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Weekly cable television network and program ratingsWeekly cable television network and program ratings

Networks: Top 50

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1Fox News Channel11,500,0006.54
2Cable News Network11,420,00012.83
4Hallmark Channel808,0007.34
6Home & Garden Television608,0001.5
7Food Network526,0004.19
8Investigation Discovery1506,0004.33
9Hallmark Movies & Mysteries1483,0005.23
10History Channel1469,0002.63
11Lifetime Television4418,0000.97
12TV Land1417,0000.24
13USA Network1413,0008.63
14TBS Network409,0001.45
15Turner Network Television1394,0000.77
16Paramount Network15375,00060.94
17INSP TV1371,0000.27
19Newsmax TV1346,0005.17
21Discovery Channel1328,0001.86
22A&E Network1315,0001.25
23AMC Channel4294,0009.29
24Game Show Network1292,0002.01
26We Television283,0001.8
27FX Channel2257,0001.58
28Disney Junior2241,0003.6
29Cartoon Network1240,0007.69
30Comedy Central2225,0003.02
31National Geographic9224,00019.15
33Syfy Channel12220,00027.17
34Disney Channel1218,0001.36
35Animal Planet3213,0009.79
36Headline News1206,0004.04
37Black Entertainment TV1205,0001.49
37Oxygen Media Television2205,0000.49
39Travel Channel190,0001.55
40Nick Jr.2180,0000.55
41Bravo Television2178,0001.11
42NFL Network5172,0008.18
44Fox Business Network4150,0000.66
45Science Channel4146,0002.67
46WGN America8142,0002.16
47Lifetime Movie Network3138,0006.12
48E! Channel7137,00024.73
49BBC America7134,0003.08
49Country Music Television4134,0004.96

Programs: Top 50

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1Tucker Carlson Tonight15,359,00023.17
3The Five4,102,00017.77
4The Ingraham Angle4,065,00018.51
5The Rachel Maddow Show3,696,00011.93
6Special Report with Bret Baier3,464,00023.23
7The Story with Martha MacCallum13,187,00034.13
8The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell12,882,00017.2
9The 11th Hour with Brian Williams12,642,00031.31
10All in with Chris Hayes12,395,00018.56
11Your World with Neil Cavuto42,373,00030.46
12Deadline: White House12,341,00016.82
13Fox News @ Night2,332,00020.89
15The ReidOut with Joy Reid32,274,00016.08
16Cuomo Prime Time42,248,00030.77
17The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino2,238,00028.47
18America's Newsroom12,166,00024.91
18Bill Hemmer Reports32,166,00027.26
20Anderson Cooper 360°32,140,00037.98
21Outnumbered Overtime with Harris Faulkner62,132,00017.21
22The Beat with Ari Melber42,101,00020.96
23Erin Burnett Outfront21,996,00046.55
24Fox & Friends21,865,00018.94
25The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer31,730,00029.39
26CNN Tonight with Don Lemon91,699,00044.23
27The Lead with Jake Tapper21,689,00027.47
28Morning Joe11,576,00017.61
28MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle21,576,00021.42
30MSNBC Live with Katy Tur21,509,00019.86
31MSNBC Live with Ayman Mohyeldin1,497,00017.14
32MTP Daily81,492,0001.39
33Andrea Mitchell Reports1,444,00016.73
34MSNBC Live with Hallie Jackson1,419,00019.44
35CNN Newsroom11,338,00018.3
36MSNBC Live with Craig Melvin11,271,00015.44
37New Day2757,00023.29
38Fox & Friends First737,00019.84
39CNN Newsroom Live2572,00041.58
40Way Too Early with Kasie Hunt557,000
41Early Start1490,00028.27
42Lou Dobbs Tonight7312,00013.04
43Varney & Company7305,00014.66
44Squawk on the Street1303,0003.5
45Fast Money Halftime Report1292,0004.89
46Squawk Alley272,0004.56
47The News with Shepard Smith269,000
48The Exchange3267,0007.93
49Closing Bell2263,0007.07
50The Evening Edit3257,00016.82

Comments (14)

  1. JohnnyJohnny
    Nov 6, 2020 02:10 GMT

    How many people watched Election night on Newsmax ?

    1. EmilyEmily
      Nov 6, 2020 07:33 GMT

      They were not in the Nielsen top 50 networks nor the top 150 programs.

  2. 368316368316
    Aug 24, 2020 09:13 GMT

    Donnie Luh MON coming in a blazing 31st? Go get em LUH-mon.....

    1. RobertRobert
      Sep 9, 2020 15:16 GMT

      Nobody watches CNN for actual News anymore, just a Democrat propaganda machine!

  3. Jay TeeJay Tee
    Mar 23, 2020 00:04 GMT

    Do you have ratings numbers on impact wrestling on axs tv tuesdays at 7pm central time?

    1. Emily BryantEmily Bryant
      Sep 22, 2020 02:22 GMT

      Ask Mitch Salem on

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