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Weekly cable television network and program ratingsWeekly cable television network and program ratings

Networks: Top 50

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1Fox News Channel1,378,00011
4Home & Garden Television1600,000
6Hallmark Channel1473,0006
7INSP TV1457,0001
8Investigation Discovery446,0001
9Food Network430,0001
10History Channel3419,00018
11USA Network1385,0001
12Turner Network Television3381,00011
13TV Land2342,0005
15Lifetime Television1331,0006
17Game Show Network325,0004
18TBS Network2317,0006
19Hallmark Movies & Mysteries5309,0008
20Discovery Channel2283,0008
22A&E Network3277,0003
23Paramount Network2276,0006
24We Television1274,0005
25AMC Channel3242,00016
26National Geographic8232,00023
27Oxygen Media Television1231,0005
28FX Channel1221,0001
30Animal Planet1200,0002
30Headline News200,0001
32Black Entertainment TV7198,00012
34Travel Channel5190,0009
34Disney Channel2190,0004
36Disney Junior1187,000
36Bravo Television4187,0003
38Comedy Central178,000
39Cartoon Network3169,0002
40Nick Jr.167,0004
41Syfy Channel8166,00014
42Sundance TV1161,0001
43E! Channel1155,0002
44Lifetime Movie Network3154,0008
45National Geographic Wild6153,00015
46NFL Network8137,00011
47Country Music Television1136,0003
48Video Hits One5134,0007
49NBC Sports Network4131,00015

Programs: Top 50

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1Tucker Carlson Tonight3,302,0009
2The Five13,106,00023
4The Ingraham Angle12,394,00016
5Special Report with Bret Baier12,186,00022
6The Rachel Maddow Show22,063,00010
7Fox News Primetime1,957,00017
8Your World with Neil Cavuto121,696,00047
11The Story with Martha MacCallum81,632,00040
12America Reports41,587,00031
13The Faulkner Focus11,559,00022
14America's Newsroom21,538,00015
15The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell61,370,0009
16Deadline: White House31,258,0003
17The Beat with Ari Melber21,251,000
18All In with Chris Hayes71,220,00011
19Fox & Friends21,215,0008
20The ReidOut with Joy Reid21,106,0006
21The 11th Hour with Brian Williams41,030,00014
22Cuomo Prime Time930,0003
23Fox News @ Night3928,00011
24The Lead with Jake Tapper7902,00013
25Anderson Cooper 360°2881,0007
26MSNBC Press Conference870,000
27Morning Joe3838,0007
28Erin Burnett Outfront1812,0002
29Stephanie Ruhle Reports4794,0006
30At This Hour8772,00011
31CNN Newsroom5770,0007
32Inside Politics3758,0005
33MTP Daily3749,0006
34Katy Tur Reports5732,00011
35The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer1726,0002
35Ayman Mohyeldin Reports7726,00012
37Andrea Mitchell Reports5725,0005
38Hallie Jackson Reports5723,0004
39Don Lemon Tonight679,0005
40Craig Melvin Reports3673,0004
41Fox & Friends First467,0006
42New Day2438,0003
43Greg Kelly Reports370,00025
44Way Too Early2292,00014
45Spicer & Co4283,00023
46The Chris Salcedo Show8271,00033
47Eric Bolling The Balance266,000
48CNN Newsroom Live4264,0004
49Fast Money Halftime Report2254,0002
50Squawk on the Street5248,0008

Comments (52)

  1. Lindy GardnerLindy Gardner
    Jul 1, 2021 01:38 GMT

    Finally had to check the ratings myself as I guess networks are banned from reporting these numbers. The stunning part is how few people watch any of these. Never miss. Ever miss. Tucker. The Five. Gutfeld. And whatever channel President Donald J. Trump is on! 😂👍🇺🇸

    1. JMRJMR
      Aug 2, 2021 02:46 GMT

      How empty and sickening your life must be.

  2. MaryMary
    Jan 26, 2021 17:25 GMT

    I was so happy to see that Morning Joe with that hate filled Mika Brezinski and her possible murdering husband is almost dead last in the ratings. Good job Mika & Joe great hating.

    1. WayneWayne
      Sep 10, 2021 20:25 GMT

      Couldn't agree with you more, they truly are despicable, and the funny thing is they both are equally despicable!

  3. SteveSteve
    Feb 27, 2021 19:54 GMT

    Nice to see the NBA and NFL channels crashing....
    This anti American prevailing attitudes from both of these " American Pastimes"
    Along with the constant social justice message from the leagues have ruined the circus.
    No thanks from a die hard fan of almost 60 viewing years.

    1. Sad observerSad observer
      Mar 29, 2021 16:15 GMT

      A little Sarcasm;

      The false virtue signaling coming
      from the billionaire de facto Plantation Crackers running the NBA and NFL has gone way over the top. They are desperate to placate racist , narcissist , morons like LeBron James and his ilk . People whose self self righteous victimhood narratives are only rivaled by their almost none existent self awareness.

      The Crackers have SARCASTICALLY turned the games into a thinly veiled satirical circus of false virtue signaling. Former fans see through this and the drop in viewership shows just what a turnoff this all is .

      Token “give back” programs touted
      by the players and the crackers are so small as to be meaningless . These are seen as the public relations jokes that they are. Players earn tens of millions while owners and media exploit hundreds of millions. In relation to these revenues, the window dressing , PR programs amount to a drop in the bucket.

      While those give back PR commercials are running , everyone else is counting their money.

  4. GeneGene
    Apr 19, 2021 20:36 GMT

    Newsmax is 52 on the list. Their shows are on the top 50 programs list though.
    Stitchfield, Greg Kelly and others.
    Chris Wallace is one of the biggest POS on TV

    1. Bob SmithersBob Smithers
      May 9, 2021 06:18 GMT

      Even more impressive when you realize that Newsmax is not even carried by all cable providers. A true apples to apples comparison would have them far higher

  5. TedTed
    Apr 23, 2021 00:52 GMT

    Fox has the best news organization in the business and the ratings bare it out, everyone that oppose that are only looking bad when saying otherwise or extreme Left wing.

    The Fact that Fox continues to lead in the ratings and will continue to is due to the fact that people are fed up with the lies being told by the left consistently and I know everything isn't perfect in this world and the right wing side isn't either but when you really put the two beside each other and watch for an extended period of time it becomes obvious that FOX tells the truth more than the other networks period!

    1. AMSAMS
      Jun 6, 2021 18:40 GMT

      Fox is playing and Trying to find a Sweet spot! That’s why the musical chairs!
      Fox was ready to make a left turn until they saw so many leave, now they are fishing to see what works. Even Hannity it’s the s getting stale ams Ingham likes
      To hear herself talk and drowns out the guests! Seems fox may have a morale problem as well. Want to see Newsmax succeed! I was with Fox from the first day they went out n the air! I don’t see any core values at Fox any more!

  6. John DrydenJohn Dryden
    Jul 23, 2021 20:50 GMT

    Wow .... of the top 8 shows all but Rachel Mad Cow are on Fox! You have to think people watching Mad Cow have some sort of major malfunction happening :)

    I think Fox has made some programming and talent changes to try and get some of its old audience back. Harold Ford Jr. is a solid addition to the Five and as the token lefty he holds his own while injecting a more cordial and relevant tone to discussions. He is much more human than Juan Williams or Donna Brazille and more likable ......

    The two personalities that need to go are Cavuto and Wallace. I can't stand to listen to never Trumper Cavuto croak his way through another show and he is boring as hell ....

    Wallace is a left wing hack who lost all his credibility in the first debate between Slow Old Joe and President Trump .....

    Tucker Carlson is king of the airwaves!!!!

    1. JMRJMR
      Aug 2, 2021 02:45 GMT

      Fox News is screwed. It has nothing but mentally ill Trump cult members who watch. Nothing but conspiracy theories.

  7. SisterSister
    Feb 12, 2021 04:17 GMT

    Why isn't one american news in your ratings? I heard their number one in ratings now. I feel they are more transparent than the other news stations. They love America. And they realize that if everybody wants to come here the way it's been run has got some good things going for it.

    1. Wilma TackettWilma Tackett
      Feb 14, 2021 20:18 GMT

      Since when are ratings reliable? OAN is by far the fastest growing news station and should have been recognized. Newsmax is also gaining popularity.

  8. leelee
    Sep 17, 2021 03:23 GMT

    i see but 2 shows on the list, and they are on newsmax, that i watch and none in the top 50 stations. roku/pluto: america's voice and newsmax, hedex: infowars.

  9. BryceBryce
    Jul 28, 2021 05:53 GMT

    Cartoon networks views are on the declinr

  10. BOTBOT
    Jul 29, 2021 11:25 GMT

    Actually, the only reason Fox is on top is there is only one right wing media (they dont have competition). If Newsmax or OAN picks up and provides Fox with competition, there viewership will split and Fox may not make it to top 3.

    The reason MSNBC, CNN, CBS are not at top because of the competition they provide. Overall, the left wing combined has more viewership than the right wing combined.

    I am a neutral and dont care about right or left wings as it really shouldn't matter. Politicians are gonna make money on both sides and people will fight stupidly over which side is better. What specifically hurts me to see is that right wing politics is getting to be so dirty that they do not seem to care that their own people are dying and continue on messages on vaccine misinformation. The right wing people (in the name of freedom, microchip, other stupid misguided information) are refusing shots which can save lives of them and loved ones. Stats are being skewed (young ones will be unaffected they say, but reality is even kids have died and as a percentage the people who dyed in 18 to 30 group is higher than those dead in 2 to 18 - the people in 31 to 60 group have died more than ones in 18 to 30 - so its still a huge treat regardless of age).

    I highly doubt these anti vaxxers for covid, have not vaccinated their kids for polio, MMR and other vaccinations, i believe they must have as people who did not vaccinate their kids were as a percentage 1 or 2 % but who havent taken covid vaccines are around 50 %. So clearly, they do believe in vaccination but only are skeptical about the covid vaccine. That means they are trusting the venomous misinformation on right wing media (someone like alex jones was a fringe earlier and now most of the right wing media has people like him). Its sad republicans will spread such misinformation that kills their own supporters at the cost of looking like a formerly fringe and now mainstream republican.

    Again, i am neutral and hence its sad to see Americans dying for stupid disinformation.

    1. TimTim
      Sep 9, 2021 09:28 GMT

      I to am neutral. I can also argue the other way with that. I mean how much has either side told us about what is in the vaccine. Another question could the left be altering the numbers of deaths and cases of covid? Who knows? Crazy times we live in I think all we can do as Americans is try to come together on things and search out the truth with out any of the news people telling us. I'm sure they are ways to investigate they are supposed to do it all the time. God bless you all!

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