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Greg Kelly Reports Nielsen RatingsGreg Kelly Reports Nielsen Ratings

Greg Kelly Reports is a weeknights television show airing on Newsmax TV at 7pm. On the show, its host and guests discuss politics and news of the day, covering the hardest-hitting stories from coast to coast: from the Beltway to the Rust Belt and beyond. The opinion-based political news program aims to enlighten, inform, and spotlight the stories that matter most to its viewers.

Greg Kelly Reports is hosted by Gregory Raymond Kelly, former co-host of Good Day New York on Fox 5 NY (WNYW) from 2008 until late summer of 2017. Previously, he was a co-host on the Fox and Friends morning show and White House correspondent for Fox News Channel. Kelly is also a veteran lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. During his tour of active duty military service between 1991 and 2000, he was an AV-8B Harrier II jet pilot assigned to Marine Attack Squadron 211. While on duty Kelly amassed over 158 aircraft carrier landings and flew over Iraq in Operation Southern Watch, enforcing the United Nations imposed No-Fly Zone.

Greg Kelly Reports Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Greg Kelly Reports show on Newsmax TV

Greg Kelly Ratings: Since debuting his show in January 2020, Kelly has excelled in this relatively soft time slot with his program becoming the first Newsmax show to draw more than 1 million viewers. Despite operating from a bare-bones production studio with apparent lacking splashy visuals—compared with its better-financed cable news rivals—Kelly's show has an audience about three times larger than that of CNBC’s heavily promoted The News with Shepard Smith, which airs at the same time. On December 7, 2020, Greg Kelly Reports out-rated The Story with Martha MacCallum on Fox News for the first time ever, according to Nielsen ratings, recording a total of 229,000 viewers in the 25-54 age demographic over MacCallum's 203,000.

Greg Kelly Reports Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Jun 20215634,000-6%42301,000-5%+785%
May 20215636,000-32%43317,000-14%+781%
Apr 20214953,000-56%43369,000-37%+596%
Mar 202135120,000+20%37582,000+3%+385%
Feb 202141100,000+41%39564,000+61%+464%
Dec 20205170,800-52%48350,000-44%+394%
Nov 202040147,000+950%41630,000+425%+329%
Oct 20206314,000+180%63120,000+111%+757%
Sep 2020685,000-17%6557,000-5%+1040%
Aug 2020696,000+50%6660,000+40%+900%
Jul 2020674,0006643,000+975%

Newsmax TV Top Programs

1Greg Kelly Reports301,0005
2Spicer & Co215,0006
4The Chris Salcedo Show1186,0008
5National Report1155,0006
6Rob Schmitt Tonight3142,0008
7John Bachman Now2141,00015
8Cortes & Pellegrino1135,00014
9American Agenda2132,00016
10Wake Up America89,00014

Comments (18)

  1. Jeff MeisterJeff Meister
    Jan 23, 2021 00:55 GMT

    Love Greg Kelly on NEWSMAX - shut off FOX after the way too early call by their horrid team of AZ for Biden on Election Night and went to NEWSMAX . Have not went back. FOX is dead to me after many years of loyal viewing! They slapped Trump in the face on Election Night and, thus, slapped me and Conservatives across the country in the face! Go NEWSMAX Go!!!

  2. Don coxDon cox
    Apr 19, 2021 01:10 GMT

    Ever since fox business fired the great Lou Dobbs I have switched to Kelly at 7.the Kelly and stinchield block is must watch TV.they need live show at 9.orielly or Dobbs would put newnsax on map

    1. Voice of AmericaVoice of America
      Jul 29, 2021 03:44 GMT

      Newsmax is great and getting better and better. If you haven't already switched to Newsmax you better check it out bevause you will not regret it.

  3. Linda ODonnellLinda ODonnell
    Jan 19, 2021 16:31 GMT

    Greg is doing a great job!!! I watched Fox for over 13 years. With only 3 exceptions Dobbs and Jessie, and Judge Jeanine. The rest are lefties.
    Fox sucks especially the socialists at the top.

  4. Dario TonelliDario Tonelli
    Nov 18, 2020 04:07 GMT

    Greg Kelly is my Favorite, in this post - election time, I can not watch other news,
    unwatchable, don't let me say more... I am a triple Citizen of US and 2 other Countries in Western/Eastern Europe
    went around the World... 9 times...not one... 9,
    speak/write 5 daily, Italian, Russian, French, Slavic, Spanish news
    you can not full me around
    it's really a shame what is going on in the US today, but hang in there...
    the President will prevail, Greg thanks very much for everything you are doing
    Excellent Reporting

  5. Penelope RittgersPenelope Rittgers
    Jan 31, 2021 00:08 GMT

    Since the election I watch Newsmax almost exclusively. I will not watch Fox News, but occasionally I watch Fox Business for Maria or Stuart. Please consider giving Trish Regan a weekend news anchor show!

    1. Angelo D’AmbrosioAngelo D’Ambrosio
      Apr 8, 2021 03:11 GMT

      I agree 100%. Trish Regan is a superstar. Newsmax should definitely find a spot for her. I stopped watching the Fox business channel when first they dropped Trish Regan and then Lou Dobbs. I use to watch the two of them religiously! Fox News is a watered down version of what they once were. Their loss is Newsmax gain. Many conservatives have made the switch and will never go back!

  6. Rick and Kathy NakagakiRick and Kathy Nakagaki
    Apr 7, 2021 23:52 GMT

    We’ve been a Fox fan forever, that is until Newsmax and the talent on television.
    We still watch Fox Business, Charles Payne, Liz Clayman, Larry Kudlow and Stuart Varney. Our favorite of all is Greg Kelly!
    Stinchfield and Heather with their respective shows are very good too. Underrated is the Chris Salcedo Show, he has a wonderful demeanor and great topics. His conservative views along with the other Newsmax talent is most refreshing and enjoyable.
    Newsmax is now the best opinion show on television today!

  7. JoAnn RiosJoAnn Rios
    Feb 23, 2021 03:43 GMT

    I have been watching NEWSMAX ever since the AZ call by Fox. I disliked a lot about Fox before that but didn't know where else to go. Their "Fair and Balanced" theme with people like Juan Williams, Chris Wallace, and other Liberal Democrats was so sickening. If I wanted to hear from a Dem I would watch CNN! Some of their hosts were on the side of the never-trump republicans. So, here I am watching NEWSMAX and smiling again. Love Greg Kelly, Chris, Rob, Stinchfield, also Diamond and Silk! I think NEWSMAX should give Trish Regan her own show. She was very good when she was on Fox. Keep doing what you're doing so well!!!!

  8. CharlesCharles
    Dec 18, 2020 01:56 GMT

    My news station , Fox for years , no more , Kelly, Stinchfield , Spicer , Thanks , hope the conservative pro American people keep increasing your view ratings !!!

    Dec 12, 2020 01:04 GMT

    I have been a dedicated Fox person for over 10 years. I started to tire of their programing most especially with Juan Williams, then along came Bill Hemmer's , to work with Sandra Smith, that was a mismatch from the first show. She did it. Sarcastic, full of herself and not suited to that show. soon after Bill changed to PM's I can sure see why. I do not know if she was responsible for the loss the the 2 men there were with her when she started, totally boring.
    I totally lost my interest in that station did some radio then found News Max and have been with it all thru the election. What a breathe of fresh air, keep it going, I have shared my good find with my gym friends and it is catch on.. KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB, have to say my favorites right now at the night shows, Greg and Stichfield (spelling). I am now a great fan. I see a bright future

    1. David Scott ZimmrrmanDavid Scott Zimmrrman
      May 20, 2021 08:39 GMT

      Hemmer was on Fox at noon Pacific by himself and I couldn't stand him. He persistently whistled his "S"es (siblants) . I had to switch to WALTONS when he was on at noon.
      My purpose for visiting this site is to try to find out what happened to Howie Carr. I guess his female partner ruined his show.
      I hope to see Lou Dobbs on Newsmax when his exclusive contract with Fox has expired. And maybe Howie Carr will be on Fox.

  10. Karen HauryKaren Haury
    Dec 24, 2020 20:30 GMT

    I have found Newsmaxtv interesting. I like Greg Kelly Reports. I only found it after the election and I have turned some of my friends onto it. Not everyone gets it due to their package on cable. Keep up the good job. I also have watch some Spicer and Co.
    I do still like Hannity. I tape his show.

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