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NewsNation weekly ratingsNewsNation weekly ratings

Weekly Nielsen ratings for NewsNation cable television network.

NewsNation Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for NewsNation

NewsNation Weekly Ratings

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Comments (16)

  1. SteveSteve
    Aug 31, 2021 00:38 GMT

    It’s bad enough the world has to deal with 1 Fox News but now we have to deal with a Fox News wannabe. News Nation really needs to go away they’re pathetic.

    1. Kw blackKw black
      Sep 1, 2021 10:49 GMT

      That morning show is gonna fail and Adrienne Bankert is gonna look so stupid. She'll be saying we at newsnation don't measure success by ratings.

  2. Kw blackKw black
    Aug 18, 2021 12:43 GMT

    Newsnation is fox news hoping no one notices it's fox news.

    1. Mark ZeganMark Zegan
      Oct 15, 2021 21:21 GMT

      Don't worry, no one.....notices. If you took the non-news dayparts out of NN, the audience would be barely measurable.

  3. J WJ W
    Sep 23, 2021 15:20 GMT

    Perry Sook is wasting so much money and he's not seeing any improvement ratings wise and that morning show is gonna be a complete disaster. He should end it now so the on-air talent and crew can try to find work elsewhere this network is just a Fox news clone that no one wants or cares about.

  4. Mark ZeganMark Zegan
    Apr 16, 2021 04:37 GMT

    This is a product for which there is no audience. There are enough news sources. They want to preach "unbiased" as a former Fox News executive joins the team is so laughable, many of the news directors and programmers who launched NewsNation have left. Shepard Smith, in one hour on CNBC does a better job than NN does in 3.
    Banfield's first week, there were an average of 17,000 viewers in her hour. That's not just awful, that's miserable. WGN America used to average 300,000 K per with reruns. That is not great, but that did not burn through hundreds of thousands of dollars as this failed format is doing.

    Nexstar has to dump this soon. It was a ambitious project, but it's a failure.

    There was a mix of new shows (from Canada, Europe) along with network reruns; Blue Bloods and Jag reruns still air on non news hours. WGN America was a legit service. Bring it back, please. News is everywhere, NN was a mistake.

    1. Paul APaul A
      Jul 11, 2021 00:19 GMT

      News Nation is a local newscast that thinks it's national, until that mindset goes away this whole thing is a wast of money. I'm honestly surprised it's still going. I believe you get more news from other sources, ' The News with Shepard Smith ' on CNBC is a great example of a national newscast that gives you a lot of information fast and with out the opinion.

      I'll stick with CNBC or FNC.

  5. MarkMark
    Oct 1, 2021 04:02 GMT

    9-21, 3rd week, average 32K in prime time (Nielsen) There is no access to ratings in the non news hours. I would still believe those numbers are higher. 32K? C'mon, man. Nobody cares.

  6. Thomas JohnsonThomas Johnson
    Apr 4, 2021 19:15 GMT

    You would think with their ratings consistently going down that they would get smart and go back to regular programming. They stink at news and should never have tried to make this move. Wake up whoever is supposedly in charge even your own reporters are bailing on you

  7. XwXw
    Oct 2, 2021 15:30 GMT

    It's never a good sign when NewsNation spends so much money promoting a morning show but won't reveal the ratings the show itself is terrible the directors even said they didn't watch it. At some point the people at NewsNation have to realize that this isn't working look for work elsewhere.

  8. Richie CohenRichie Cohen
    Jul 13, 2021 08:53 GMT

    News nation is a breath of fresh air. Stay the course as the more people become exposed the higher will be the viewership.

  9. Ken LawrenceKen Lawrence
    Sep 22, 2021 00:53 GMT

    As a retired long-time Canadian
    Political Journalist and Executive, I've lived in Florida for a quarter century.
    If, for no other reason, NewsNation creates more competition in TV News, it will have served America.
    WGN has been wasting air time with stale reruns and not even Cubs Games anymore.
    Best Wishes to everyone at NEWSNATION.

  10. R. StonecipherR. Stonecipher
    Apr 14, 2021 17:35 GMT

    Refreshing new alternative. A conservative, I enjoy Fox News during daytime programing but do not watch their agenda driven prime time. Frequently frustrated by Republican talking heads, I often turn to MSNBC or CNN until their drivel drives me back. NewsNation offers a welcome alternative.

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