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Newsmax Now Nielsen RatingsNewsmax Now Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Newsmax Now cable television show on Newsmax TV.

Newsmax Now Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Newsmax Now show on Newsmax TV

Newsmax Now Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Jul 2020741,0007125,000+2400%

Newsmax TV Top Programs

RankNameR-ChgCov. %AudienceA-Chg
1The Howie Carr Show0.163,00031.25
2Greg Kelly Reports0.160,00039.53
4The Chris Salcedo Show10.141,00041.38
5American Agenda0.140,00060
5Spicer & Co10.140,00053.85
7John Bachman Now10.138,00065.22
7National Report20.138,00052

Comments (1)

  1. Dennis HerlihyDennis Herlihy
    Sep 12, 2020 00:06 GMT

    Really enjoy and look forward to watching Greg Kelly every night. Also enjoy Grant Stinchfield and Michele Malkin. Only complaint is the ticker on newsmax seems to promote liberal propaganda. (Example- keeps running ticker saying a poll has Trump trailing Biden by 10 points and never gives source. Other polls have the race as a dead heat or even Trump ahead especially in battleground states yet newsmax ticker fails to reveal that).

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