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Wake Up America Ratings

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Wake Up America Nielsen RatingsWake Up America Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Wake Up America cable television show on Newsmax TV.

Wake Up America Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Wake Up America show on Newsmax TV

Wake Up America Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
May 20227813,0008093,000+1%+615%
Apr 20227792,000-1%
Mar 20227713,0008093,000-3%+615%
Feb 20227796,000+16%
Jan 20227911,000-21%7983,000-27%+655%
Nov 20217814,000+27%77113,000+11%+707%
Oct 20218211,000-21%79102,000-6%+827%
Sep 20217314,00075108,000+2%+671%
Aug 20217414,000+56%75106,000+9%+657%
Jul 2021749,000-40%7397,000+9%+978%
Jun 20216715,000-17%7489,000-14%+493%
May 20216718,000+20%74104,000-5%+478%
Apr 20216915,00074110,000+633%

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5Eric Bolling The Balance1242,0003
6American Agenda167,000
7John Bachman Now164,0003
8Rob Schmitt Tonight1163,0004
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11Wake Up America93,0001

Comments (26)

  1. George harrisGeorge harris
    Jun 7, 2022 11:26 GMT

    Alex is the worst. Always sounds like she's auditioning for an acting part instead of doing the news. And she laughs inappropriately like Kamala as someone previously mentioned

    May 20, 2022 11:17 GMT

    I used to wake up each morning & turn on “Wake Up America” to catch up on the worldly news but unfortunately Rob Finnerty has let fame go to his head & decided that he is the star of the show. Not only does he continuously interrupt the guest, he is constantly talking over Allison. It’s a shame to see her just sit there barely speaking and not even able to finish a sentence because Rob thinks what he has to say is more important. I honestly don’t know why she would continue to work with him. Now I wait until Shawn & Emma come on. They are both good reporters and show respect for each other, unlike Rob who is arrogant & domineering .

  3. Mary PooleMary Poole
    Jun 26, 2021 21:58 GMT

    Well, I like the couch! Wake Up America has added a white couch with blue pillows....hmmm where else does one see that?'s another morning show that used to be more popular, but not so much now. I wish you had a blue couch with deep red pillows maybe??? The set looks much better but it's all jammed into a corner next to the desk for National Report. Is Newsmax's studio THAT small?

    I can see things getting a lot better week by week. Rob Schmitt was hilarious last night with his "shot glass" each time VP Harris said "root causes"...I laughed out loud!

    I like what I see. Keep growing and improving. Ratings will follow but they are NOT the BE ALL, END ALL for good programming. Be true to your values and always be honest with reporting and opinion-giving.

    1. GailGail
      Sep 25, 2021 23:34 GMT

      I love your post Mary, 100% on target!

  4. Mary PooleMary Poole
    Dec 8, 2021 12:09 GMT

    I am reading this morning that Rachel Rollar is leaving newsmax. If that is true, I, for one viewer, shall miss her positive, sunny personality!

    I posted yesterday about the often absences/fill-ins on Wake Up America. Hopefully,soon, a permanent crew will find comfort on the couch.

    Newsmax very much needs a strong morning show.

    Terrible about Fox's beautiful Christmas tree burning! What is wrong with our society!

    1. NKnightNKnight
      Dec 9, 2021 00:49 GMT

      I always prefer Rob, Allison and Alex but they seemed to have moved Allison to the weekends. Maybe they’ll bring her back now.

  5. Mary PooleMary Poole
    Dec 16, 2021 12:56 GMT

    I am worried about Wake Up America. Rob Finnerty does not look well today. Not there yesterday--- hopefully not sick!

    Rachel Rollar is gone, and, in my opinion, much UNDERUSED. Alex Kramer and Sarah Williamson do not fill the void left by Rachel.

    The show is bad. Allison Maloni could do well, but she is on weekend Wakeup. What will Newsmax do?

    This loyal viewer has gone back to Fox&Friends for now. Hopefully, Newsmax will "wake up"!! And fix their important morning show. Rob Finnerty deserves better.

    1. NKnightNKnight
      Dec 16, 2021 13:41 GMT

      Rob Allison and Alex were great together. Sorry but this new blonde makes my ears hurt. Newsmax always shoots themselves in the foot.

  6. Mary PooleMary Poole
    Nov 13, 2021 15:49 GMT

    Wake Up America is good to me because it is "real". Not as slick and shiny as Fox and Friends, but Doocey and Kilmeade have been there since Day One of F&F. And Fox pours $$$ into sets and production.

    Wake Up is just easy to watch and I love Rob Finnerty and Rachel Rollar. The have genuine fun, not fake at all. And their guests and panels are great and seem to enjoy being there.

    Both Wake Up and Rob Schmitt deserve a look. It would be nice for Rob's show to be on at 8 or 9 pm however.

  7. Edwin MoralesEdwin Morales
    Aug 16, 2021 14:43 GMT

    What happened to Wake Up America today (8/16/21)? I too love this show and it was disappointing to not see them on today. Especially after the Friday morning start at 6:30am. The panel was hilarious, as well as brilliant.

    1. DavidDavid
      Aug 20, 2021 13:05 GMT

      Yeah, it was weird that it wasn't on.

  8. Mary PooleMary Poole
    Dec 6, 2021 12:53 GMT

    Wake Up America has the potential to be a great morning alternative to Fox & Friends. Yet it seems like most days I tune in, someone new is there or fill-ins are there.

    Now is not the time to take vacations or time off. You are trying to build a morning show with highest quality hosts and guests. Neither is happening in my opinion.

    I have been a viewer of Newsmax for many months now. I have been praising Finnerty and Rollar because I think they can succeed. They are not there consistently.

    Alex Kramer and Sarah Williamson just don't have what it takes -- in my opinion, sorry! Carl Higbie tries hard, it doesn't work though.

    I don't know the answer. Watching Fox is on the cutting edge of current events and so patriotic. Plus, they have a poinsettia or two and a Christmas tree and that makes this Christian American feel good.

  9. NicNacNicNac
    Mar 22, 2022 13:18 GMT

    I'm probably in the minority, but for me Sarah needs some more practice. She never seems to know what she wants to say, stumbles over her words, and repeats when she's trying to figure things out. She has the looks, but it takes more than that to do her job. I like Rob, but he interrupts a lot and that drives me batty. Allison has it. I hope she sticks around.

    1. NKnightNKnight
      Mar 22, 2022 19:18 GMT

      I’ve been saying that Rob, Alex and Allison are a good team. Agree that Sarah is not ready for air time.

  10. Audrey GossAudrey Goss
    Feb 2, 2021 12:45 GMT

    I noticed, starting 2/8/21, Wake Up America is no longer on. Why??? You will be forcing me to watch fake morning news again!!! Not a good move!!!

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