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Spicer & Co Nielsen RatingsSpicer & Co Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Spicer & Co cable television show on Newsmax TV.

Spicer & Co Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Spicer & Co show on Newsmax TV

Spicer & Co Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Apr 20216037,000-59.78%51258,000-39.44%+597%
Mar 20214292,000+27.78%41426,000+1.43%+363%
Feb 20214872,000+46.94%44420,000+70.45%+483%
Dec 20206049,000-59.17%59246,400-51.97%+403%
Nov 202043120,000+1900%44513,000+701.56%+328%
Oct 2020736,000+100%7064,000+82.86%+967%
Sep 2020723,000-25%7435,000-12.5%+1067%
Aug 2020714,000+100%7340,000+53.85%+900%
Jul 2020702,0007026,000+1200%

Newsmax TV Top Programs

1Greg Kelly Reports369,00037
2Spicer & Co258,00039
4The Chris Salcedo Show224,00036
5American Agenda185,00036
6John Bachman Now1179,00037
7National Report2172,00040
8Rob Schmitt Tonight154,00042
9Wake Up America110,00036

Comments (97)

  1. DonDon
    Feb 4, 2021 18:01 GMT

    Mike Lindell is fighting for what he believes is the absolute truth. Successful self-made businessman fighting the cancel culture eliminating him on social media, trying to hurt him financially, Mike Lindell stands tall for freedom of speech & expressing his opinion on the election results. Bob Sellers, with all his disrespect, talked over him after he was asked a question, got up & left because he wasn't saying what Sellers wanted to hear. If Sellers thought a disclaimer was necessary he should have let Mike finish speaking & then gave his disclaimer. Bob Sellers is not a right fit for Newsmax & should work for fake news like CNN.

    1. Dr. BobDr. Bob
      Feb 8, 2021 16:00 GMT

      That dumb MyPillowGuy is about to be sued for his peddling of mouth-breathing conspiracy theories. And when he's bankrupt, he'll only have his own dumb ass to blame. The fact that he was even on air is a disgrace.

  2. Steve GriffithSteve Griffith
    Feb 2, 2021 21:17 GMT

    Time for bob sellers to go. Rude to mike from my pillow. I'll never see him the same again. Send mouthy bob to another network. I must say I was shocked with his"overtalking rant"

  3. MikeMike
    Feb 3, 2021 13:28 GMT

    Time for Bob Sellers to pack it in. Very unprofessional move storming off set like a spoiled little child. Newsmax showed their true colors. I’m done, Goodbye please.

  4. David KissingerDavid Kissinger
    Feb 3, 2021 16:38 GMT

    I too was very disappointed in Newsmax for keep saying there is no proof in election fraud. No proof? what is all news owned by liberal progressive socialists . The way Mike Lindell was treated by Bob Sellers when Mike is just trying to tell the truth and he is treated like he's crazy. I have been watching OANN a lot and hope they don't get ruined by the socialists too.

    1. Ron WilliamsRon Williams
      Mar 4, 2021 22:45 GMT

      I agree 100% ..there's all kinds of evidence...the election was stolen plain and simple.

  5. Sharon L CiocaSharon L Cioca
    Feb 2, 2021 23:21 GMT

    After the way My Pillow Mike Lindell was treated on American agenda I will NEVER watch ANYTHING coming from newsmax! Even if a forward message from a friend is from newsmax it will not be read on any of my devises. You're a fraudulent news source as far as I am concerned. Consider newsmax deleted. Your true agenda came through loud and clear. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!

    1. Ron WilliamsRon Williams
      Mar 4, 2021 22:44 GMT

      Oh yeah. Im sure CNN and MSNBC are much more honest and reliable news sources.Your just another full of crap liberal if you bdleive that.

  6. KatKat
    Feb 4, 2021 12:35 GMT

    Well NewMax for me has now gone completely in the sh!tter With Bob Sellers BS with Mike Lindell. Bod was very rude and for him to say there is no fraud was a lie. Im mean your a news channel did No one there read the Ratcliff report that came out on Jan 19th that proves there was election foreign interference and the machines were connected to the internet on Nov 3rd, 4th and other days ans was sendind and recieving info to other countries. So there most certainly fraud in the election. If conservatives want to hear disinformation misdirections and lies we would watch cnn be we dont because we want Truth and News that will stand up for whats right. We want a conservative news station. And when a guess is on the show we want to here what they have to say with out them being cut off or interrupted. We can deside if the guess is telling the truth or not and the news anchor can do a rebuttal with the truth if the guest if wrong. There is no need to try to shut the guess up talk over, cut the mic, be argumentative or walk off which Bob was argumentative talked over cut off and walked off when he was interviewing Mike Lindell which most people actually want to hear him speak not Bobs little fit he throw. I will never watch a program with Bob seller again And I will never watch Newsmax as long as Bob sellers is working for Newsmax I believe most conservative will be boycotting newsmax till they get rid of Bob and started standing up for whats right and be a truly conservative news station. We dont want lies we want truth and respect for conservative beliefs.
    Fire Bob Sellers or Newsmax will suffer with the low rating

    1. Monell ServisMonell Servis
      Apr 12, 2021 21:45 GMT

      I concurr that Bob Sellers is not a good fit for Newsmax I don’t watch
      as often as I did. I need to hear more about the vaccine and it’s safety. Yes, I’m concerned with
      present constitutional abuses. There’s so much 2020 election fraud evidence. I don’t understand why Biden is still there.

  7. KaateetKaateet
    Feb 6, 2021 00:13 GMT

    Bob Sellers was so UNPROFESSIONAL with his childish behavior (tantrum) to the challenging interview with guest, My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell. Thank Goodness Heather was able to step in to control the situation.

    Everyone knows you will have occasions when the guest goes off into a direction that could be problematic.....BUT YOU DON’T CRY OUT TO THE PRODUCERS ON AIR AND THEN GET UP AND WALK OFF SO THERE’S DEAD AIR!!!!

    How childish!!! FIRE BOB SELLERS...Bob Sellers is an embarrassment to Newsmax.

    Then give Heather a raise in pay.

    And then reach out to Mike Lindell and tell Mike how much you appreciate his financial & general support to Newsmax & explain to Mike it is unfortunate that certain topics must be approached carefully right now to keep Newmax on the air. BUT....I am very anxious to see Mike’s evidence he was trying to share on the show because so far everyone else IS AFRAID to give the EVIDENCE a platform. And we ALL KNOW the Nov 2020 election was fraudulent for numerous valid reasons.

    Bob Sellers better dust off that resume.

    1. JohnJohn
      Apr 24, 2021 00:04 GMT

      Heather Childers is one of the classiest news professionals in all of TV. Awesome! Glad to see her on Newsmax.

  8. John GibsonJohn Gibson
    Feb 5, 2021 17:36 GMT

    saw this coming. Bob Sellers did it again. shows his true colors, he is the only reason why I do not watch American Agenda anymore. I feel sorry for his co host and I feel really sorry for Mike Lindell for being silenced by Bob Sellers. The Left is having a field day with this and now Newsmax is being put in the same boat as fox.

    Newsmax was the only source of truth and Bob Sellers has tainted that due to his left leaning believes infecting a great news source. Let Mike lindell speak for heaves sake. If you want to do a disclaimer after the interview than do so but now while he is talking with the host that is just trying to make him look bad and an attemp to silence him

  9. Jerry ManganelloJerry Manganello
    Jan 22, 2021 12:27 GMT

    I got rid of cable tv because if all the commercials and dropped fox news because of the DEM'S and LEFTIST FOX CONTRIBUTORS. Can't stand the B.S. from the other side..and now NEWSMAX is heading down the same path..I will leave Newsmax if you keep adding these leftist guests or contributors...I don't want they're b.s on my news I'm sick of the lies especially since they stole the election and put that brain dead Biden in charge of our lives...please stop the leftist on your network..and keep your ads to a minimum

  10. Tim BallTim Ball
    Feb 5, 2021 21:03 GMT

    Bob Sellers interview with Mike Lindell (My Pillow) was like watching a train wreck...The way he treated Mike and then stormed off the air like a spoiled child was embarrassing. Thank God for Heather for being a true professional on getting the segment back on track. I looked up Bob Sellers work history and he seems to have a history of this type of behavior that ends up him being fired or he moves on. I am very disappointed with NewsMax I really thought this network was about the truth and free speech and not the cancel culture agenda the other Networks are all about (Fox News, CNN)

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