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Spicer & Co Nielsen RatingsSpicer & Co Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Spicer & Co cable television show on Newsmax TV.

Spicer & Co Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Spicer & Co show on Newsmax TV

Spicer & Co Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Apr 202249255,000-9%
Mar 20225934,00048281,000+726%
Feb 202246282,000+2%
Jan 20226032,000-24%46277,000-12%+766%
Nov 20215242,000+40%43316,000+11%+652%
Oct 20216230,000-14%44285,000-5%+850%
Sep 20215535,000-3%43301,000+6%+760%
Aug 20215436,000+71%45283,000+23%+686%
Jul 20216021,000-13%49230,000+7%+995%
Jun 20216224,000-25%53215,000-6%+796%
May 20215932,000-14%52229,000-11%+616%
Apr 20216037,000-60%51258,000-39%+597%
Mar 20214292,00041426,000+363%

Newsmax TV Top Programs

1Greg Kelly Reports340,0006
2Spicer & Co255,0009
4Eric Bolling The Balance235,0003
5The Chris Salcedo Show226,0005
6American Agenda1167,0005
7John Bachman Now1160,0009
7National Report1160,00012
9Rob Schmitt Tonight157,0001
10Prime News134,0006
11Wake Up America192,0001

Comments (7)

  1. G SimmonsG Simmons
    Nov 17, 2021 03:26 GMT

    CANCEL spicer...Give Lindsay Keith her own show.Ratings will rise for Newsmax

    1. P StanleyP Stanley
      Dec 2, 2021 16:36 GMT

      The Kiss Army agrees with Gene. Spicer isn't credible.

    Nov 1, 2021 22:57 GMT

    I used to enjoy Spicer & Company but it seems lately that Shawn has gotten a little arrogant. Not only does he continuously cut Lindsay Keith off time & time again, he also cuts off the guest speakers. He seems very unhappy & does not apologize for interrupting. Lindsay is a good co anchor but it is obvious she is getting a little frustrated with Shawns lack of respect. It may be time to start skipping Spicer & Company like I did America Agenda because of Bob Sellers. Heather runs that broadcast & it is an insult to have such a good reporter such as herself sitting in with a non stop talker like Bob who bounces in his seat & waves his hands like he is talking in sign language. He needs to go.

    1. G smmonsG smmons
      Nov 20, 2021 02:28 GMT

      I so Totally agree !

  3. LyndaLynda
    Mar 10, 2021 02:58 GMT

    I was just watching Spicer and Co. and Ms. Keith cut off someone who was lauding President Trump too much? I quit Fox after the election, should I do the same for Spicer and Co.?

  4. Janet StilberJanet Stilber
    Jul 29, 2021 18:08 GMT

    Was ready to change channel when Lyndsay showed sympathy for the cops who shed fake tears during sham of a hearing on Jan 6. I couldn't believe she was that gullible. She actually felt sad!!? I left a lot of Fox and replaced them with newsmax. If she keeps this up I'll be deleting Spicer & Co next. This was on the 7/28 show

    1. G smmonsG smmons
      Nov 20, 2021 02:49 GMT

      WHAT do you not Tear up Watching Movies,Plays and so forth ???

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