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Rob Schmitt Tonight Ratings

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Rob Schmitt Tonight Nielsen RatingsRob Schmitt Tonight Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Rob Schmitt Tonight cable television show on Newsmax TV.

Rob Schmitt Tonight Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Rob Schmitt Tonight show on Newsmax TV

Rob Schmitt Tonight Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Apr 202266157,000-1%
Mar 20226431,00069159,000-2%+413%
Feb 202266163,000+12%
Jan 20226230,000+3%72146,000-12%+387%
Nov 20216829,000+32%70165,000+20%+469%
Oct 20216922,000-27%73138,000-15%+527%
Sep 20216130,000+3%67162,000+5%+440%
Aug 20216229,000+26%67154,000+3%+431%
Jul 20215823,000-21%64149,000+5%+548%
Jun 20215829,000-22%62142,000-8%+390%
May 20215437,000-5%66154,000+316%
Apr 20215939,000-42%67154,000-42%+295%
Mar 20214867,00057267,000+299%

Newsmax TV Top Programs

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2Spicer & Co255,0009
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5The Chris Salcedo Show226,0005
6American Agenda1167,0005
7John Bachman Now1160,0009
7National Report1160,00012
9Rob Schmitt Tonight157,0001
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11Wake Up America192,0001

Comments (39)

  1. Paola PagePaola Page
    May 20, 2022 03:05 GMT

    Rob Schmitt is a great journalist and fascinating presenter. Intelligent, articulate and fearless in expressing his views. Please give him a better time slot and more exposure in general.

  2. Susan CoxSusan Cox
    May 17, 2022 14:54 GMT

    I love Rob Schmitt's show.
    He covers the stories that are important to me, and I watch him every night.
    I don't understand why his ratings are not higher. He is informed on the issues of the day, he has great guests, and his "news from the left" segment is always good!

  3. B. BaldoB. Baldo
    Nov 16, 2021 04:22 GMT

    Love Rob Schmidt. Classy, intelligent, smooth, asks great questions, has good guests, is a real Conservative and LETS HIS GUESTS SPEAK!!! Unlike Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity.
    Give him a 8:00 or 9:00 spot. He deserves it and Newsmax will benefit as well as your viewers!!!

    1. Agreed Rob is the top in all categories no question!Agreed Rob is the top in all categories no question!
      Mar 24, 2022 21:43 GMT

      He’s the best, end of story!!!

  4. MarshaMarsha
    Oct 7, 2021 06:51 GMT

    I live several Newsmax hosts, Rob is my favorite. I like his casual style, he’s not talking 90 mph. and he gives his guests time to speak. He just seems like a respectful, intelligent man. I wish him luck.

    1. Tammy KetnerTammy Ketner
      Dec 7, 2021 22:49 GMT

      I totally agree with you on everything you said. Rob is the best and I always watch him at 10. Please put him on at 9:00
      I have a hard time staying awake.

  5. Grace WheatleyGrace Wheatley
    Oct 26, 2021 19:01 GMT

    Rob Schmitt should be in a better time slot. Don't waste his good talent. This is a well spoken and respectful gentleman. He asks intelligent questions and then listens and responds to his guests. That's reporting excellence. God bless you greatly Mr. Schmitt.

    1. debbiedebbie
      Nov 11, 2021 17:11 GMT

      not to have rob schmitt in a better time slot is crazy.. do you not realize the talent he is. i also watch kelly and stinchfield but i always watch rob

  6. RegReg
    Aug 10, 2021 04:50 GMT

    I began watching Newsmax when the election on Fox was so biased against Trump. Newsmax is my primary news station now. Rob Schmidt is the best. I never miss his program. He tells it like it is. Totally honest. Stinchfield is also good. Newsmax has something going here. Keep at it.

  7. JudyJudy
    Mar 31, 2022 03:21 GMT

    Rob Schmit is very informative and has a great personality. I agree that he lets his guests talk and does not interrupt his guests when they speak like Hannity and Ingraham. His questions are precise and to the point. He should be on the 9 pm spot. I have changed from Fox to Rob Schmidt because he is a lot more pleasant to watch.

  8. MissyMissy
    Jun 5, 2021 03:16 GMT

    I, too, found Newsmax after Fox messed up after the election (but their weeknight and weekend evening programming is still good, and very pro-Trump).

    I absolutely love Rob Schmitt! He just calls everything like he sees it, as does Chris Salcedo! And as others have mentioned, most of the talent at Newsmax worked for Fox at one time. But I’m glad Newsmax is giving them more of a platform to voice their opinions, instead of just being news readers.

    All Newsmax programming is awesome, but I like those two the best.

    1. PamPam
      Jun 9, 2021 17:53 GMT

      I totally agree with you that Rob Schmitt & Chris Salcedo Are Absolutely Amazing Anchors ,One thong I wish is Newsmx would put Rob Schmitt on at 6:00 pm & Spicer & Co on later at 10:00 pm ! ROB’s Show would draw more viewers than Spicer & Co .

  9. DavidDavid
    Jan 20, 2022 03:56 GMT

    Please put Rob Schmitt on in a different time slot: 6:00, 7:00, or 9:00. His program is too good to be hidden at a time when most people are putting their kids and themselves to bed. And his "News From the Left" should be longer in length. Again, please move his time slot to a time when most conservative Americans are able to watch him.

    1. DonnaDonna
      Feb 10, 2022 03:28 GMT

      I agree Rob Schmitt does a great job! His interviews are well done. He gives his guests as much time to talk as needed & doesn't cut them off like Ingraham & Hannity do. Put him on earlier & watch his ratings rise!

  10. Sharon BoczekSharon Boczek
    Sep 17, 2021 02:58 GMT

    Love Kelly, Schmitt!

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