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Cuomo Prime Time Ratings

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Cuomo Prime Time Nielsen RatingsCuomo Prime Time Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen ratings for Cuomo Prime Time cable television show on CNN.

Cuomo Prime Time Ratings Chart

Ratings chart for Cuomo Prime Time show on CNN

Cuomo Prime Time Historical Ratings

DateDemo A25-54Demo P2+P2+ Gain
Apr 20218340,000-16.67%181,302,000+26.04%+283%
Mar 20214408,000-12.45%291,033,000-46.06%+153%
Feb 20214466,000-56.08%141,915,000-47.13%+311%
Jan 202111,061,000+108.08%33,622,000+99.01%+241%
Dec 20207509,900-24.01%211,820,000-28.35%+257%
Nov 20205671,000+14.12%132,540,000+12.99%+279%
Oct 20208588,000+38.03%162,248,000+30.77%+282%
Sep 20207426,000+1.91%201,719,000+4.12%+304%
Aug 20208418,000-12.92%211,651,000-11.47%+295%
Jul 20206480,000-18.23%131,865,000-6.19%+289%
Jun 20207587,000+17.4%171,988,000+11.43%+239%
May 20205500,000191,784,000+257%

CNN Top Programs

1The Lead with Jake Tapper1,344,00013
2Cuomo Prime Time1,302,00026
3Anderson Cooper 360°21,223,00044
4The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer11,202,00037
5Erin Burnett Outfront11,164,00034
6Inside Politics1,067,00066
7CNN Newsroom1,016,000110
8At This Hour899,000
9CNN Tonight with Don Lemon895,000112
10New Day2513,00014
11CNN Newsroom Live1345,00025
12Early Start1324,00025

Comments (11)

  1. Michael TMichael T
    Mar 18, 2021 01:49 GMT

    Huge border crisis and coverup by radical left admin... . Cuomo interviews lying balloon knot head schiff about 2016 Russia hoax... Then goes to European Covid rate....

    This guy couldn't find the news if it was rolled up and whacked him in his hypocritical head!

  2. SonnySonny
    Apr 24, 2021 14:51 GMT

    Great viewership numbers their Cuomo. Down 43% Year to Date...You must be so proud. I'm sure your advertisers love it! Maybe all the sensationalist rantings about the Nazi Trump administration and Russian Collusion story , finally ran out of interest with your loyal viewers. Or maybe the cover you ran for your Mob Boss brother and his wonderful Covid response there in New York.

  3. Jj mendJj mend
    Apr 17, 2021 05:41 GMT

    CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, & NBC will all find hell in the end, as do all liars! Its obvious the left is soulless, and are owned by the swamp, mob, and God only know what other secret special interest blackmailing organizations... God bless Fox news! Without them, the media mobs lies could become the truth... Any self aware intelligent human can see what the demmy wokes are doing. They are brain washed by the opportunistic capitalists that get rich by selling our freedoms, rights, and liberty for thier wreched ignorance.... Academia, and a purchased piece of paper called an education does necessarily create an educated or intelligent citizen! Ps, fart sniffing causes brain damage! For starters, just look at Anderson, Cuomo, and Lemon for example.. 😱 Lmao!!

  4. Blink 666Blink 666
    Apr 24, 2021 17:30 GMT

    Those ancient humans would have died anyways. They left their carbon footprint! Carry on

  5. Lou from Willow Grove. Pa.Lou from Willow Grove. Pa.
    Jun 3, 2020 05:07 GMT

    I frequently jump from Fox back to CNN to see what other stations are saying. I never last longer than 15 minutes. Has this station become a personal stage for Dom Lemon and Andrew Cuomo to bash Trump. What happened to the "This is CNN" of the Gulf War I used to watch.

    1. Sean McardleSean Mcardle
      Jun 24, 2020 01:29 GMT

      Very very true, CNN is unwatchable.

  6. SueSue
    Mar 23, 2021 16:58 GMT

    Interesting. I do exactly the same thing - except I can't last for more than 2 minutes if Tucker, Hannity or Ingraham are spouting their opinions. It's so sad the large chasms in how Americans see the world.

    1. CheweyChewey
      Mar 26, 2021 21:52 GMT

      You are so right. The US was created because the Tryranny of the British Govt was telling everyone what they had to do and how to act and TAX the hell out of their hard earnings.
      1 party 1 King ruled their life.
      That is happening here in the US right now. Those that see that and those that don't are the difference. Rugged self reliance vs. socialism from the Govt. Please take as much from me as you need and spend it however you want ? I don't think so.

  7. Teddi BegleyTeddi Begley
    Mar 12, 2021 17:09 GMT

    I love CNN. My favorites are Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo! Yay 🙌 I also love Don lemon and Erin(outfront) I could give a crap what Andrew Cuomo did. Does not reflect what Chris Cuomo does at all. Keep up the good work

    1. BoboBobo
      Apr 2, 2021 02:47 GMT

      You don't give a crap about what Andrew Cuomo did. Tell that to the family's that lost elderly locked up in nursing homes by themselves. Bet you wouldn't give a crap about your grand mother stuffed in there to die alone either. His paranoid little brother was selling the Covid Hero story for his clown sibling .He also spent 10 months making Covid Trumps fault ,and the promise of the vaccine was a joke! Oh yeah, forget about A . Cuomo hitting on the young help there in Albany, is that ok now? Must be he's a Democrat?
      All of these negative nay Sayers you mentioned are media opportunists , that want the government to run your life..... Cause you can't.

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