDon Vecere
    Jun 10, 2021 03:02 GMT

    Enjoy watching Rob Schmitt, funny, informative and on the mark. Benny, Greg, Dick Morris and all the other Newsmax shows are top shelf

  6. TimaTima
    Jun 11, 2021 16:19 GMT

    Why does Emma Rechenberg feel the need to make sure we all know that Biden was Sworn in as President and Trump isn’t going to be back in The White House ? She does it a lot and I’m done watching that show as long as she’s on there ! She should go to work at Fox ,I’m sure they would love her ! She’s like a Robot no personality at all . Maybe she and Bob Sellers should have a show together! I’v started watching OAN instead of Newsmx during the day until the great CHRIS Salcedo Show comes on ,Nite programming is great But day programming needs some changes for sure ! Love Kelly,Salcedo,Schmitt,and the new show Cortez & Pellagreeno.

  7. MikeMike
    Feb 3, 2021 13:28 GMT

    Time for Bob Sellers to pack it in. Very unprofessional move storming off set like a spoiled little child. Newsmax showed their true colors. I’m done, Goodbye please.

    1. Grow UpGrow Up
      May 14, 2021 06:29 GMT

      Only Bob Sellers needs to go, Newsmax supports Mike Lindell. I am not about to watch anyone else, Newsmax is so much better than Fox.

  8. Mary PooleMary Poole
    May 29, 2021 01:59 GMT

    I just looked at the rankings of Newsmax TV programs above. They seem about right in my opinion except for Wake Up America and Rob Schmitt Tonight. They are the best of the line-up I believe. Rachel Rollar is a perfect morning show host. Smart and quick thinking and great with Rob Finnerty. I love it. However! Wake UP should start at 6 AM instead of 6:30. Fox already has been on since 4 AM , so Newsmax should at least be on by 6 AM, don't you think?

    And Rob Schmitt is also my favorite. I've watched him when he was on Fox News at 4 AM with Heather Childers, by the way. Together they are fantastic! But his nightly show is funny and different and just plain smart!

    I know Newsmax shot way up in Nov. 2020 after the election. I suppose their heads were spinning with that rapid rise. It will take a little time and if they stick to the people they have hosting and bring in more recognizable faces as guests, they will keep rising in popularity. They have what it takes, but they must use time and talent wisely!

    All I can say about Bob Sellars is that he's probably been there too long and they "get" his dry personality. Heather Childers carries American Agenda well and kind of props him up I guess. He does do the Wall Street Wrap very well. Maybe he's a business/finance host in his heart??

    1. Sharon BoczekSharon Boczek
      Jun 8, 2021 02:10 GMT

      I so enjoy listening to Rob Schmitt! One of my reasons for watching Newsmax!

  9. Gail DavisGail Davis
    Jun 1, 2021 17:14 GMT

    I see everyone of the people commenting want Bob
    sellers gone , But yet you keep him WHY he’s terrible & you have him with Heather which deserves someone else but Bob Sellars,He’s Terrible & everyone’s mad as to how he treated Mike Lindell ! Wake up Newsmx ! I love Gregg & Chris Salcedo is Amazing,Chris is so good at explaining how Evil & demonic the Democrats leadership is ,Lou Dobbs would make ur rating skyrocket,You guy’s should hire him ASAP ! I can’t wait for Fox News Ratings to plummet like CNN’S did ,I use to only watch Fox until Election Nite & I almost got sick watching their coverage of the Election,Of course with who fox hoed to put on their board help my decision to leave Fox Too ! Our great President Trump will save this Country again ,If there’s anything to save after HARRIS ,Biden get threw ruining it ! I love Newsmx,( Hire Lou Dobbs ) ! Goodbye Bob Sellars.

  10. David KissingerDavid Kissinger
    Feb 3, 2021 16:38 GMT

    I too was very disappointed in Newsmax for keep saying there is no proof in election fraud. No proof? what is all news owned by liberal progressive socialists . The way Mike Lindell was treated by Bob Sellers when Mike is just trying to tell the truth and he is treated like he's crazy. I have been watching OANN a lot and hope they don't get ruined by the socialists too.

    1. Ron WilliamsRon Williams
      Mar 4, 2021 22:45 GMT

      I agree 100% ..there's all kinds of evidence...the election was stolen plain and simple.

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